1. Sargon Bighorn says

    Do what illegal immigrants do. GO TO A CHURCH AND SEEK SANCTUARY. Make the Federal government enter a house of worship and DRAG the woman out in front of the national news media. GET SMART GAY AMERICA, learn from what others do.

  2. Paul B. says

    Yes, sadness turns to anger and then to action. We owe it to these beautiful women to stand behind them 100% and make sure justice prevails for them. I also believe that with this president, these women will be treated fairly. But, the next president could turn it all around again…and we just can’t let that happen. Obama is not a perfect president but he is the best available president, and I believe his heart is in the right place.

  3. yonkersconquers says

    I keep saying that securing visa status for binational couples is absolutely foundational in the struggle to end DOMA.

    This is the frontier for gay people. We all need to INSIST these couples are granted the same immigration rights as heterosexuals.

  4. Brian says

    As a victim of this travesty I can certainly relate to their sad story. There are lots of countries that don’t have gay marriage but do allow same sex partners of their citizens permanent residency, and usually citizenship. Jerry Nadler introduces a bill in the house to rectify this, but it goes nowhere. This is a bit self serving but it does seem to me that these sorts of stories are so obviously wrong to any fairminded person that they can either be used to push for gay marriage, or at least get a carveout from doma allowing them. I think in a lot of (admittedly ignorant) people’s mind, gay marriage is just desired by gays so they can mock the sacred institution, or maybe they’ve heard about some tax disadvantage. But these are real people’s lives being destroyed, and should be a much bigger issue than it is in the current debate.

  5. Contact1972 says

    @ Anastasia Beaverhausen-you and I both know that he won’t sign an executive order. Lets hope that the new regulations have actually kicked in and her deportation is stayed. Too bad all DOMA deportations aren’t.

    I think President Obama is waiting for SCOTUS’ ruling on the Gill case.

  6. James in BCN says

    Me and husbert would love to get married in the U.S. and be able to have to option to live in the States if we wanted. Until that time, we live in Spain where we have all the rights and of marriage. Yes, there are rumors of threats to that here and we’ll be on the street yelling before that’s going to happen.

  7. says

    Haven’t they stopped enforcing that part of the law? They may send the letter, but it seems to me every deportation proceeding has been halted.

  8. Anomanus says

    discrimination and deportation is against the law. marrying whom ever you like it’s part of freedom no one has. right to dictate whom you marry even if its the same sex or man and wise up . you people will not take our freedom away you home land security and government who destroyed our world and are still trying to take our freedom you should be deported.

  9. Anomanus says

    we are all people no matter what gender preferance or sex or what beings and human life forms.all gods children. and should be like a world family like we were intended to be so stop destroying each other. no more cruelty abuse slaughtering.brothers and sisters under the skin. living peacefully.loving each other instead of hatred world peace.