To Stream The Super Bowl, Plus Halftime Show (UPDATED)

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Perhaps you've heard: Tonight at 6:30 p.m., Eastern Time, some of the biggest, fastest, strongest and richest men in America will meet on a field of painted grass in Indianapolis and practice war games. They will wear shoulder pads, and they will be watched by millions. If you would like to be among those millions, the event is streaming here. (Note: That's the only place it's streaming. If you don't want to stream, tune into NBC.)

There's no telling exactly when Madonna will take the stage for the Half Time show, but the earliest it could possibly be is 7:30, Eastern Standard. 8:30 p.m.'s most likely, it almost certainly won't be after 9:00.

UPDATE: Sorry! The livestream skipped the Halftime show completely. I just posted a vid of Madonna's performance, which you can watch here.


  1. red_phone says

    This gay is tuning in for Madonna and because he loves football. As do several of my other gays. : )

  2. uffda says

    OK, alright, I’ll turn it on and at least watch some of it…maybe somebody’ll get his pants pulled off at least. Thanks.

  3. mike128 says

    I’m tuning in to see Madonna – and have the live stream on mute until her performance. No offense to football fans, but I have no idea what excites you about this game.

  4. uffda says

    Rick, oh Rick, Madonna’s gonna be on. Hurry over here and watch, oh kid, it’s gonna be so awesome. Afterwards hurry and tell us what you think.

  5. Paul R says

    It was an entertaining spectacle, but I hate to admit that Elton John was right: she clearly lip synced every song. But the choreography and number of people involved were impressive. She doubtlessly made them practice for weeks.

    Still surprised that she did Vogue. I know it’s one of her big hits, but it seems a little dated. And I say that as someone who vogued at a brother’s wedding in 1991.

  6. JC says

    well, who knew? the livestream that you posted above never intended to play the halftime show. it just played sports commentary and online-only commercials. what a waste of time.

  7. Mike M. says

    Agreed with JC. I counted on the livestream, but it removed the parts I wanted to see – the commercials and the halftime show. What a waste of time.

  8. sparks says

    I thought Madonna was fantastic… although a little stiff at times. How she managed to dance at all in those spiked heels was a feat unto itself.

    I don’t think she lip-synched all the songs… in fact the only one I could tell was clearly not sung live was the newest, featuring Nicki Minaj and Mia.

  9. JC says

    Please do your research next time before posting a link… as soon as I realized the game was starting again sans Madonna, I did a google search of live stream halftime show and the first article that popped up said Madonna would not be on the livestream. I’m royally pissed that I didn’t get to see it because of this post. If anyone manages to find a version online, please post it….

  10. Paul R says

    @Sparks: There are already tons of articles on the show, which apparently was worth $84 million if you compare its worth to the cost of Super Bowl commercials. Here’s one (and if you look at her lips, she is sometimes not on track and her voice is too perfect for someone dancing so vigorously):

    >> Madonna promised no “wardrobe malfunction” during her Super Bowl halftime show and she was true to her word, offering a well-choreographed, lip-synced performance of some of her biggest hits, as well as her new single. I would guess that as a natural result of aging, she can’t hit certain notes that she could 20 years ago and didn’t want the performance to fall short of perfect.

  11. Paul R says

    Oops, I screwed up. I wrote the final sentence above; it’s not from the Today online article.

  12. Nat says

    Incidentally Brandon, football players are generally not that rich compared to baseball or basketball players. They make far less and usually have shorter playing careers – most have to find multiple jobs after their playing career to pay the bills.

  13. DB says

    I off course watched the whole game but changed the channel during the half-time show, which sounds really lame.

  14. RobWest says

    Loved the half-time show (Madonna didn’t disappoint) and the game was great as well, go Eli.