Daniel Zamudio, Gay Man Brutally Attacked in Chile, Clings to Life


Earlier this month I reported on the attack on Daniel Zamudio, a gay Chilean man who was burned, sliced, beaten, and branded with a Swastika by a group of neo-Nazis. He has been on life support ever since, and is in grave condition, Chilean media outlets report.

Via Michael Lavers at EDGE:

La Tercera and other Chilean newspapers and media outlets suggested over the weekend that Daniel Zamudio is potentially near death. Zamudio’s condition deteriorated after he suffered a heart attack on March 19. Movilh (Chile's LGBT rights group) spokesperson Oscar Rementería told reporters on Sunday that Zamudio’s family has decided to keep him on life support.

"Daniel Zamudio’s family decided not to disconnect him," said Rementería, as La Tercera reported. "They are going to wait for his body to stop working on its own and this is going to happen within the next 48 hours and it will most likely going to be today."

Emilio Villalón, director of Hospital de Urgencia Asistencia Pública, confirmed late on Sunday that Zamudio remains in critical condition.

Zamudio's attackers have been arrested and will undoubtedly be charged with murder should he die.


  1. topher says

    He passed away an hour and a half ago. I walked by the hospital and people were holding a candle vigil. Truly sickening. This guy was brutally beaten and marked with swastikas and got his ear cut off by a bunch of self called neo nazis. This happened downtown, where bars and pubs abound (‘Lastarria’ neighborhood). I live there. This could’ve happened to me. It’s just sickening.

  2. Ignacio says

    Guys, Daniel died today and now Chile is in the middle of a storm beacause of this, everybody is affected by this and the negative reaction to his death has been overwhelming.

  3. Capunyon says

    The perpetrators should either be executed or imprisoned for the rest of their hate-filled lives. If Chile is a civilized nation, then there should be no place for people — neo-Nazi or otherwise — who commit this kind of act against a person because of their sexual orientation. Should I forget, would someone remind me not to ever step foot in Chile until get their Nazism and militarism until control.

    I pray for the repose of the soul of Daniel Zamudio. May he dwell in bliss throughout eternity.

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