1. Steve says

    He didn’t literally say they were like Hitler. He said that people like Bachman and Santorum should be confronted, booed and thrown off the stage wherever they speak. And that if people had done the same to Hitler in the 20s, he wouldn’t have gained power.

    It’s an awesome rant

  2. Mike C. says

    Although I don’t think introducing comparisons to Hitler, direct or indirect, is ever healthy for the public discourse, this further shows what I and many Towle readers have tried to say for a long time: Despite how unseasoned listeners may preconceive Howard Stern, he is one of the most staunch and influential proponent of gay rights, and when the fight makes it to Pennsylvania, where Howard commands leagues of conservative suburbanites, you can count on Howard to be one of marriage equalities most strategic allies.

  3. FunMe says

    I love this part:

    HOWARD: Listen, it’s hard enough getting through life. Your the one, in America, you’re still allowed to get your f***ing a** kicked every day, by f***ing Middle Class soccer moms, who are going to sit there, because they’re so f*** ugly, and they can’t get laid. They’re going to sit there and take it out on gay teens. F***ERS!

    ROBIN: But it’s scapegoating, it’s exactly what it is. It’s scapegotating. “My life sucks and it’s all your fault.”

    HOWARD: Yeah, and who’s to blame? The only one you can get away with it, and it’s gays. And it’s gotta stop. It’s gotta stop. It’s F***ing ridiculous!

  4. Jason says

    Howard’s discussions of gay rights and issues are perhaps the most progressive, frank and eye-opening of any broadcaster working today. I have no doubt that his opinions have helped shape and shift the perspectives of millions of his listeners.

    The weeks when George Takei are in the studio have been among the most electric dialogues about every imaginable aspect of gay living: from marital pre-nups to glory holes and anything and everything in between. They’ve been remarkably illuminating, hilarious and poignant.

    No joke, here–I think when GLAAD gives out its broadcasting recognitions, Howard should at some point be acknowledged.

  5. jason says

    Isn’t Stern the same man who demeans lesbians by promoting the idea that lesbianism should be designed to titillate sleazy straight guys? Yep, he is.

    The man is nothing but a creep. He doesn’t support GLBT rights. He merely supports the idea that women should engage in lesbian activity for the benefit of the sleazy straight guys.

    In my opinion, he’s a patriarchal liberal whose acceptance of gay rights is fake and based on titillation.

  6. Chuck Mielke says

    You know, this “rant” alerted me to a stereotype: I’ve been thinking that bullying in public schools has been the product of teenagers engaged in abuse among themselves. Stern suggested that adults are in or near the public schools do some of the bullying, too. If true, this might be part of the reason that school officials appear so passive and understated about their response to bullying. So the big question: Who’s doing the bullying in our schools?

  7. Aaron says

    thank you Howard, you couldn’t have said it better. What an honest statement… I mean what the hell is going on in this country when there is an audience for hate mongers like Santorum and Bachmann?! I’m glad there are some level-headed normal people like you out there. It gives me hope. You just added one more fan.

  8. Rin says

    You know, he sort of touched on something awful about humans–well, Robin did, that people see the economy going down the tubes, crime, and all this other stuff that’s happening and feel helpless against it. You can’t do anything about The Man. All the Occupy movements in the world won’t do crap about the direction all the crusty, rich old men are going with the money, so focus on someone weaker, someone you think you can take down…then start blaming them.

    Its that analogy of crabs boiling in a pot stepping all over each other to rise to the top. Its horrible.

    It’s poor people’s fault.
    It’s gay people’s fault.
    It’s immigrants fault.

    Just horribly sickening.

  9. jason says

    I just stated facts. Howard Stern’s dedication to GLBT rights is limited to “hot lesbians” of the type who appear in porn movies that are purchased by straight-identifying men. It is NOT a genuine acceptance in my view.

    The mere fact that there are gay men who support this notion is repulsive beyond belief. You’ve lost your way as a community and as individuals. You’re now worshipping fakes like Stern who objectify women in a sleazy fashion. How sad, how utterly sad.

    Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. You spend your weekends in dance clubs dancing to fake AutoTuned music, you watch fake women in the form of drag queens fake-singing to songs, and your entire reason-for-existence is based on the sex act rather than the concept of gay rights.

    Face it – most of you are fakes.

  10. Jason says

    This is a different Jason, here, btw:

    Jason above: You are patently incorrect. I can only assume you are not a Howard listener, and that you have not heard his many illuminating conversations with George Takei about his romantic partnership and his life as a gay man in America, nor have you heard any of his defense of the right of gay men to live happy, free lives.

    What’s truly “repulsive beyond belief”? Dismissing people outright when you’ve not listened to their broadcasts or beliefs. Funny: Dismissing Stern as a “fake” based on your ill-researched assumptions–and perhaps insecurities and fears–sounds startlingly like the conservative dismissal of gays based upon the same unfounded criteria.

  11. Andy says

    Jason – He spent most of this rant defending Rose O’Donnell. I’m pretty she’s not in the “hot lesbian” group.

    Bruce – Just because this particular rant has to do with lesbians doesn’t mean he doesn’t support gay men. Listen to more of his show and you’ll see that he’s a true supporter of all LGBT.

  12. jason says

    Howard Stern made his money with the offensive “lesbian dating club” segment. It was clearly designed to titillate sleazy straight guys. It wasn’t designed to increase acceptance of GLBT issues. He had a parade of fake lesbians entering that segment.

    Note how he didn’t have a male version.

    Howard Stern is your typical straight guy: sleazy, sexist, and homophobic towards men in particular. He’s a fake.

  13. Jon says

    @Steve I agree. I listened to Stern all through the 90’s and early 00’s. He is probably the most vocal gay rights supporter on the radio that isn’t gay – and even more vocal than some gay celebs.

  14. jack says

    I am a lifelong liberal democrat and a gay man and i unconditionally condemn Howard Sterns rant against Bachmann and Santorum. I totally disagree with almost everything those two stand for. One of my happiest votes was when I joined the 700,000 votes majority in Pa to toss Santorum out of the Senate. However to suggest that Santorum and Bachmann should be thrown off the stage where ever they speek is to encourage criminal behavior and is a fundamental assualt on our democracy. Any American who agrees with him should be ashamed of themselves.

  15. jack says

    I watched Ellen Degeneres,on her show the other day, defend herself and state her position in a most dignified way. She doesn’t need this vulgar man defending her. Some people say that they can tell what kind of a person you are by who your friends are. Please gay folks, don’t accept this vulgar man’s friendship.

  16. Jon says

    @Jack If you listen to Howard he’s saying that it is an accepted bigotry to condemn gay people. That’s his point about Bachmann and Santorum. They should get thrown off the stage. Any gay man who disagrees with him ought to be ashamed of herself/himself.

  17. jack says

    Response to Jon’s post: Freedom of speech is one of the foundation stones in a democracy. The free exchange of ideas is essential for the survival of a democracy. That freedom is guaranteed by our U.S. Constitution. Yes Jon, people are free to say things that you and I may disagree with or even find hateful. Thats the price of freedom. Believe me as a gay man I will never be ashamed of defending that freedom.

  18. Eric says

    The First Amendment to the United States Constitution does not guarantee anyone a stage, it only guarantees that the government won’t be the one to throw you off a stage — the people, on the other hand, are perfectly within their rights to shout you off.

  19. jack says

    You do not have the freedom to “throw” people off the stage. That would be an assault. Its a criminal offense. Instead of encouraging others to committ the assault, he should go an attempt to do it himself. I would love to see that vulgar loudmouth taken away by the Secret Service in handcuffs. It is unfortunate that some who post on this site don’t understand that the free exchange of ideas is an essential part of a democracy.

  20. ElDiablo says

    I am disappointed at how many people are criticizing a shock-jockey of being vulgar. How can a man be squeaky-clean when his career is based on stirring up controversy? Of all things to oppose, really?

  21. jack says

    I am opposing the vulgar man’s opposition to freedom of speech which is one of the fundamental principles of democratic government.That is a very important thing to oppose.

  22. Rob says

    Am I the only one who switches the dial back and forth from NPR to Howard Stern? Yes he uses same-gender desire for humorous effect, and humorists need some material somewhere, but he doesn’t slam gays, unless they are the closeted ones who vote against us. He has an outsider’s sensibility and it shows. Jews and gays have faced the same persecution side by side, by the same people, and we should hang together. PS: I’m not sure guys with his creative spark are ever 100% straight.

  23. EO says

    Been listening to Howard & Co. since the 80s and he has always been pro-gay-rights. He discusses and dissects all facets of human sexuality and has never shied away from gay stuff, whether he is speaking seriously or doing a humorous bit that pokes fun. The addition of George Takei to the show years back added an even stronger pro-LGBT element. He’s on our side, folks.

  24. D.R.H. says

    It shouldn’t be a surprise that, yet again, Jason is spouting more inaccurate, twisted, batsh*t crazy nonsense but this time he really takes the prize. Clearly, he’s never listened to Stern because he would know that Stern has always been adamantly, vehemently pro-gay. I’ve heard Howard shred callers for being anti-gay. His show has always been boundary pushing. He does anything that will offend people like Jason because they’re the douchebags that keep this world from evolving. Go Howard! I agree with the sane Jason’s idea that he should be acknowledged officially by GLAAD or something.

  25. Jon says

    @Jack: I couldn’t disagree more. While democracy does need the free exchange of ideas, ideas can be communicated in either a destructive or constructive manner. If speech is destructive, it shouldn’t be allowed. Before the desegregation laws in the US, a large group of people actually supported the view that all black people should be sent back to Africa. One sub-group expressed serious doubts about white and black people being able to live together because white oppression had reached such sickening levels (rape, mutilation, etc.). That is a legitimate concern – retaliation and ongoing violence. Another vocal sub-group simply wanted to send black people back to Africa because they didn’t like the color of their skin. If they wouldn’t be slaves, they could GTFO. This is not a legitimate concern and is racially motivated hatred of a group. Democracy does not depend on that kind of speech.
    If a republican candidate were to use racially motivate hate-speech, then I would advocate removing them from the podium. All that is involved is cutting power to the mic. I also think that people should be booed off the stage, which Stern questions at one point why they aren’t booed. But in the case of verbal gay-bashing, it seems to be publicly acceptable to use hate speech against gay people. Concerns about gay rights can be communicated in non-hateful ways. I have no problem discussing the Bible, for example, which says that gay people ought to be killed – or more precisely, it says it is not a sin to kill a man who has sex with another man. But when a person in 2012 calls for the death of gay people, that is hate speech. They are prompting a sort of action, a response from society. People are entitled to think and feel whatever they like. But to deny that sometimes speech can be used as an action is naive.
    It isn’t the fact that I disagree with it that makes it hateful. It’s whether speech is used as an action, by calling for some action, and the destructiveness of that action. Not all ACTIONS ought to be tolerated. I don’t support physically harming Bachmann or Santorum. But to give them a podium is absurd.

  26. dmack says

    Obama is against gay marriage but liberals cant deal with it so they attack staw man enemies. nothing changes but liberals “feel like they’ve done something” when in fact they have done jack squat. Obama relected gays still can’t marry. yay liberals with all your BS. yawning.

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