1. gregory brown says

    Am I the only one to fail to see John Hamm’s super-attractiveness? He’s okay but…. I am open to explanations and efforts to enlighten me. This is a dangerous position to take here in Columbia MO, especially anywhere near the MU Campus.

  2. rocko says

    I’d like to see the most ‘absurd’ body part!! It would not even matter if it wasn’t..Jon is hot and manly..Looks like he would ride you hard and put you away wet!
    Cute and funny interview..Glad he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

  3. hugo says

    I love the awkwardness of these, and hammy Hamm responds well to it.

    He needs a good night’s sleep, though. That lighting did him no favors.

  4. V-8 says

    Gregory, I think u r indeed the only one 😉

    personally I see a natural, unmanicured beauty (he is not ripped, has wrinkles and hair, etc), compounded by a vulnerability and stoicism that adds to one hit hunk of man…

    a man’s man, not a boy, not a daddy, not a buddy, but a man…

    and he’s a great actor too with a sense of humor… I’m totally in love with him, as far as one can be in love with someone they do not know lol

  5. Caliban says

    Perfect description, V-8. He’s “masculine” in a way that doesn’t involve steroids or an exaggerated macho voice or mannerisms, just a man who’s comfortable with himself and who he is. Very sexy.

  6. Tom Stoppard says

    He is my age, and when I look in the mirror, I also see dark circles under my eyes and the onset of wrinkles. And he’s beautiful, so that makes me feel better about myself.

  7. stranded says

    No complains about the fake kiss. The fact is that no other A list actor with sex symbol would ever go that far, especially when there’s always a gay rumor swirling around them.

    It’s just refreshing to see an entertainer who doesn’t take himself so seriously.

  8. BamaGuy1024 says

    OMFG Mike you are the luckiest guy in the WORLD! Seriously I just spit coffee all over my keyboard and desk when Jon jumped on you!

  9. testington says

    Well Jon Hamm is really funny, but the other guy wasn’t at all. Hamm was completely carrying any humor in that clip. This is really just a poor man’s ‘between two ferns’