Moneybomb: Help Defeat North Carolina’s ‘Amendment One’


NCThis week, Towleroad is assisting in a 'money bomb' intended to raise $1 million for the campaign to defeat Amendment One in North Carolina, which appears on the ballot on May 8 and would constitutionally ban same-sex marriage there.

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Goal ThermometerWrite the organizers:

To date, Protect All NC Families has already raised more than $950,000 in financial contributions, the vast majority from thousands of individual North Carolina donors, as well as key coalition members the Human Rights Campaign, Replacements, Ltd, Self-Help, Equality NC, ACLU NC and others.

The campaign launched this week’s fundraising campaign, also known as a  “money bomb,” as a primarily online effort in order to bring a national focus to Protect All NC Families and their efforts to defeat Amendment One. The money bomb will encompass a major social media fundraising push, state and national blogger outreach, the coalition campaign’s over 100 partner organizations and others to build on the campaign’s momentum.

Said Jeremy Kennedy, campaign manager for Protect All NC Families: “This seven-day money bomb enables us to do the most important thing we could in this campaign: educate as many state citizens as possible in as many ways as possible about the harms of this constitutional amendment, including communicating those harms to women, children and families on television and radio.”

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The opposition launched a new ad over the weekend.