1. Caliban says

    Eh. The photos are OK but it looks like a fairly typical fashion series, without any much emotional content. “Some dude models are paid to pose with other dude models.”

  2. Munro says

    *Must be at least THIS white while being gay to get married and be considered beautiful.* Plus, the two dudes look similar enough to each other to be kin in some of the images. Nice idea but very typical, horrible execution.

  3. Munro says

    Same thing with that editorial on the Fashionisto: Two brunettes (it was blondes at one point in history) with the same height and haircut and build depict how amazing and obstacle-free it can be to be that gay AND white, AND loaded. Plus the image of the joint bachelor party? *Vom*

  4. Paul R says

    Wow, pretty much all off of you are petty and awful. Sometimes white people date each other. Sometimes they look similar. Sometimes you should just not care.

  5. Zlick says

    Really? A magazine spread featuring slim, attractive, white people as models?! OMG, stop the presses! I can certainly see what all the outrage is about. Oh, and I can’t roll my eyes at these comments that far out of the top of my head. Sheesh. Get.Over.It.

  6. David says

    when did you all become so humorless? FLAUNT is a FASHION magazine, not a political editorial. it’s a lovely shoot that’s meant to advertise the clothes and the models while embracing gay marriage…in a FASHION FORWARD way.

    ugh. the comments section on this blog gets more and more out of touch daily.

  7. TomJck says

    How is this playing to stereotypes? It’s FLAUNT magazine for God’s sake. Did you expect a pair of average looking guys in their 40’s?
    Did you expect a pair of un-athletic looking effeminate twinks in matching tight fitting clothes? Now THAT would be stereotyping.

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