As Senate Panel Prepares for Hearing on Marriage Equality Bill, Anti-Gay Activists Mobilize for Rally

Anti-gay activists are mobilizing for a rally today opposing the marriage equality bill pending in the Maryland legislature, WMAL reports:

Omalley"Voting constituents across Maryland are coming in, in vans and busses to stand for the definition of marriage in Maryland state law," Derek McCoy of the Maryland Marriage Alliance told "The governor's wife called anyone who stands up against same sex marriage cowards, which I think is appalling," he said. "No one ever said gay marriage is wrong.  I'm just standing for what the current definition of marriage is," said McCoy.

Maryland First Lady Katie O'Malley said she regretted her remarks on Friday. Her husband attempted to "wmooth over raw feelings" in a speech to the Creating Change NGLTF conference in Baltimore over the weekend, the AP reports:

O’Malley, a Democrat who has made same-sex marriage legislation a priority this year, closed out his remarks at the 24th National Conference on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Equality by underscoring the need for using compassionate rhetoric. The governor said it’s important not to let passionate views prompt people to use “words of hurt, rather than words of healing.”

“Laws matter, but words also matter, and if compassion and understanding and justice are what we want, then we must choose laws and we must choose words of compassion, understanding and of justice,” O’Malley said.

There is a Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee hearing on the marriage equality bill this Tuesday.

GanslerAttorney General Doug Gansler told a standing-room only crowd at a church in Frederick yesterday that he would be testifying, MetroWeekly reports:

Gansler called Maryland's current ban against same-sex marriage "unconstitutional." He then explained his reasoning for supporting equality for gay and lesbian couples. Gansler also offered his take on the nature of negative feedback from Republicans and religious leaders. And he predicted that the current marriage bill would pass but, he warned, supporters will need to make a significant effort to vote against an inevitable anti-gay referendum, saying: "That's where we're really going to need your help."


  1. Robert in NYC says

    Time to abolish those damned referenda in some states. Why have a legislature passing bills if laws can be passed and then overturned by mob rule based on fear mongering? To me that’s endorsing anarchy. They might as well abolish the 14th amendment while they’re at it.

  2. Rick says

    Here is a link to an article with a photo of “Pastor” McCoy and some of his supporters:

    Just so all you “good liberals” are aware of which demographic group in the population is taking the lead in the effort to trample on your quest for equality… has been the case in every state in the union.

  3. sara says

    Rick you sound a little racist. I can easily point to a group of WHITE People opposing gay marriage in a photo op & I’m not reaching any conclusion that ALL white people oppose gay marriage. Instead it’s conservative Christians of ALL races that form these groups. Since African Americans aren’t the majority in the population & they’re not the majority of people in power, they’re barely there in the Republican party so you’re very FOOLISH to make this a race issue. Santorum, Romney, Michelle Bachman, the Crazy Tennessee Republican ring a bell. The last time I looked they were all white. You really need to get a clue!

  4. jamal49 says

    @SARA Hon, don’t get your panties in an uproar.

    I went to the link and saw a typical group of evangelicals–white, black and in-between. I didn’t take it as racist, just factual.

    White evangelicals have been adept in the last 10-15 years by manipulating the black evangelicals’ own issues with LGBT people. In fact, the white evangelicals have played the “race card” and the “race resentment card” by claiming, erroneously, that those who are pushing for LGBT civil equality are 99% rich, white (read: privileged) gay males who are preying upon the centuries of suffering by people of African heritage who endured the bonds of slavery and incomprehensible cruelty at the hands of people very much like those same, white gay males.

    How dare those rich, white gay males claim that they are second-class citizens or that their struggle for civil equality can in any way compare to the suffering of African-Americans?

    There IS a racial component to the black evangelicals opposition to LGBT equality, but it is a component born of ignorance and fanned by unscrupulous white evangelicals who will do ANYTHING to keep LGBT from gaining any acceptance or equality in our society–no matter what.

    My experience has been that when one is able to talk to black people of faith outside of the manipulations of white evangelicals and rationally explain just what LGBT have suffered (whether they be white, black, brown, Asian, etc.) and why civil equality and, yes, marriage equality is so important to a fair and just society, one is able to receive a positive response.

    It doesn’t mean that minds have been automatically changed but it does mean that people then will think about the ramifications of such referendums, most importantly that if one can have referendums to deny LGBT people what should be their birthright in America, then there can be referendums for denying civil rights to any other group of Americans.

    Black people, no matter how conservative, are able to at least consider the arguments. White evangelicals, I find, do not or cannot or will not.

    The problem is white evangelicals. They are mean. They are nasty. They are hateful. And, again, they will stop at NOTHING to keep LGBT people from gaining civil equality.

  5. Rick says

    @Jamal49 So are you saying that black evangelicals are so dumb that they allow white evangelicals to “manipulate” them?……noting, incidentally, that it was these same white evangelicals who justified first slavery and then segregation by making reference to Biblical scripture (which black evangelicals are, of course, aware of).

    And what evidence do yhou have that black evangelicals “are able to at least consider the arguments” whereas white evangelicals are not?……and if they do consider them and still pursue homophobic ends, does that not make them even worse rather than better?

    I don’t really see any legitimacy to the argument you are trying to make–it seems pretty self-serving, but at least you were honest about the racial motives that lie behind the opposition of many blacks to gay rights……..which no white liberal would ever be…..

  6. sara says

    @ Rick I’m pretty sure African Americans aren’t spearheading the anti gay movement. Unless you’re obtuse, you’ll know they have other issues like unemployment, discrimination, crime, etc. The hate crime against blacks blows away the stats for anti gay crime. I’ve personally worked for an employment agencies where you’d get calls saying why’d you send that n—r because they wanted only white workers. So if they’re willing to help the gay cause & relate it to civil rights struggle that’s great.

    But they’re probably some who do see the gay movement as a white struggle. I’ve heard some say you can hide being gay but you can’t hide being black so they think you’re not as discriminated against as they are. I do think African Americans are reachable on gay issues because they know what discrimination feels like. Instead of denigrating an entire race maybe you should ask yourself, what have you done for them other than make your disparaging comments?