1. kpo5 says

    It’s like watching a movie where you know exactly who the villain is and the whole audience roots against him the whole time…except it’s real life.

    They lie.
    They distort.
    They draw false parallels.
    They whine about being silenced when someone merely points out their asinine reasoning.
    They are more likely to police their respective blog’s comment section because they don’t like to be challenged.
    They claim to do the most hateful things out of “love.”
    They spend millions upon millions of dollars each year fighting against LGBT equality over feeding the hungry and sheltering the needy.

    They are bad, bad people. Glad for GLADD’s work – let’s not silence them, let’s hold them accountable for their words.

  2. says

    “Men and women complete one another”……I’m falling around laughing at this crap.
    Dude, have you seen the statistics on this “completing” thingy ?

    “They don’t like the fact that the union is so perfect it sometimes brings children out of it….”
    Wow !
    And it never happens that children are produced from non-“complete” straight unions.
    This guy’s idea of completion is so stupid.I think he is talking about the old penis in vagina argument. sad.

    And what about the gay couples who go to incredible lengths to have and care for children……that’s not from a “completion” so I guess it doesn’t matter, right Kevin ?

    Jesus, these homophobic bigots are getting bolder with their barefaced lying $hit.

  3. Caliban says

    Just at a glance, the only person who could “complete” Mr McCullough is a skilled plastic surgeon.

  4. Me says

    It’s like listening to the teacher in a “Peanuts” carton…Whaaa waaa waaa waaa waaaa…..

  5. Mary says

    For the record, I think this man’s comments are preposterous. He may not agree with the whole gay rights agenda, but why not take people at their word? Gays want equality, not the destruction of other people’s marriages. And you can’t blame them. Who would want to spend his life hiding and making up lies about how he lives? It must suck. When I say that I can’t support full equality for gays because I think it would harm society this doesn’t mean I’m happy about having to take this position.

    Frankly, it’s humiliating to have to see gay couples who’ve been together for decades denied legal marriage while “divorce addicts” like Newt Gingrich make a mockery of the institution. People on the Right have enough to deal with regarding their own inconsistencies and embarassments to spend their time attributing evil motives to gays.

  6. Hollywood, CA says

    “They don’t like the fact that men and women complete one another.” – Yes, complete each other so much that 50% of the time you get a Divorce, right?! BAhahahahaha! You’re a genius Homophobe, the scariest on the lot!

  7. paul says

    He doesn’t look very ‘complete’ – he looks like he is missing some very serious parts of his soul, his brain and his personality.

  8. Pointed says

    The reason some gay teens want to commit suicide is because of the oppression created by the likes of this “commentator” and their stupid and uninformed “opinions”. We are who we are and when society shuns us, then we feel hopeless because no matter how hard we try, we are GAY, you effing fool. Redefining LEGAL marriage, not faith-based marriage, which is BASELESS in reality. Keep your straight faith-based marriage to yourselves and we will use legal means to get married outside the church.
    Jealous of NO straights (especially this crack-head like neanderthal).

  9. paul says

    i hate to make a shallow comment about someones looks…but since he started making incredibly shallow comments about gay people i feel its kind of fitting. Doesn’t he look like Nosferatu ?

  10. Dale says

    This guy states no facts. All he says is “I think”. So his comments are irrelevant just like comments from Pat Roberts.

  11. TampaZeke says

    I couldn’t figure out who this guy reminded me of. Then Andy posted the story about the remake of Dark Shadows with Barnabas Collins.

    Mystery solved!

  12. Pete says

    I love that he thinks gay people define themselves by their relationship to str8 people. How pompous! We rarely think of you, except when you’re trampling our rights.

  13. dearcomrade says

    This made me sad. It reminded me of the repression of the closet compounded by the oppression of religious dogma. This guy is definitely gay and is going to extreme lengths to distance himself from that fact. We’ve seen this many times before folks. It is pretty obvious by now.

  14. says

    that was HILARIOUS. namely because he gets it wrong – it’s the anti-gays who don’t want LGBT couples to marry because they’re jealous that even “those gays” can do what they can’t – be happy.

    married couples that have lousy sex lives don’t want gays to marry.

    horribly uninteresting undesirables don’t want gay couples to marry because nobody wants to marry them.

    so, which kind of gay porn do we think this guy masturbates furiously to? lesbian or male-male? cuz it’s gonna be one or the other….

  15. John says

    It just amazes me that there people who believe that you wake up one day and CHOOSE to be gay, like you choose to wear a blue shirt. That is the major problem gay, bisexual and trans people deal with today, a large portion of society that thinks we are going through a phase. You can’t reason with stupid

  16. Pitt90 says

    I knew there was something wrong with the fact that I like sports, don’t like to shop, and don’t think Liza is the best thing since sliced bread. I’m not gay! I just have been engaging in homosexual behavior with my partner of 17 years for a long, long time. Whew … if I only I had known it was this easy. Thank goodness for enlightening organizations like AFA … *rolls eyes*

  17. TJ says

    Yes. Yes. Say it! He looks like Nosferatu!

    Stay close to the candles. The stairs can be treacherous.

  18. johnny says

    What’s so odd (and such a complete lie) is the fact that my gay friends and myself hardly think about hetero marriage… other than we would LOVE to also have a chance to marry who we love. Y’know, marriage equality?

    Isn’t that APPROVING of marriage, not destroying it?

    But then you can’t get idiots like this to ever hear the truth.

  19. jason says

    I partly agree with Kevin when he says you can’t be gay. That’s because I believe the word “gay” has been twisted by the identity politics crowd to try and create an all-encompassing category that serves politics but doesn’t account for our overall humanity. I mean, surely we’re much more than what we do in the bedroom!

    However, where Kevin lost me is when he says that gays are trying to destroy marriage due to jealousy. This is a silly rant by a goose.

  20. Tom in long beach says

    I think people really can’t be strait. They are only doing it for social acceptance. LOL

    How is it that these people can not appreciate that not everyone believes or is like them ?

    The reason I wanted to marry my husband was to piss off the Mormon, Catholic and Right wing churches? It had nothing to do with the fact that we love one another and needed / wanted to be able to take care of each other.

  21. says

    “I think that homosexual behaviors when acted upon in the teenage years greatly increases the likelihood if you’re male that you will try to commit suicide.”

    Being gay doesn’t make you want to kill yourself. It’s homophobes like you, Kevin McCullough, that drive gays to suicide. Gays are not jumping to their deaths, they are being pushed. You, Kevin McCullough, are therefore not only a liar but a murderer.

    I’d post this directly to the comments section at AFA but noticed this in the comments policy:

    “Comments may not contain … accusations of wrongdoing (moral or legal) against others.”

    Well since that is AFA’s mission – to commit moral and legal wrongdoing – I guess they’d never print anything I have to say to those terrorists.

  22. ty says

    Complete one another??? LOL ! 50% divorce rate shows us that they only ATTEMPT to complete one another….

  23. jamal49 says

    Hey, Kev! Here’s a news flash for ya! I was married once. To a woman. No kids (but not for lack of trying). Lasted close to 10 years. I did it to prove I wasn’t (ya know what I mean? Say no more. Wink! Wink! Nudge! Nudge!)! But then, I realized that even though I loved my wife, I wasn’t COMPLETE as a man. That something was, uh, missing. And, that living a lie in order to avoid accepting my inevitable truth was unfair to my wife and to myself. I will never ever say that those were 10 wasted years. I have a wonderful and loving friend in my ex-wife (who has since moved on, re-married and has two wonderful children with her current and (I hope) forever husband. But, the pain and suffering and sorrow caused by the denial of who I was and what my true human nature was because of asswipes like you and the degeneracy that is evangelical christianity or, rather, christianity in general, has me trying very hard to stay focused and not track your miserable, bigoted, evangelical ass down in order to take that radio microphone and shove it waaaaay far up your rectum (which, after watching this vid has me believing that you would, um, LIKE it, Kev). So, Kev, let me hip ya to something. As a man, without another man to love and cherish, or hell, Kev, to lust after, I AM NOT COMPLETE. And it is so for millions and millions of other men (and, conversely, for millions and millions of women). No, Kev. This is not about “completeness envy”. It is about the very organic nature of my (our) humanity. Time to grow up, Kev. Or, at least, get some Rogaine and grow some hair. Hey, Kev! Maybe your Miracle Jesus could heal your baldness? It’s worth a try! While He’s at it, maybe he can cure your petty, fetid, foul, miserable soul.

  24. Manny says

    Give me a break! I’m so jealous that me and my girl can’t get married so I just want to ruin it for the straight couples! I’m SO jealous that we can’t have kids. It’s called adoption dumbass. There are so many kids without homes that it’s not even funny. But you straight couples just want to have kids of your own. It’s okay for you straight couples to get married more than once because it was “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.” Get over yourselves! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but come on! We’re not hurting anybody. The sooner you get over that the better. 😀

  25. Sam says

    Why are the people that are against same sex marriage the MOST UNATTRACTIVE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD?!?!?! I mean, I’m sorry if they haven’t been laid in decades but don’t take your misery out on the rest of us

  26. Jerry6 says

    I have yet to read any “Strait” Bigot’s commentary about Gays being married that directly states why or how our marriages have had any direct effect whatsoever on any Bigot’s marriage.