Anti-Gay Activists Form PAC to Oppose Marriage Equality Ballot Measure in Maine

Two longtime anti-gay activists are planning to step up opposition to the marriage equality ballot measure that will be on Maine's November ballot, the AP reports:

MEMichael Heath and Paul Madore said Tuesday they've formed the No Special Rights PAC to oppose November's ballot measure asking voters if same-sex marriage should be legalized.

Heath and Madore have held leadership roles going back to the early 1990s opposing gay rights and gay marriage initiatives in Maine. Heath was executive director of the Christian Civic League for 15 years until his resignation in 2009, and Madore once headed a group called Maine Grassroots Coalition that opposed sexual orientation laws.

Madore said he's ready to "take off the gloves" in the campaign leading up to November's election.

 The PAC has not begun fundraising yet. A recent PPP poll was hopeful for marriage equality supporters:

It looks like Maine voters will reverse their 2009 decision and legalize gay marriage in the state this fall. 54% think that gay marriage should be legal to only 41% who think it should be illegal. And when we asked about the issue using the exact language voters will see on the ballot this fall, they say they're inclined to support the referendum by a 47-32 margin.


  1. Jeff says

    Any chance N.O.M. has released their donor list now that the Supreme Court has refused to hear their appeal?

    For such good “Christian” folk, they sure have an odd set of morals.

  2. Francis says

    No special rights, eh? Like the special right to determine what legal rights a minority group has on the basis of a 2000+ year old fable? Guess special rights are really only “special” when it comes to people these bigots hate.

    These freaks going out of their way to discriminate against the LGBTQ community, making statements like “taking the gloves off” in terms of blatantly denigrating an entire section of society on the basis of our sexual orientation, will be something that eventually works against them. We need to use these bigots’ actions AGAINST them in all of these states where marriage amendments are on ballot. Expose the anti-gay hypocrites for who they are and what they stand for.

  3. grego says

    The Maine folks have called seeking donations about five times in the last month. Energy is good, but I hope they’re better organized this time. Money will decide whether we take back this State.

  4. says

    Mike Heath got the boot back in 2009–although the “official” story was that he resigned to go sell solar cookers in Tanzania. See:

    But, it was pretty widely accepted that he was ushered to the door because his views and rhetoric (which we’d all been hearing for years) were too extreme and would harm the “Yes on 1″ campaign. Well, now he’s back. Let’s hope those same extreme views and rhetoric are in place and he’s able to inflict the damage that he wasn’t able to in 2009.

    The guy is a loose cannon. Let’s hope he opens his mouth frequently for his PAC and the campaign. It can only be good those of us who support marriage equality here in Maine.

  5. says

    @Grego, if I may respectfully say…I don’t think organization was the problem. “No on 1″ ran a respectful, honest, and ethical campaign and I am proud of the many hours I donated to the effort as a volunteer. The problem was that we were up against opponents with shadowy financing (NOM still hasn’t disclosed its donors, as required by law and it’s 3 years later) and run by an out-of-state consulting firm (Schubert/Flint of Sacramento, CA, same guys behind the Prop 8 campaign). Personally, I think S/F would whore themselves out for any issue, as long as there is lots of $$ for them. If you have any opportunity to see “Question 1: The Movie” you should. It’s very revealing and shows what we are likely facing here in Maine (again) as well as in Washington (state) for this election. I believe that EqualityMaine and all the others involved in the ballot initiative have learned from this experience and will use this knowledge effectively this time around to effect a different, and desired, outcome.

  6. Lee chevalier says

    Where are these two boys’s wives? Don’t they have chores? This is what happens when two grown buddies spend too much time together. I honestly don’t know what Maine is becoming. –Grandpa

  7. says

    Why are so many of us stuck on stupid? Civil Rights for Gay Americans should neither be affirmed nor denied at the ballot box . . . neither outcome is “desired”! What I desire is that more Lesbians and Gay men realize that their right to marry is enshrined in the United States Constitution. Only a population with low self-esteem buys into the notion that its core constitutional rights need “winning” via plebiscite.

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