Former VP Walter Mondale Campaigns Against Anti-Gay Minnesota Marriage Amendment

MNRetired Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Justice Kathleen Blatz and former VP Walter Mondale have put their signatures to a letter for Lawyers United for All Families, a group working to fight the anti-gay marriage amendment that will appear before voters in November.

Says the letter: Mondale

Minnesota stands at a crossroads in its history and our state’s constitution has become the battlefield. Our constitution is a hard-earned gift from those who preceded us and an enduring promise to those who will follow us. It should be used to protect individual liberty, not to take it away. Constitutions should be amended only to address problems that find no other solution. Therefore, as concerned citizens and members of the legal community, we need to stand up against the efforts to legislate by constitutional amendment.

The Minnesota Post hears from them:

"Our constitution is a hard-earned gift from those who preceded us, and an enduring promise to those who will follow us," Mondale said in a statement. "It should be used to protect individual liberty, not to take it away."

Said Blatz:  "At this crossroads in Minnesota’s history we must not allow our state’s constitution to get caught up in the prevailing winds of the day. We may disagree on how best to recognize committed same-sex couples, but I believe quite firmly that legislating this issue by constitutional amendment is both inappropriate and a threat to the legacy of our state."


  1. PDX Guy says

    Yet, “trendy” Target remains neutral. Oh I forgot, they sponsor gay pride so it is OK if they won’t take action on something that really matters.

  2. Patric says

    As a native Minnesotan, I’ve always felt great pride in those two liberal lions, Vice Presidents Humphrey and Mondale, who would have made great Presidents. I was born a few months after Vice President Humphrey’s unfortunate loss to Nixon but perhaps no two election results have left a more bitter taste in my mouth than Vice President Mondale’s loss to Reagan in 1984 and his loss to the hideous Norm Coleman in 2002 a week following Senator Wellstone’s death. In fact, when Bill Clinton’s signature of DOMA in 1996 left me unable to cast an unneeded vote for him in my new home of New York that year, I opted to write in Vice President Mondale’s name instead.

    Vice President Mondale is a great man and, with the enthusiastic support of Minnesota’s great Governor Dayton and great Senator Franken and the more tepid support of the always cautious Senator Klobuchar, we may succeed in beating back this very un-Minnesotan effort this November, though it surely won’t be easy.

  3. jack leddy says

    We would be so much more advanced as a nation if our history books wrote of President Mondale. Don’t blame me. I am old enough and bright enough to have voted for Mr Mondale. I also voted for President McGovern, President Dukakis, President Kerry, President Gore. In the case of Gore the majority of voters agreed with me but the Electoral College didn’t.Oh well thats the way democracy works. Clinton and Obama are my proudest votes.

  4. secret identity says

    @Patric I was very young and had worked on a number of local campaigns until 1984 when I got really involved in the Mondale/Ferraro campaign. What a great team. I was so devastated at the loss to Reagan that I didn’t go near politics again until Howard Dean. Good for Mondale and lucky for Minnesotans who have such a rich history of political giants.

  5. Patric says

    Secret Identity, I understand your devastation about the ’84 result. Rarely have voters in this country made such awful mistakes as when they chose Reagan over Vice President Mondale or when they chose Nixon over Vice President Humphrey. Vice President Mondale made the mistake of telling voters honestly what needed to be done (taxes needed to be raised to address the soaring Reagan deficit) and almost no candidate has made the same mistake since (with Governor Dean being a rare exception). People complain about the insincerity and quality of our elected officials but frankly people are getting what they deserve when they resoundingly reject good, principled public servants who dare to speak the truth about how we need to confront our challenges. They opted for “It’s morning in America” and allowed Reagan to drive us deeper and deeper into debt.

    Yes, we’ve had some great progressive giants in Minnesota political history and are fortunate to have such fine public servants as Governor Dayton and Senator Franken currently.

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