1. Mark says

    But he also says, ‘Whats best for his re-elect.’ And for the time being its ‘continuing to stay evolving.’

    He’ll come up for it after his re-election. Its no time to get greedy. Let’s make sure he gets re-elected first, than he can do the rest of the work.

  2. Malcolm says

    Not gonna happen. Obama is politically smart, and he knows he needs to win swing states like NC, MI, OH, MN, WI, VA, NH, CO, NM, and FL, states that are not exactly pro-gay marriage. He also knows that support gay marriage would hyperactivate conservatives.

  3. hugo says

    I thought that was a photo of Scott Disick, at first, and now I’m ashamed that I even know who that is.

  4. sparks says

    Is it shallow to think it’s icing on the cake when one of our straight allies also happens to be easy to watch? ><

  5. Keppler says

    “…no president in history has done more to advance the rights of the gay and lesbian bisexual and trangender community than President Obama…”

    God I’m sick of this line! Only one other president has done anything at all to advance the rights of the LGBT community, and from him we got both DOMA and DADT. Give me a freakin’ break! Bill Clinton’s record surely isn’t much of a hurdle for the “fierce advocate” Obama claims to be.

  6. Michael Bedwell says

    @ Keppler; while I agree that the meme about “no President’s done more” is ridiculous given that THIRTY-SIX presidents and 185 years of three-branch government came and went before the first gay rights bill was even put on the proverbial table when Nixon was President, and only three Dems followed him, your understanding of Clinton’s presidency is just as ill-informed.

    We didn’t “get” DADT and DOMA “from him,” we got them from veto-proof majorities in Congress. And he did set a high bar that Obama has barely passed if at all. By the same measure, CONGRESS repealed DADT not Obama. And many of his gay staff appointments are merely recycles of Clinton appointments. Clinton reversed Eisenhower’s ban on gay federal civilian employees, banned the use of information a service member was gay discovered in a security clearance investigation to discharge him/her. Ordered a hate crimes enhancement to military cases. Appointed the first out gay US Ambassador, US Counsul, and federal judge. He was the first President to meet with gays in the White House, and the first to name June Pride Month. And despite three opportunities, Mrs. Obama has still not marched in a Pride Parade as First Lady Hillary Clinton did TWELVE years ago.