Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel: I’ll ‘Push’ for Marriage Equality

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel promised to push for marriage equality in Illinois yesterday, the Sun-Times reports.

EmanuelSaid Emanuel:

“Before I was a mayor, I worked hard on the civil union legislation. I made phone calls. And when it passed, I was at Millennium Park, when we had the first [ceremony]. In fact, I presided over a series of ceremonies in my office…When you have two loving adults, that should be held up as a positive — whether it’s male-female, or, in this case, female-female or male-male. That’s proper. We shouldn’t as a state discriminate…Recognizing the love between two adults also has a series of rippling effects through a series of policies — public and private — that we all take as a given and is not true for gays and lesbian couples. So I’ll push for it because it’s consistent with the values base that I think is right as a city, as a state and as a country. … I support both the civil union and ultimately gay marriage because I think discrimination that’s embedded deeper than just recognizing a marriage or recognizing a civil union is wrong."

Emanuel told CNN's Wolf blitzer last June that he hoped Illinois would move in the direction of marriage equality.

Illinois lawmakers introduced a marriage equality bill last week.


  1. Jason says

    I don’t trust him just like I don’t trust Obama. I think he and Obama have been lovers for a long time now.I have seen them together and I got a very gay vibe from them.The way they look at each other, the constant whispering in each others ears.They both need to come out of the closet.

  2. K says

    Lol what Jason? I expect everyone to start with their “I don’t trust this guy” comments but I never anticipated a “they’re gay lovers” comment.

    It’s definitely true that RE hasn’t been good on LGBT issues, and their are stories about him discouraging the Obama administration from supporting them. BUT I won’t be condeming this guy if he really follows through with action. The poll numbers have changed, and he’s made a political calculation that supporting marriage equality will lead to a net gain. OK, as long as he follows through I don’t care how he got here. Great.

  3. Robert in NYC says

    I echo that too K.

    So Jason, who among the republicans is doing anything to make life better for LGBT people? Who among them if elected is going to introduce a bill making our lives better? I can tell you the answer: ZERO.

    At least Obama and the democratic party no longer sign off on bills discriminating against us as the GOP cowards do. Look what’s going to happen in NJ today. Coward GOPer Christie is going to veto the marriage equality bill. What does that say about them?

  4. elg/edwin says

    Jason says:

    “Coward GOPer Christie is going to veto the marriage equality bill. What does that say about them?”

    People like Jason NEVER have anything to say about Republicans who veto LGBT rights as they ALWAYS do, when they are in a position to do so.

  5. G. Gordon Liddy says

    Dear Andy:

    Please get the concern trolls off of the comments section. Although I don’t think you will, it’s fortunate that they are so obvious (and so bad) we can easily ignore them.

  6. Andrew Mathews22 says

    Oh dear god Jas…”Obama and Rahm are lovers”? Really??.I mean I know they are BFF’s but both are straight and married. I’m glad Rahm is pushing for marriage equality now. I am almost sure Obama will come out for marriage equality once he is re-elected. I wish he could do that now, but that does not change the fact that he is the most gay friendly president I have ever seen.

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