1. Caliban says

    OK, dumb question (but at least I KNOW it’s a dumb question so that’s worth something, right?), but is there a higher incidence of homosexuality among deaf men? It’s all anecdotal, but it seems like I’ve met a LOT of gay deaf men and I don’t live near a school for the deaf or anything like that. Have any studies been done?

  2. DannyMI says

    ASL music videos are rarely interesting to Deaf people, but there’s a real art to utilizing aspect of Deaf poetry when translating music. That said: most hearing people who are doing this type of thing are doing for themselves – not for Deaf people. This is a classic example. This guy started out doing amazing, legitimate translations of English songs into ASL. Now, it has become so much about himself and dancing, that the ASL isn’t readable. Now, it’s just a gimmick.

  3. Bear says

    I agree.. This guy started out doing amazing videos… and this one and his “videogame” one are basically unwatchable… He’s so busy dancing and lip syncing that his ASL is a mess…

    Yeah, yeah, we know ya wanna be a star, guy… now stop doing it on the backs of Deaf people

  4. not Raul says

    send him money if you want his productions to get better? Raul, do you have a comprehension issue? The production value of his work was not the criticism. It was his desire for fame on the backs of the deaf. It was how he started out doing something useful but it quickly turned into a selfish, attention seeking waste of bandwidth.

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