1. AJ says

    Well, I will never get those four minutes back. He also changed the lyrics in the bridge and I don’t get why. Skip it. The best part is the too short and shot above.

  2. mattTROJ says

    i love that man. he’s sexy beyond all bounds. he must have fone to dance school for years to get those moves. is it possible that one man can look, dance, and sing so sexily?

  3. says

    The dancing scenes were way too over the top for me. Kind of cringed on those parts… but the rest of it was okay, I guess. It’s just that there wasn’t much to the rest of it, in terms of camera time.

  4. RonTEX says

    @ Mark,”His body may be amazing, but that video was cheesier than Velveeta. A decent voice and a great body doesn’t make a star. Why is this on the blog? FAIL”. Are you serious?? You just described Britney’s entire career, lol.

  5. millerbeach says

    Good job, Steve. Interesting use of edits…probably the best I’ve seen on YouTube. You’ve got the look kiddo, just show it off a bit more. I too would have liked to have seen more ab shots…you’ve got the goods, show ’em off! :)

  6. Rob says

    I’m glad he did this, warts and all. He’s a decent dancer and easy on the eyes. He throws himself into it, the key to delivering a song. His pitch is fine and his voice is fine, but the reality is most male singers get somewhere if they have a higher register. Still, we can only hear so much Adam Lambert.

    I hope he keeps at it.

  7. blue adidas says

    Makes Chicago look really lame. Yay, shots of a 7-11 and the subway… good times! The abs were the only redeeming moment in the video. His voice is probably good too, but you certainly wouldn’t know it from the the muh-muh-muh-marry song.

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