1. jim says

    I’m not a celeb follower so have no point of reference, but she looked horribly anorexic onstage last night, it was creepy. Has she always been that thin? That and the quasi-concealed tattoos…what a way to spoil the glam. Blech.

  2. Paul R says

    She hasn’t always been that thin. Her leg looked horrible. But this is a woman who kissed her gay brother at and wore a vial of Billy Bob-Thornton’s blood to the Oscars. She sort of likes attention.

  3. Yes says

    I think she looked great!

    And as you can tell by these other posts, the bitchy queens are out in full force.

    In what world did Angelia Jolie look haggard last night? Because if that’s haggard, I’d love to look haggard. I’d really like to see the faces of the people posting these remarks …

  4. Vern Dufford says

    I think you do have a point!
    Getting all styled up and trotting down the red carpet for all these
    award show…no wander she’s so damn thin!
    She did look very movie star in the all white red get up though!

  5. David says

    @Yes, you don’t have to be a bitchy queen to notice that Angelina Jolie is a nut. The post regarding her previous red carpet behavior makes that clear. To me she’s always seemed like a neurotic attention-getter, who gets a huge amount of adulation even though she’s a lunatic. Sort of like a Hollywood Sarah Palin. I thought her silly posing last night was ridiculous, and did nothing more than repeated show how skinny her leg is.

  6. jim says

    Not a hater here, could care less one way or the other, but those skin-n-bone arms did not look healthy in the least; was uncomfortable watching her. And why use only enough body makeup to half-hide the tats? God knows she had enough pancake slathered on her face (many of the women had bad makeup last night–maybe it was the lighting onstage–a lot of peoples’ noses looked over-contoured).

  7. Marie says

    Calm the f*ck down haters. It was a woman exercising her sense of fun and humor, all of which you lot seem to lack. This is a mother of six who gets accused of being drunk by the media when maybe she’s just damn tired and has a difficult time keeping weight on no matter what she eats. It happens, you know.

    BTW never once did I think she was being mocked by Rash. It was obvious to me he was teasing. Unlike most of you I have sense of humor and got the joke.

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