1. M. Bergeron says

    does he refer to his straight friends as “heterosexual”? you are a bigot and a glutton. enjoy hell when you die from a massive heart attack you drain on resources. one just wonders how many starving children could be fed on what he eats per sitting.

  2. atomic says

    Here’s the thing that bigots and racists don’t understand: you don’t get to decide whether or not you think you’re one. That’s something that gets decided by others on the basis of your actions.

    It’s a common theme for bigots and homophobes to claim “Oh, I have gay friends and they don’t have any problems with me.” Where are these so-called friends you claim to have? We never see them. Or if we do, they turn out to be self-loathing Uncle Toms like Babeau, or Liz Cheney, who put their political affiliation and lust for power before their civil rights.

    FU Christie. You ARE a bigot. There is no escaping that, and you can try to deny it all you want, but it is the collective view of millions of GLBTs and our straight allies that have the moral standing to say it to your face. The sooner you and your hateful ilk are relegated to the dustbin of history, the better for the rest of humanity. I hope you choke on your food so that someone with actual brains and a heart that hasn’t been enlarged by cardiovascular disease can take your place and DO THE RIGHT THING.

  3. Mike says

    I don’t understand those of you who, while trying to make a legitimate point, insist on attacking him for a physical attribute. It is shallow, and makes you no better than he is.

  4. Paul B. says

    His obvious “choice” to be morbidly obese doesn’t seem to concern him nearly as much as our “choice” to marry. Of course he views himself as a non-bigot…and probably “pleasantly plump”. Why would he want to see the truth of himself…it’s fukin ugly as sin.

  5. Peater says

    I don’t care that it is his core belief. What I care about is that he is forcing his core belief on ALL of the citizens of New Jersey. Jane Elliott said it best, “If you don’t believe in marriage equality, then YOU should not marry someone of the same sex”. But don’t stop others who have a different core belief.

  6. robert in nyc says

    I only hopehe ends up with one of his children turning out to be gay! Then he’ll find out if he’s a bigot. He has no family member he knows of who is.

    I once had a heated email exchange about this with Maggie Srivastav of NOM and I asked her if she would support discrimination against her son if he were gay. All I received was silence, she refused to answer.

  7. Brad says

    In the style of Bette Davis as Baby Jane, “But ya are bigot Chris, ya are…”
    People who care about LGBT people don’t put up road blocks to full equality. People who are bigoted think voting on people’s personal civil rights is the correct thing to do.

  8. robert in nyc says

    Actually, the leader of Garden State Equality (GSE) said that Governor Christie “doesn’t have a bigoted bone in his body?” I suppose GSE respected his veto too. Probably one of his supporters.

  9. Lymis says

    A “principled stand” that some of your fellow citizens don’t deserve equality IS bigotry – made even worse if you actually have gay friends who you can look in the eye and say “You don’t deserve the same rights I do.”

  10. Randy says

    If you have to say you’re not bigoted, it’s usually because you are.

    And, no, blaming it on your religion or beliefs doesn’t get you out of your bigotry.

  11. atomic says

    Mike wrote: “I don’t understand those of you who, while trying to make a legitimate point, insist on attacking him for a physical attribute. It is shallow, and makes you no better than he is.”

    The reason why it gets pointed out is because it underscores the “nature vs. nurture” argument that is so often the foundation of anti-gay bigotry. The homophobes essentially base their hatred of gays on the notion that being gay is a choice, and therefore according to their reasoning (such as it is), this whole conflict could be avoided if we simply “chose” not to be gay.

    But WE know that being gay isn’t a choice. Certainly, it is no more a choice than choosing what religion to follow, or our choice to eat healthy and exercise. And so that’s why calling out Governor Christie for being morbidly obese *IS* fair play. Because if his decision to deny us equal rights is based on his “moral beliefs,” then we have just as much right to judge him on something that he surely has more control to change than we have over our sexuality.

    Now does that make sense?

  12. says

    Then he shouldn’t be in public office because his core beliefs don’t represent the public at large. He was supposed to leave his religion in the Church and not take it with him to use against his own constituents. I don’t understand why New Jersey citizens don’t throw this guy out of office. He has no credibility.

  13. Jonathan Oz says

    No, I don’t believe Christie is necessarily a homophobic bigot. I do believe him to be a hopeless opportunist who is afraid if he signed the marriage bill he would be ostracized by the more strident members of his own party. Basically, I give him zero out of ten for acting on principles of any sort.

    By and by, Mike (above) is right. Ad hominem remarks about Christie’s weight do nothing to demonstrate our collective ability to engage in fair argument.

  14. candideinnc says

    People are of the mistaken opinion that because they have what they think are good reasons for their bigotry, they are not bigoted. So my fellow Southerners who see lots of Blacks in prison believe that all Blacks are prone to criminality. They look at gays from the perspective of their religion and see us as sinners. Frankly, I think Christie is worse than that. I think he realizes bigotry against gays is wrong, and disapproves of it. Unfortunately, he is an opportunistic cheap politician without the principles of a pimp, so he is perfectly willing to use other people’s bigotry to advance his career.

  15. Esther Blodgett says

    I have always felt that Christie is a prime example of the bullied become the bully. Growing up was probably hell for him, and he was more likely than not terrorized on the playground.

    Now he has power and he is going to “get” all those mean kids who beat him up back then.

    Christie has more issues than a magazine.

  16. MCnNYC says

    Chris Christie IS a Bigot AND a Bully.
    His “core values” are a choice.
    A choice be made and claims he will ALWAYS have.
    That core value is that “marriage is between one man and one woman”.
    He church tells him so.
    His church also tells him that divorce is not recognized.
    Wil he introduce a bill limiting “marriage” in NJ to only one per couple?
    This politician continues to be a very large empty suit.

  17. Jon says

    Piers is asking all the wrong questions. How about: 1. “Where do human rights (to freedom of religion, to the pursuit of happiness, freedom of movement) come from? From God/nature or the government?” Obviously not from the government since governments can commit human rights violations. In other words, it isn’t in virtue of the government’s saying so that you have human rights.

    2. “Is equality among human beings a right that is granted by God/nature (not that all human beings are identical or the same, but equal in the sense of having the same worth and civil/legal rights)?” Now this is an important step because we move from human rights to civil rights. Civil rights are not granted by God/nature, but by the government. The right to have consensual sex is a human right, the right to marriage a civil/legal right.

    3. “Is equality under the law a human right? I mean, is equality under the law an entitlement to all simply in virtue of being born a human being?” This is the question I would like to see Christie answer. We have already established that governments can violate human rights and not create them. So if human beings are equal in value or worth, and equality under the law is an entitlement, then all people are entitled to the same civil rights.

    4. “Is marriage a civil right?” Yes, because it is licensed, requires a fee and provides benefits. It is a civil right because a government grants it.

    It is these questions that need answering by Christie and the religious right. And only from Christie’s responses can you plan a proper attack. Of course if you ask someone if they are a bigot they will say no! But by following this line of reasoning, you will put Christie in the position of either denying that all people are equal or defending the claim that the government ought to deny civil rights to a group of people for bigoted reasons. DEMONSTRATE his bigotry, don’t take his word for it that he is not a bigot, Piers.

  18. Pointed says

    His “put it to a vote” is just a cop-out. You CANNOT PUT CIVIL RIGHTS TO A VOTE!!!!!!!!!! If we, as a nation had done that over the years, women would still be in the kitchen and unable to voice their opinions, African-Americans would still be at the back of the bus, unable to vote, living in slavery and drinking from their own dedicated water coolers for p*ss sake. The only people who can threaten marriage is each married couple themselves. Anyone, gays included, getting married will have absolutely no impact on any other’s marriages.

  19. Mike says

    From Wikipedia: A bigot is a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices, especially one exhibiting intolerance, and animosity toward those of differing beliefs.

    From Gov. Christie: “It’s my belief, it’s my core belief. And I tell people that.”

    Isn’t he just defining himself as a bigot?

  20. Keith says

    I disagree with a lot of individuals who have posted here. I truly don’t believe he’s a bigot, but I do believe he is a Republican who wants to run for President of the United States in the next cycle, and realizes that to approve marriage equality in his home state would automatically be a non-starter for a nation-wide election. So, while I firmly believe that on a personal level he doesn’t wish the LGBT community any harm, on the public level he would rather play politics than actually help LGBT families with all the rights and security that marriage affords our stable families.

  21. Jon says

    @Kieth: If Christie vetoed marriage equality to bolster support for a future election, and this is more staged than genuine bias, then someone could argue that he didn’t do the wrong thing because he had no choice but to make a bold political maneuver.

    But in that case, it would be fair to criticize Christie for NOT doing the morally right thing by standing up for the rights of his LGBT constituents? In fact it’s almost worse if he did it just for the votes, because he didn’t do the morally right thing – he sold the PEOPLE out.

  22. says

    @KEITH :

    If your comment is accurate then that makes him a spectacular liar and bigot, because he spent half his time telling Morgan about how principled he was.

    But if you are correct his principles don’t extend to GLBT rights , especially if he has an eye on running for the nomination.

    Wow, that’s spectacular hypocricy and double speak.

  23. SFshawn says

    Jan Brewer,Crisp Crispy,ArnOLD…since when did Governors of states become self appointed gods pointing fingers in the Presidents face and denying the MAJORITY VOTES of their own state house and legislative members to promote their own RELIGIOUS and MORAL agenda without repercussions? Good Luck to Chris Crispy on his future presidential bid. For anyone with a brain cell in their head they KNOW that ACTIONS speak MUCH louder than hollow worthless words or ‘what he feels in his heart’ or his gay “friends’. He’s a liar,a bigot,a coward,a gluttonous pig,an unethical politician,an opportunist,a religious freak to only name a few of his finer qualities. He represents all that is wrong in American politics and is rewarded for it. Shocking. lol

  24. Michael says

    By pointing out he is a fat bastard we are just pointing out the obvious. If you want to take the high road and tell us we shouldn’t point out the man is guilty of gluttony then have at it. But he is a fat bastered bigot who can kiss my ass attached to my 30 inch waste.

  25. Keith says

    @Jon and @Jack. I never said we couldn’t take issue with his decision, nor that there is probably duplicity and hypocrisy at work here. What I did state is that it’s not uncommon for politicians who are within the Republican Party, and who want to stay within the Republican Party, to vote against LGBT equality publicly even though privately and personally they would support our community. Our history in this country is littered with political garbage from politicians who voted one way in order to remain viable and employable in their political party, rather than vote their own conscience. Sociologists see this type of hypocrisy all the time when one interacts within a group, as no one person wants to be the outlier and thus shunned by the majority in the group (even when oftentimes almost everyone in the group believes the same as the individual who would be viewed as the outlier.) Chris Christie is hardly the first, and he certainly will never be the last. A weak man, yes, but he’s a politician and not a moral crusader.

  26. Pointed says

    Sounds like Keith might be a plant on this comment string. What Christy does and what Keith apparently is OK with, is talking out of both sides of the mouth to get what is desired. That is selfish, deplorable and dishonoroble and IS the definition of hypocrisy and bigotry and Keith is no better than Christy if he can “forgive” his dirty tactics no matter who gets hurt in the process. Keith needs to review the definitions of morality and ethics.

  27. Steerpike says

    ‘I’m not a bigot: I just think that we have to keep our racial bloodlines pure and avoid misegenation so that our poor mongrel children don’t get bullied in the playground over having one ni**ger parent’.


  28. says

    Christie: “I’m not a bigot.” Subtext: “My constituents and my financiers are – they put me in office so I’m obliged to give them a voice.” Secret wish: “I hope marriage equality wins so I don’t look like a chump in the history books.”

  29. Tom in long beach says

    Too bad people are willing to vote for politicians that take their marching orders from Ratzinger, and not ones that want equality for all. Once again I ask why are gays the punching bag for the Republicans ? Too bad the Vatican stopped at Vatican II and has not really looked at social issues since 1962… What we have always done has worked swell for 2,000 years so why change now ?
    Recovering Catholic here…

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