1. uffda says

    Thank god for the EU even though for 200 years the Russians have largely failed in trying to import Western European ideals and ideas.
    The whole place is still like a trans-Siberian Arkansas.

  2. throwslikeagirl says

    This is important and historic. Nonetheless, I kept being distracted from the seriousness of his comments, noticing what a hot daddy Michael Cashman is!

  3. Ruddigore says

    @ Uffda: St. Petersburg is considered the most western city in Russia, and of course they are the ones passing this bill. 2012 marks the 300th anniversary of Peter the Great moving the capital from Moscow to St. Petersburg (it was moved back upon his death in 1725).

    @ Throwslikeagirl: Yes, Michael Cashman is hot. He looks like Alan Dale (Bradford Meade from Ugly Betty).

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