1. justinw says

    Yes, by all means, Christianists. Homeschool your children so that they have absolutely no place for establishing themselves in an increasingly multicultural world. Free free to marginalize your children.

  2. says

    “The children belong to the state”, as Evil Teacher hands Junior some Communist tome… but to a fundamentalist a child should belong to Christ. I guess I’ll venture into some atheism to state that children should belong to NO ONE except their own, in-progress selves; how youth is used/recruited for any ideology is sickening.

  3. says

    Ugh, and if homeboy wants to talk about “direct correlations”, then why does beautiful, God-fearing Mississippi have so many corrupted youth? Maybe their Jesus-condom isn’t strong enough to prevent them from having the most teenage pregnancies in the USA.

  4. gregory brown says

    Here’s another example of something more folks OUGHT to know about but don’t. The creeping Theocratic menace is in every town of every state but stays below the radar enough that most citizens have absolutely no idea that American politics and society generally are being polluted by 7 Mountains, Xtian Reconstructionism, the rants of Rushdoony and many more not necessarily formally affiliated but united in purpose–to overthrow and demolish secular life and put all of us under the yoke of their perverse and pernicious world views.

  5. Joel says

    Parents ought to be homeschooling their kids for 2 reasons:

    1) They want their kids to be smart and not jaded/abused/dead.

    2) They want their kids actually learning facts instead of creation myths and revisionist history.

  6. Perkin Warbeck says

    “American education is like Archimedes bathtub…” says Janet Parshall, who’s claim to fame is… a radio talk show host. Talk about DUMB!

    Thankfully, I went to school in a country that WASN’T like a bathtub. I pity Americans – Parshall wants to world to know that you all have a tiny brain that can only fit so much in and there’s no room for anything new – ever.

    Mathew Staver wants us all to know that by staying in school longer, you get dumber not smarter. Seems under that terminology, Matty boy never graduated, he must still be in junior high.

    But back to Parshall for another brilliant own goal. “…get them while they are young, you can get them to follow your philosophy…” Considering that good god-fearing churchgoers have children in their sphere of influence from the moment those children are BORN, there is a good half dozen YEARS of “getting them while they are young, getting them to follow your beliefs”. Who’s to blame then, Parshall?

    Let me leave with Dee Wampler (why do the crazy have such wonderful crazy names?), “…there is no question that there is a movement today to eradicate Christianity from the public school…” – now, I am not an American (as I intimated at the start of this post), however, didn’t your Founding Fathers expressly work to EXCLUDE religion from government bodies because of the centuries of bastardy of which they had ample evidence and enough sense to look for a separation of church and state as to be the best method of a fair and just society?

    No, fundamentalist absolutist deity worshipers, it’s not the progressive forces in your country that wish to change the values on which that country was built. It’s you and you all should be resisted with all the strength peace, harmony and light can muster which far outweighs strife, division and enforced darkness of the closed minded.