1. Vern Dufford says

    Just woke up in a cold sweat… it wast Chris Brown and those electronic Mickey mouse heads they some how merged together.
    Brown suddenly had these huge ears like Mickey Mouse and he is talking like a robot. Demanding like me or die…frightening!
    O well going back to bed!

  2. csmingus says

    Nicki Minaj was a joke. Adele was absolute grace and poise. Foo Fighters…still no respect for a band that believes HIV doesn’t cause AIDS. Taylor Swift sang on key for once. Jennifer Hudson showed the world that she never needed American Idol to prove she can sing. And the “pseudo” rave introduced by Jack Black was not needed. Overall, the Talent Booker for the Grammy’s needs to book a more diverse group of musicians instead of the same ones over and over again.

    Bottom-line, the Grammy’s is worth watching the next day on the highlights reel.

  3. TJ says

    Jennifer Hudson was perfect – not too much, but powerful. Haters are gonna hate, but they will be wrong, and, as always, sad.

  4. AJ says

    I disagree about Katy Perry. I think she has some amazing producers and a very good voice. Find some of her unplugged stuff before u judge. Nicki was whacked out!

  5. Paul R says

    I would so much prefer to see Adele posted as well. Even if she got some pity votes because of her voice problems, 21 is an amazing record, and her interview on 60 Minutes showed that she’s clever, funny, and incredibly talented.

    Anderson was smitten. Well, as smitten as he can get with a woman.

  6. John B says

    The Beach Boys were lip synched on Good Vibrations. Even they looked shocked as if it were a surprise. Worse it was the radio version of their song and not something from a former live performance. How could you miss it. It was very obvious in this day of high def.

  7. Larry says

    Lil Kim is The Queen of Rap.

    Lil Kim is the most beloved and adored.

    Nikki is a joke and a pathetic clone.

  8. MarkUs says

    CBS kept promo-ing “Nicki Minaj in the performance you’ll be talking about tomorrow” about a half-dozen times, so you knew it would be awful. And it was.
    The Grammys used to have Best Pop-Male, Pop-Female, Rock-Male, Rock-Female, etc etc and now it’s a three hour show where about 10 awards are handed out and you have to sit through some musical acts TWICE! Why not have more categories to spread some awards around instead of a lot of musicians/acts just sitting there losing to Adele every time.

  9. MarkUs says

    I just can’t swallow Best Pop Male, Best Pop Female, Best Pop Group being all morphed into “Best Pop Record”. Imagine if they did that in the 70s. Stevie Wonder would have won every time and Linda Rondstadt for example would have just sat a loser.

  10. Gregoire says

    Just wanted to comment that the ‘tribute to dance music’ contained no female performers. Think about that for a second.

  11. ElCid says

    I could not agree more!!!
    Who is this guy “doing”?!?!
    He’s NOT the talent they’re trying to market him as!
    Besides, have you guys seen the allegedly tweets of a bunch of girls saying “I wouldn’t mind having him beat me up!” Are people losing their brains?!!?

  12. Artie says

    A) Nicki Minaj sucks. She can’t sing and this was just a lame performance trying to get some shock value.

    B) WHY WHY WHY was Chris Brown allowed to perform? Do we really forget when he beat the $HIT out of a woman?

    C) Speaking of that woman, she really cannot sing live either. She’s all autotune. No real talent there. Makes you miss Whitney even more.

  13. Tyron says

    CBS was 100% right – but for all the wrong reasons. People are certainly talking about Nicki Minaj … I can’t believe that I actually set through her performance – would have been a perfect time for a bathroom break. I’d have actually rather sat through another performance by Chris Brown – a man of minor talent or Taylor Swift – a triple treat (mediocre songwriter, mediocre singer & mediocre guitar player).

    But like most award shows it’s more about popularity than talent although every once in a while, almost by accident, someone who actually deserves to win does.

  14. JC says

    I appreciate the message Nicki is trying to convey. It’s very kind of her to reach out to the gay youth. However, the song is absolutely horrendous. I would pay her to not release it.

  15. Rin says

    Ummmm….can I ask a question? Did anyone take marketing in college and study symbolism? If so, I have some questions.

    Nikki…Madonna…lately there has been a lot of bizarre out of context symbolism…things inappropriate or out of synch for the spectator.

    Superbowl: I get the Roman gladiators…sort of. Football is contact. What’s up with the Isis, all seeing eye, Ishtar, etc references?

    Excorcism and…Grammys? Is she Black Sabbath these days?

    Check out all the one hand over the eye pics or weird imagery. Either everyone is playing into the same joke on Illuminati and if so weirdly perpetuating it through symbols or maybe its not a joke.

    All I can say is that I was weirded out!

  16. James says

    RIHANNA WAS FINE? She was not fine. She was awful. It hurt listening to her. I’m not a Rihanna hater, I own a few of her singles and enjoy them – but this woman cannot sing live. I had the worst look on my face listening to her.

  17. Tom in COS says

    @James Speaking of RiRi what in the Tina-Turner-Wig-Hell did she have on her head. On the plus side that totally distracted me from her lackluster vocals.

  18. Gandy says

    For those curious as to perhaps WHY all these bizarre,esoteric,unsettling symbols and concepts are permeating pop music today check out “Vigilant Citizen” for some in depth analysis and examination.

  19. Brian Chaput says

    Let’s see – lenghty standing ovation for Adele after her stunning and classy performance. After NM’s rubbish they cut to commercial with no shots of the audience once the mess was over. You be the judge.