1. chuck says

    I agree with the Purity Campaign. Don’t have hetero sex until you are absolutely certain that you are not gay! A lot of marriages and families are ruined when a spouse finally realizes that he/she is not truly hetero.

  2. Caliban says

    How typical is it that the girl is the Jezebel temptress in this thing and it’s the boy who’s the saint?

    And based on the behaviors and obsessions of the adult male Religious Right figures, if a bear appears in the thoughts of these future Prudy McPrudes and puts a stop to any hanky-panky with girls, it’s the hairy gay kind of bear with a leather harness and a schlong!

  3. gregg says

    I think this is just a underhanded trick to lure kids into a false sense of security with the purity bear then bam the pedobear takes his place and makes his move.

  4. Acronym Jim says

    “I know she’s cuddly. Look at me. I’m cuddly.”

    Translation: Do not make Purity Bear jealous. You won’t like Purity Bear when he’s jealous.

    Alan Brickman, If I didn’t know the provenance of the video I WOULD have thought it came from Funny or Die.

  5. unruly says

    Pedobear started in 2003. It had entered the mainstream-meme world by 2008 and definitely by 2009 (CollegeHumor was doing sketches by then which means it’s really jumped the shark.) 2010 would have only been for the real “Johnny-come-latelies.”

  6. Plushie says

    I think we all know that that young man went home and got it on with that bear. And that’s okay because the Bible says nothing about sex with plush toys.

  7. Caliban says

    Remember the music video posted here recently with porn actor Arpad Miklos?

    This would be a PERFECT role for him!

    Teenage harlot throws herself at young Mr. Pings-Off-The-Chart and bear Arpad Miklos pops up behind him to council that maybe this really isn’t what he wants to do.

    It would be far more honest than this version.

  8. says

    Losing your virginity in a suburban home that has a sign that reads “Please use other entrance” sounds awful, but I think it is outrageous to imply that losing your virginity will define the rest of your life.

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