Truth In Action Says The Devil’s In The Classroom: VIDEO

This week, Truth In Action released an instructional video explaining the evils of American public schools. (Truth In Action was once known as Coral Ridge Ministries, which was led by the execrable and now-deceased Dr. D. James Kennedy and operated from within a church famous for sporting the most unnecessarily huge steeple/god-antenna in Florida.) Basically, it seems, schools are "Hitlerian" because they seek to reaffirm the bedrock values of American society (tolerance, pluralism, critical thinking, the worth of civil society, etc.) rather than the values with which Truth In Action would like to replace them (intolerance, homogeneity, superstition, and a distrust of civil society). The moral: Home school your children!

The folks at watched the vid so you wouldn't have to, and have put together a highlight reel. Watch AFTER THE JUMP ...