NOM Strategies Revealed: Document Dump Exposes Tactics of Racial Division, Victimhood, Attacking Obama

20100716 Doc 128b NOM Depo – Exhibit 2 – NOM Depo Exhibit 12 Nat'l Strategy for Winning 12-15-09

20100716 Doc 128a NOM Depo – Exhibit 1 – NOM Depo Exhibit 3 Nat'l Strategy for Winning 08-11-09

20100716 Doc 128c NOM Depo – Exhibit 3 – NOM Depo Exhibit 25 NOM Board Update 2008-2009

20100716 Doc 128d NOM Depo – Exhibit 4 – NOM Depo Exhibit 28 Marriage $20 Million Strategy


  1. Jeff says

    Conservatives using a divide and conquer strategy??? I’m shocked!! Really just shocked! It’s not like conservatives/Republicans have not used anti-black racism as part of their Southern Strategy since 1968 to win votes. Oh, that’s right, former Republican National Committe head Ken Mehlman admitted so.

  2. jason says

    Joe Solmonese is living in La La Land. Either that or he’s working overtime to enable Obama’s position as President. Either way, he sucks.

    Face it, Joe – black culture is not very welcoming of gay people. It’s a fact, Joe. Pretending otherwise is like Baghdad Bob saying how all is going well in Baghdad while the American tankers can be seen rolling through its streets in the background.

  3. Paul Mc says

    Jason, you completely missed the point. it’s NOM strategy to exploit those differences, real or percieved, that is the disgusting and immoral course of action by this so-called moral organisation.

  4. enough already says

    The real question before us is: Will we now leverage this to fight back against the haters or will we, as usual, make note of it and do nothing?

  5. jason says

    Paul MC,

    Why is it wrong for NOM to exploit those differences? They’d be stupid not to. Politics is about exploiting differences. All politicians – including Democrats – do this all the time.

    You cannot claim the moral high ground on exploitation, surely.

  6. says

    Yes, KP, that’s what I am wondering. I thought these documents were all about donors and the donors that NOM didn’t want to disclose?

    Also–and I haven’t had a chance to read everything, I’m rushing for work–this campaign strategy sounds like the one designed for California, not Maine. We don’t have enough Black people here to drive a wedge between them and anybody–likewise Latinos. And what is described in these quotes is not the campaign that went on here in 2009. That one was all about scaring people that “homosexual sex” was going to be taught to kids in kindergarten and all that crap.

  7. Sarm says

    Nothing this Christian filth organization does surprises me, including being stupid enough to reveal their strategies. Christians are always about division and strife within humanity. We as humans can recover from this, and come together to put an end to their villainy.

  8. Caliban says

    Where is the info on NOM’s FUNDING? Just 10 donors supply 90% of their budget and their Board is made of people with high-level ties to either the LDS or Catholic Church, so it’s suspected their major donors will have ties to those religious groups as well or even that they fund NOM directly.

    But some of you are missing the point about these documents. It’s about marketing and messaging, like a viral ad campaign, to create conflict between groups. Are there black and Hispanic homophobes? Of course. Just as there are white, Asian, and Eskimo homophobes. But NOM’S plan isn’t *just* to work on perceptions of gays in those groups, but to feature black and Hispanic faces in their ads so to create hostility in the GAY community against those groups too.

    They WANT to exploit and amplify racism in the gay community. It’s US, the gay community, they are trying to manipulate! So every time you say “Ugh! Black people are so homophobic!” you’re playing right into their hands.

  9. NY2.0 says

    Jason is the perfect example of NOM’s strategy in effect, get the gay white male to blame the black community for homophobia.

    When are these right wing groups going to learn that trying to paint Obama as some radical social engineer only works in their own loony circles? People who tend to believe this never voted for Obama anyway, no votes lost here.
    It should also be noted that Mitt Romney supports NOM.

  10. David Hearne says

    I think this is all interesting, but the idea that the actions of a demographic are the fault of a third party infantilizes the demographic in question.

    Reverend Josephus V Bumpus is responsible for what comes out of his mouth, and the congregation of the First Lamb Of God By The Freeway Missionary Baptist Church are responsible for how they vote.

    Of course the Republicans seeks to exploit the ignorance and prejudice in the black community. They exploit the ignorance and fear in the white community. What is the difference?

    The difference is that while HRC says we have “coalition issues” we don’t have coalition issues. We have people who accept our help when they need it and stab us in the back when they don’t.

    People! The Left is corrupt and has nothing but contempt for the Constitution. The Right is corrupt, and has nothing but contempt for the Constitution.
    The Center must rise and claim power if we are to keep our freedom of speech, right to keep and bear arms, right to be free of unreasonable search and seizure, freedom of association, and all of our civil rights.

  11. Brian says

    This doesn’t seem Maine related at all. According to the recent census, the state is just 1% african american and 1% latino. Seems like boilerplate lifted from some other antigay campaign in another state.

  12. David Hearne says

    Brian, I confess that I didn’t read the whole thing but I do spend a lot of time studying the right wing. Their winning strategy has been to win in small ways to build the big win. For about ten years now while Democrats have come and gone in national elections, the Religious Right has been concentrating on school boards and state assemblies, building power and momentum for national candidates.

    Whales eat little tiny things.

  13. says

    Told ya so.

    And, as usual, tha gay racists on here will ignore it. Why? Joining their parents in hating black people is the only way to stop their parents from hating them for being gay.

    shameful, but typical.

  14. Caliban says

    This is an overall strategy not specific to Maine. It doesn’t really matter that only 1% of Maine’s population is black, the plan is to feature as many black and Hispanic faces as they can regardless of population statistics, not just to promote homophobia in those communities but to promote RACISM in the GAY community.

    It’s a divide and conquer strategy and we, the gay community, are as much its target as ethnic minority communities. This is a wake-up call to resist racism and develop stronger ties with ethnic supporters, of which there are many.

  15. Rick says

    @David Hearne, Jason, Max and others: Thanks for the dose of reality. If blacks were not the most homophobic group in society to begin with, then there would be nothing for NOM to exploit. But, as usual, the automatons of the Far Left try desperately to shift blame away from blacks because the reality of their homophobia interferes with Far Left ideology, an ideology that tries to portray straight, white males as the source of all evil in the world and everybody else as their innocent victims, united in the cause of overcoming oppression… ludicrous a notion as the Far Right’s ideology which tries to scapegoat gay people as the cause of the decline of family values, when we have had nothing whatsoever to do with it.

    The Far Left and the Far Right are merely mirror images of each other in terms of MO and tactics….and are equally pathetic, comical–in a tragic sort of way, and destructive of progress.

  16. Brian says

    I agree, Caliban, I’m just saying I’m disappointed in the document dump in Maine, as the large majority of the stuff NOM provided seems to be unrelated to Maine, and therefore not helpful to this year’s campaign to reinstitute gay marriage. I was expecting much more interesting and useful information.

  17. Mic says

    “…Our ultimate goal is the make opposition to gay marriage an identity marker, a badge of youth rebellion to conforming assimilation to the bad side of “Anglo” culture…”

    Oh yeah, right…because everyone knows how many ‘rebellious youths’ out there think that churchy things are cutting edge.

    The people who put this thing together KNOW NOTHING about youth culture.

    David Hearne; What are you? Another arm of NOM’s strategy? Get gays all riled up against Dems AND Repubs…thereby weakening the Democrat Party by what….? Having Gays start their own ‘Ron Paul Tragedy’?

    Yeah, right…like that will ever happen.

    Jackass Jason; Now I totally 100% understand where you are coming from; Your perpetual three year long out of place ranting and your consistantly forced Black/White antagonism between races within the gay community has been a continuous thorn in this site’s threads. I couldn’t understand where your deep seeded racism came from; why you’re constantly trying to turn EVERYTHING into a battle between Black and White gays.

    Now we all know.

    YOU, sir are not only a Moron, but a real live paid NOMTROLL!!!

    “SOOOOEY…..SOOOOEY….SOOOOEY…” Maggie’s aged teat is calling.

    Now if you’ll please: Sashay away…

  18. says

    There will always be sad gay men who need to hate black people to win the favour of their racist and anti-gay families. They have made it very clear who they are. Ignore them. Then they’ll bugger off and die in the corner.

  19. Peter says

    I’ve always respected most black people for having the “street wise smarts” to see thru people like NOM and the Repubs. Any African American who votes Repub. is living in a fantasy world.

  20. jjasonham says


    “Most homophobic group in society…” Your statements are hogwash. In order for that statement to be true with deductive reasoning, you’d have to also accept the statement that “Gays are the most racist group in society”.

    Have several seats and stop trying to be a victim. Instead of being so eager to blame take a look at what you’re contributing to this mess.

  21. Rick says

    “This is a wake-up call to resist racism and develop stronger ties with ethnic supporters, of which there are many”

    Many? In every state where same-sex marriage has been on the ballot, blacks have voted against it by margins of anywhere from 70-30 to 90-10. So no, there are not “many”. And if you had been at the New York State Capitol when the same-sex marriage bill was being debated, you would have seen a sea of black faces in the hallways, singing and chanting their opposition to the bill……

    And you might as well get ready for the bill that legalized same-sex marriage in Maryland to be overturned by referendum. While Maryland is a generally progressive, Democratic state and the majority of whites will vote in favor of legalization, the 25% who are black will vote so overwhelmingly against it that it will be defeated and yet another attempt to achieve marriage equality will have been undermined as a result. Wait and see.

    You can go on deluding yourselves if you want to, but that is all you are doing….

  22. Rick says

    Here’s the truth, you stupid liberals. You people worship women and divas because you hate being men, and that makes life harder for masculine gay men like me. My father would force me to dress up as a woman while I blew him and he’d listen to Donna Summer records, and he’d scream at me “Dance! Dance to disco and suck on me because that’s what you effeminate faggots like!”

    So as you can see the real problems are black people and effeminate gay men and women, not straight white Christians like my father who dressed me up in blackface drag while forcing me to perform oral sex on him. I swallowed, by the way. By choice.

  23. jjasonham says


    First of all, please provide us the links that you’re getting all these voting margins from. I’d love to see them. I’m willing to bet that these allegedly skewed voting margins are still only secondary to the number of white people who also voted against gay marriage. There are no states that have black people as a majority. That doesn’t hold up to your delusional idea that “so many black people hate gays, and they’re the reason we don’t have full rights…”

  24. Rick says

    And so my impostor returns, demonstrating once again with the “Here’s the truth” comment above how deeply threatened by the truth he and so many of you are.

  25. Brian says

    I’ll probably be slammed from all sides for saying this, but here goes:

    a) if you insist on looking at voting patterns by race, then I think it’s hard to deny that gay marriage is less popular among african americans than white americans.

    b) Rick and his cohorts seem to relish this statistic and launch into all sorts of racist tangents as a result, none of which is remotely helpful

    c) I’m reasonably sure that this pattern stems from the much higher church attendance among African Americans vs white americans. I don’t know for sure, but the racial differences in gay marriage votes that Rick keeps harping on about are probably minimal to nonexistent in the bible belt, where both groups belong to strongly anti gay churches.

    d) It would seem that the easiest way to move on from this neverending debate, and avoid the racist crap that stems from it, is to discuss voting patterns in terms of strength of religious convictions rather than race. This has the benefit of being more factually correct and less divisive, and probably provides more insight as to how our messaging needs to be crafted than a simplistic black-white divide does.

  26. Rick says

    I’m the real Rick, not that impostor. My father never made me dress in blackface, that’s a pathetic lie. But he did make me dress up like a girl while he made me fellate him, because effeminate queens made him think that being gay means you have to want to be a woman. And so I hate effeminate queens, because all I ever wanted to be was just like Pinocchio – a real boy who acts like a real boy while having sex with his own father.

    And to prove that I’m the real Rick, and not some femmy impostor, I’m not going to prove it, because proof is for femmes.

    You’re all really threatened by my truth which I share from this place of anonymity.
    P.s. I don’t bottom, ever, because it’s an effeminate act. And I have a really horrible gas problem.

  27. Rick says

    @JJASONHAM Look them up yourself. A majority of both whites and Asians voted against Prop 8 in California. A slight majority of Hispanics voted in favor of it. But it still passed because blacks, despite being only about 7% of the total population, voted against it in such massive numbers that it.

    The same thing will happen in Maryland. Mark my word.

    And another thing–much of the antagonism you see to gay rights among blacks is racially motivated–many of them are not supportive because they see the principal beneficiaries of such legislation being white gay men, whom they see the same way they see whites in general…and therefore see no reason to be sympathetic towards them.

    You good little white liberal gay boy activists are going to have to face reality sooner or later, whether you like it or not, because this issue is not going to go away and it has real consequences for you……

  28. Rick says

    Oh, one more correction – black people are to blame for my incontinence. I fart when I walk and I poo uncontrollably because big black penises have split me open. I blame blacks.

  29. Rick says

    “I’m reasonably sure that this pattern stems from the much higher church attendance among African Americans vs white americans”

    a) Not the case, but so what if it was? You hold no punches in attacking white Evangelicals or white Mormons, so why would you do so with blacks for being motivated by the same factors?

    b) You want proof that it is not about religion? Sample rap lyrics, the main form of black cultural expression in our time. Rappers are not selling “God” and “morality” when they spew their homophobic hatred in every direction….and their customers are not buying “God” or “morality” either

    Nice try, but that is just another attempt at rationalization.

  30. Brian says

    I just looked it up Rick, and you’re not correct. The analysis I saw supports my view that the voting divide is religious, not racial. Roughly 58% of African Americans voted for prop 8 , the highest of any racial group, but not substantially higher, and certainly not “massive numbers” as you say. Moreover, the vote for Prop 8 was higher among white, asian and hispanic churchgoers than among african americans overall. so adjusting for the higher rate of church attendance among african americans, there was no appreciable difference among the races. So your theory that african americans vote anti gay just to “get whitey” is not supported by the facts.

  31. Brian says

    I posted the above before I saw Rick’s latest comment. To say “not the case” is just stupid, as it’s very easy to verify that African Americans attend church more regularly than other groups. and you’re missing my main point, which is that the problem is anti gay churches (baptist, mormon, catholic etc) irrespective of race, and not anti-white animosity among african americans, which you wrongly obsess about.

  32. Rick says

    @Brian The actual consensus is that 71% of blacks voted in favor of it, not 58%. If it had only been 58%, it would not have been enough to sway the results…..that 58% figure was invented by some white liberals as a means of trying to do “damage control” after it became apparent that Prop 8 was defeated largely dut to blacks having supported it…..but it is not accurate.

  33. Brian says

    I don’t think either of us are in a position to decide which is accurate. One was an exit poll, which gave a number you like, and another was a precinct by precinct analysis of the vote in the five cities with the largest african american populations, which gave the 57-59% number. Unless you’re a closet statistician, I’ll take the academics opinion over yours.

  34. Rick says

    “a precinct by precinct analysis of the vote in the five cities with the largest african american populations”

    In other words, they handpicked a few urban areas which they knew would be less homophobic (and where most black gays live) and tried to project that onto the whole population, hoping that nobody would pay close attention and see that they were trying to do some damage control (and the fact that they were academics only reinforces suspicions, given the known political tendencies of academics).

    Of course, if you performed the same exercise with whites, you would get the same skewing of results–obviously those living in San Francisco and LA wereless likely to vote against same-sex marriage than those in a small rural town or in the Central Valley.

    Sorry–just a cover-up.

  35. jjasonham says


    What BRIAN said.

    Also, you sound like you’re blowing whistles in here…”You good little white liberal gay boy activists are going to have to face reality sooner or later, whether you like it or not, because this issue is not going to go away and it has real consequences for you……”. Sounds like you think you’re in danger. I am not white and I am gay, so I’m calling you out for what you say you are…a racist. I mean, as long as you attach yourself to NOM’s idea that blacks are the most homophobic, then you attach yourself to the other side of the equation: that gays are the most racist. You still haven’t addressed that one…

  36. Brian says

    OK, my last comment on this issue, because you’re just plain wrong but won’t look at any facts that disturb your prejudices. A few minutes ago you posted a rant against ghetto rap culture and its deep homophobia. But your new argument seems to be that African americans living in LA and other big cities are the liberal gay loving ones, and the academics should have focused on the African American precincts in the farmland. The academics focused on the urban areas because that’s where the majority of the African American vote came from and they didn’t have unlimited time. I’m not saying their work was perfect, because I wouldn’t understand all the sampling procedures they went through, but I’m also not ignorant enough to just dismiss the study because they were “academics”. Newsflash, studies are done by academics, because that’s their job. There is ample evidence, which you choose to ignore, that African Americans attend church regularly in much larger numbers than other racial groups, and that regular church attendance is by far the leading indicator on how a person will vote on gay rights. But again, you think facts are for effeminate liberals, and real men like you rely on gut instinct, and your gut says blacks vote based on rap music. So i don’t see any ground for further debate as we’re on different planets.

  37. FunMe says

    I’m sure this is not a surprise to most GLBT people. However, a good number of progressives and independents aren’t aware of the anti-American tactics of the slimy NOM “people”. This needs to go out to them. More importantly, the black and latino community needs to be shown these documents TODAY so they can see how they’ve been used by those anti-American NOM gang.

    This is HUGE … and very devastating for NOM. Now it’s the time for all GLBT organization and blogs to continue to spread the word until it makes it to national news. It will if we can pressing on it.

    This is so despicable. I believe it will help end any credibility NOM had.

  38. Chitown Kev says

    and those voting margins that Rick cites are all wrong…methinks that he should look at those voting margins from those 2004 ballot initiatives.

    In most of those, with the exception of Georgia, whites voted for the marriage amendments in higher percentages than blacks.

  39. FunMe says

    JASUN at MAR 27, 2012 8:35:56 AM: trolls should always be ignored, especially since they might be Kirk Cameron or some other CONservative closet fag. Like an annoying brat, you just don’t respond. They might stick around for a long while, but they will be speaking to the hand, just like the CRAZY person that they.

    PS the “page down” key works wonders in ignoring the trolls!

  40. FunMe says

    Andy, would it be possible to FINALLY reveal the IP ADDRESS of those TROLLS who infiltrate your blog? It could be only 1 person, and that would be great to know.

    I don’t mind pressing the page down key, but it would be nice just to follow the threads with real comments and not have to page down those of the trolls.

  41. sugarrhill says

    Unfortunately, NOM’s operating tactics are sometimes the same tactis this site employs. There have been numerous occasions of race baiting and misogyny on this site, but Andy has refused to change the way you comment on this site.

  42. Rick says

    “More importantly, the black and latino community needs to be shown these documents TODAY so they can see how they’ve been used by those anti-American NOM gang.”

    LOL. Because, of course, instead of voting their own convictions, they were simply doing what a bunch of White Evangelical Republicans were encouraging them to do…..which, as we know, they are prone to do……

    Tying yourselves in knots.

  43. says

    this site’s resident closeted troll racists will ignore the reality of this information. this is nothing more than NOM hoping to turn gays against blacks – it’s actually NOT the other way around.

    the world worships Whiteness Maleness and Money above all else. Not a rich white heterosexual (Christian) man? Then wise the f**k up the reality that The Good Old Boys dont’ want minorities to stick together, or understand our parallel struggles.

    as long as they can trick weak-minded fools into siding with “them” to antagonize “the other” we’ll be weak.

    but make no mistake – NOM’s intention is to make gay people prejudiced against black people. Check out Maggie Gallagher’s online essay on “The Myth of Multi-Culturalism” to see more of this.

    NOM also sided with ultra-conservative jewish sects to oppose LGBT Equality – despite the beautiful fact that the Jewish communities of California opposed Prop 8 more than any other demographic group, and despite the fact that NOM heads truly believe that it’s a sin to be Jewish.

    Siding with the Greater Enemy to take the target off your own back is what a coward does.

  44. David Hearne says


    Each of us has his priorities and hopefully more than a single issue in voting. The only reason I actually care about marriage is because it’s an equal rights issue, but it’s not my priority at the moment. Single Payer healthcare is much more important to me than same sex marriage. I consider same sex marriage to be inevitable, whereas Single Payer is being fought tooth and nail by forces greater than the religious right.

    Illegal immigration is also important. Without a secure border and without deporting the 12 million illegals in this country, it makes it extremely difficult to imagine a working Single Payer healthcare system, not to mention that 12 million largely rural devout Catholics and their potential increase of five fold doesn’t bode well for progress in a country that already has too many people, too much division, and too much strain on its environment and social systems.

    Oh, and Kiwi- give it a rest. This really isn’t any of your business anyway.

  45. David Hearne says


    After the 2008 election in FLorida I checked the Pinellas results precinct by precinct for Proposition 2 amendment to the Florida constitution. All of the black precincts voted for it with the exception of one, a precinct that’s about 80% black employed with nice houses.

    What I call the ‘beach Republicans” voted against it, but the inland Republicans voted for it.

    It’s important to the discussion to consider that Prop 2 passed by a margin of only 3%, so even if half of the blacks in the Democratic Party voted for it, it was enough to push it over. The truly disconcerting thing was to see Obama signs in the same yard with Prop 2 signs, and I only say that in black neighborhoods.

    We have yet to get an apology for what those people did, and we’re not going to get it. Instead, we’re going to get smart assed crap from Democratic Underground similar to “Where you gonna go? Who else can you vote for?” Guess what?

  46. says

    How is not my business? Because I’m a Canadian citizen and my country already has LGBT Equality and universal healthcare?

    Any attacks on LGBT people, no matter where they are in the world, are attacks on ALL of us.

    “those people”?

    You mean an apology from the white “Christians” who put these issues to a vote, and continue to specifically target non-white people in hopes their church-going hearts will emotionally relate?


  47. Brian says

    David, I guess you’re interpreting your research to support Rick’s racist argument, but if I understand it correctly, you’re really saying people in low income neighborhoods voted anti gay, and wealthier neighborhoods voted pro-gay. At least for african americans and republicans, the two examples you cited. While I’m using religious attendance as the better predictor, income levels and education levels are also good proxies for predicting gay rights attitudes. Race on its own just isn’t so I don’t see the point of you and rick and others obsessing about it.

  48. Alexx says

    Did anyone not see this already? I mean their actions and statements make it blatantly obvious. its pretty much been the standard operating procedure of all republicans.

  49. MooseintheOC says

    Robert George, founder of NOM, just was appointed to the US Commission for International Religious Freedom. NOM’s talking points, arguments and strategies come from this man, who calls for the arrest and imprisonment and promoting bigotry of LGBT people. If you believe NOM’s tactics are reprehensible, please take the time to fill out this petition on the White House’s webpage condemning the appointment of Robert George. He will use this official US government position as a platform to spread vitriol against LGBT people globally. Pass the word along and post where you it is appropriate.!/petition/condemn-appointment-bigot-robert-george-us–commission-international-religious-freedom/TFPJSmSh?

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