Belarus Strongman Lukashenko: A Childish Dictator Prone To Schoolyard Taunts

Screen Shot 2012-03-04 at 1.40.41 PM copyThe formerly Cummunist Belorussian strongman Alexander Lukashenko has always been a uniquely childish presence on the world stage — he is, for example, the only European leader who enjoys being called "daddy" by his subjects — but never moreso than this weekend. Responding to a recent EU censure, in which Lukashenko was referred to as a "dictator" by German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, Lukashenko told a crowd gathered at a ski event in Minsk: "Better a dictator than gay."

It wasn't the first time Lukashenko had gone after Westerwelle. From Raw Story:

Lukashenko last year said he had once told Westerwelle, who is openly gay, during a meeting that “he must lead a normal life”.

He later apologised for his remarks but added that he “did not like gays.”

The 57-year-old former collective farm boss — once identified as Europe’s last dictator by Washington — has left his ex-Soviet nation in growing diplomatic isolation over his nearly 18-year rule.

Recent months have seen a withdrawal of Belarussian representatives from EU states and European ambassadors booted from Minsk, the Belarussian capital, in protest over EU sanctions against the formerly Soviet "republic."



  1. Soren456 says

    A small-town American city councilor is likely to have more social and political sophistication than any of these guys.

  2. jamal49 says

    Um, honey, I mean, daddy, I’d watch what I say when I’m wearing a hat like that you’ve got on your head. If that ain’t a gay hat, then I don’t know what!

  3. ron says

    He looks like a Sacha Baron-Cohen character. Why aren’t the Belorussians revolting against this clown?

  4. Pedro says

    Eastern European men, especially slavs are very macho…Homosexuality is very threatening to them…It’s the culture they were raised in.

  5. Just_a_guy says

    @pedro: “macho” gives them too much credit; this “daddie” guy is a big baby, not a man.

    Sad. Russia really isnt too different from belorussia, though, huh? Creepy psycho f***s.

  6. says

    I suppose I’d look grumpy too if I had to wear that hat.

    But really, those are your only two choices? Dictator or Gay? I gotta go with Gay… although… dictators can get away with pretty much anything on the DL. But that hat…. no, I’ll stick with Gay.

  7. Paul R says

    When you manage to turn your eyes from the hat, you see that he’s emulating a Hitler look. So charming.

    Belarus is among the three most despised countries. Add North Korea and for the third, flip a coin. I have a friend who was almost killed in Belarus for not sufficiently bribing a train ticket taker.

  8. Ambrose says

    Just another petty tyrant headed for the ashbin of history. But, really, who the hell cares what he says about Western statemen and -women? What do you expect him to say? He’s a laughable dynosaur who sees the writing on the wall.

  9. Salythetruth says

    Belarus is the North Korea of East Europe. They live in the past and that is almost their all uniqueness. Let them enjoy their delusional self imposed decadence until old age and death wipe away all those human remnants of soviet times. The problem is that for those who get late to the party only receive the slops. But maybe that is all what they are used to receive and feel happy about that.

  10. Rance says

    Wouldn’t it be strange if he took off the hat, and his head was actually that shape?

  11. says

    The funniest part about this dude is that he does not live with his wife for the last 16 years.

    She lives in seclusion on a farm in a village far from capital.

  12. Darrell says

    I suppose someone has to stay on the Collective farm and feed the pigs and dig up potatos, I’m sure he wouldn’t do it since it would get his nails dirty and the “stache” all sweaty.

  13. gregory brown says

    There IS an odd affinity for those over-sized peaked caps among fascists. I suppose little men want to look taller. At least the beastly Pinochet accessorized his ridiculous chapeaux with some stylish capes and uniforms in a becoming blue/gray shade. Fittings with his tailor might have drowned the screams of tortured guests of the State.

  14. Jerry6 says

    OK, Tell us the truth. What movie is this comic opera character advertising? You want us to believe that “HE” is an actual Head Of State somewhere? Get real!!