1. BrianT says

    Every single one of those ladies is a Class-Act and a fabulous ally.
    Every. Single. One.

    “i can’t believe you’re still at that point”

    this was truly moving. :-)

  2. Frank Butterfield says

    I assume these segments are sponsored by Kleenex because I’ve yet to get through one of them without quite a few tears.

    Truly wonderful stuff and I’m stunned, once again, at how far we’ve come. We still have a ways to go, but wow! Look at what everyone did!

  3. MarkUs says

    These things are the intellectual equivalent of “Highlights” magazine with Goofus and Gallant.
    Goofus says nothing. Gallant jumps to the brides defense!

  4. MarkUs says

    Suffice it to say you could have an Indian shop owner who is rude and disgusting to a tearful Pakistani bride-to-be and the responses would be the same. The majority of people are Gallants when it comes to rudeness, not Goofuses. Just like the majority of bridal shops don’t lesbian discriminate. What is 100 percent. Death and taxes.

  5. BrianT says

    What specific point are you attempting to make Markus? I’m not sure what “intellectual equivalents” you’re even talking about when this specific program is taking its cue from something that happened in the recent news, and beautifully exposed a real mark of integrity and class in the women featured within it.

    Again, what point were you hoping to make?

  6. MarkUs says

    You couldn’t follow that?
    I’ll dumb it down: decent people don’t like seeing people mistreated I don’t care if the target are Eskimos. This segment is always totally predictable.

  7. BrianT says

    Aren’t you the guy whose parents vote Republican, despite the fact that they claim to support you?

    I guess, in terms of this show, that makes them rather unlike the women who decided to take a stand and take their business elsewhere. These women won’t shop at a place that discriminates against a lesbian, and your family still supports a group that discriminates against you. You just called your parents doofuses. No wonder this show irks you – it’s complete strangers doing for complete strangers what your own people won’t do for you.

  8. Dale says

    The last young lady made me tear up. She spoke true to word. I love both her and her mother. They truly experienced prejudice in the past and may still in their daily lives. They had the strength to say “NO” to injustice.

  9. Tarc says

    Having run a buniess in the wedding industry, it’s a rare thing for a homosexual couple to run into a homophobic business. Most are gay owned or operated, and are THRILLED to have ‘mo couples. Now that I’m not in that business anymore, I’d definately say we gave homosexual weddings extra perks whenever we could (the little thing we could do to make up for all the other little slights we knew the couple would run into).

  10. says

    @Deanmoore, you know very well that the people on this site who can’t stop complaining about black people FLED as soon as that part of the video happened. They will not comment on this thread. Trust.

  11. MalaysianHo says

    @BRIANT Not all republicans are anti-gay and not all democrats are pro-gay either. Republican James Alesi vote yes for marriage equality. Representative Rubin Diaz is one of those vehemently anti-gay democrats. We should all examine each individual before endorsing any politician. As a whole party, Democrat is more pro-gay than Republican. Someone needs to compile a list.

  12. Swiminbuff says

    That brought a tear to my eye. Heartwarming.
    Especially loved the first woman who refused to do business with the shop and walked out, and the mother daughter couple at the end made me tear up.

  13. tim says

    the simplicity of the situation is very helpful to understand a successful campaign in the fight for equality. one valid criticism of the fight against Prop 8 is it did not include gay couples.

    you may feel very real but those opposing equal rights have chosen to not respect your human dignity, you being a peer, you being human.

    that is what makes this segment very effective

  14. John Normile says

    Rueben Diaz is not representative to any other democrat in New York State, he’s a religious fanatic…please remember 99 percent of republicans hate queer people, or at least vote that way

  15. Bob says

    @MalaysianHo— We do NOT need a list of good republicans. We should NOT vote for any of them, untill all of them get off our backs.
    Under the present conditions — “Gay republican” is like “Black KKK member”, supporting the death of members of one’s own group

  16. jack says

    This video is so staged and childish that it annoyed me. Must we gay people always play the victim? If you go to a baker, florist or dressmaker who refuses to sell you something because they disapprove of your lifestyle; GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

  17. rb says

    I adore the brides who didn’t buy the dresses. What great women! Allies, for sure! Makes the world seem like a much friendlier place. I never knew there were that many kind souls in the world.

  18. Brad says

    That was simply amazing! These women are to all be commended for sticking up for that woman! They melted my heart and made me tear up a little. Hopefully when I get to walk down the isle with the man of my dreams there will be more acceptance of it. Bless them!

  19. easyguy says

    Good thing for me I wasn’t in that shop. I’d have caused a big nelly drama. Poor John Quinones, the salescunt actress and everyone concerned would have been traumatized.

  20. Tarc says

    @Easyguy – I used to own a wedding related business, and I have to tell you, if I’d have seen that, there would have been a big problem for that sales girl (I suppose a ‘problem’ is the kinda butch gay version of an incursion of holy gay glitter Hell LOL!). It would have been VERY unpleasant for her, and if it was real, I’d be sure to make it very pleasant for the shop in the local community. Like the first lady illustrated, people need to speak up, and then speak louder with their dollars.

  21. Mike says

    I thought it was great. I was really moved by the reactions of everyone. I really appreciate the straight allies we have. I always find it very touching when straight people are on our side. It’s great to have understanding people out there. These women are terrific!

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