1. jpeckjr says

    What the people in the ad say is much less important than that, except for one white man, all of the people in the ad are African-American. The ad is targeted to middle class African-American voters. That’s a fairly large demographic in North Carolina, one that trends strongly against same gender marriage. It may have the largest African-American population of any state that’s voted on this issue — not sure of that. Anyway, the ad will be effective with them and I bet our side doesn’t have one that can counter.

  2. says


    It just seems like a great number of straight couples only got married in order to spite gay people. I mean, what other possible reason could there be for their anti-Equality stance?

  3. Til says

    Serious? Do these African American families know they couldn’t ride in the front of the bus some short time ago or even marry a white person? Are you kidding me??? And she’s quoting bible scripture too? She’s part of that contingent that go to church each Sunday and half the congregation has a rap sheet. I’d like her to read some stats on African American families in North Carolina – which is where I’m from and grew up – and get the real story on how great a job they’ve done upholding that wonderful institution she’s trying so hard to defend. What a total crock of hypocrisy!

  4. says

    Thanks for the great idea, Christian lady: Let the judges take away marriage rights for all straight people!

    Then there would be nothing to complain about on all sides, and you would not feel threatened by anyone who believes differently than you.

    You could then go to your Church and have your Minister marry you and your lover in a private ceremony so as not to break the civil law and not have civil marriage rights to demand.

  5. James says

    Things like this bring out the gay racist.I have a idea how about the pro gay pro marriage could feature some black people.

  6. Sarm says

    And yet Christians have the audacity to say they are persecuted. They can still pay to have lies like this spread in order to persecute everyone they like and get away with it. Swine, Christians truly are.

  7. H8Str8s says

    This brings to mind the recent Zach Stafford article in Huffington Post where he suggests the gay community needs to better embrace the black civil rights movement. Have you ever seen a rainbow flag? What is he thinking to address the gay community in such terms when the black community voted for Prop. 8 here in Ca. in overwhelming numbers? Isn’t turn around fair play? Shouldn’t the black community be expected to support us even a little before we continue to stand up for them? I am not one for loving my enemy. The straight black and latino communities are our declared enemies and we should do nothing to support them at all. This is speaking to the “gay racist” comment.

  8. says

    the “straight black and latino communities” are certainly NOT any declared enemy of mine, so speak for yourself.

    some members of other minority groups side with the rallying cries of bigots that are directed at *other* minority groups – an unfortunate and common response: if the heat’s on someone else then it means it’s not on you.

    we get some minorities jumping on the “anti-gay” wagon because it wins favor among other bigots – those bigots in turn forget their racial (and/or religious ) prejudices in order to target “GAYS”

    just like far too many gays jump on the “let’s hate muslims and non-whites” bandwagon in a shameful hope of avoiding being a Gay Target. “Don’t hate me, i hate that muslim marxist kenyan, too!” , anyone?

    But if you want to be honest about this ad – it’s as calculated and pandering as Sarah Palin’s VP nomination: don’t think for one second this was an ad put together by non-white people. It was. And their intentions are racially motived in a heinous way.

    NOM often played this card – stunning, as Maggie Gallagher’s infamously racist essays are online for all to see. Check out the one where she complains about “the myth of multiculturalism” after being upset that her son was taught about Kwanzaa….

  9. H8Str8s says

    “some members?” Latinos are about 95% catholic homophobes and blacks voted for Prop. 8 here in CA. at 70%. “Some members?” Try “some memebers of minority communities are NOT homphobic.” That would be closer to the truth.
    I didn’t declare them enemies of mine, they have declared themselves enemies of me by taking away my right to wed.
    What are you thinking?

  10. says

    i’m thinking by your logic one could very well state that “Americans” are the enemy of LGBT people, since most “Americans” continue to be opposed to Equality.

    your math ends where your prejudice begins. congrats.

    you keep forgetting about the White Christians who keep putting these issues up for votes and into negative public spotlight.

    and, for what it’s worth, the Jewish community voted against Prop 8 more than any other demographic group. I’ve yet to hear you boys sound off on your newfound Ally – the Jewish community.

    i wonder if you’d be so bold with your comments if you weren’t posting from a place of anonymity. doubtful. but hey, you could always show yourself and prove me wrong.

    better yet, rather than complaining you could outline direct and specific actions to best promote LGBT Equality to those communities that you feel are lagging behind.

    just a thought.

  11. Sarm says

    The reason it seems that way is because the same religion that still attacks them for some odd reason has influence. As I said, Christians are lower than scum, eager to pit minorities against each other. Everytime we fight one another, they, the true enemies of not just us, but all of humanity, win. We must all unite if we are to combat the Christian threat to humanity’s survival, let alone freedom.

  12. TJ says

    Lord have mercy. This ad covered ALL the bigot bases. Because there are bigots of all races! Reducing it to race, pointing fingers, is really stupid.

  13. H8Str8s says

    Haven’t you noticed my handle? I do think straight Americans are our enemy.
    As for Jews, the Israeli armed forces let gays serve openly in the military about a decade ago. Yes they are allies.
    yes, there are superstitious white people (“Save me, Jebus!”)and yet white people as a demographic vote for gay rights not against. It is coloured minorites who did us in.
    Why do you think critics have to offer something better? I am a critic of “string theory” also. I have not alternative to it either, because it is not science.
    Why do you think I owe those cultures my time and effort? They deride book learning. They deride gays. They are banckrupt morally.
    Also you should see my response to you in the transgender Canada story.
    Oh, and I’m sure you know the Calculus, right? Because you ignorantly attacked my “math.” Knowing the Calculus would put you in a position to critique my “math.” You would never attack something you know nothing about; You wouldn’t get in over your head like that, now would you?
    Then too, you should know that when you insult people you are projecting onto them your own insecurities. When you attack other gay men on the basis of their masculinity, you demonstrate deep insecurity about your own lack of masculinity. Just saying.

  14. H8Str8s says

    As far as being anonymous, I didn’t know I could “Show” myself in any way here. It appears to me that we all post anonymously, unless “littlekiwi” is your true full name? Seriously, though, I say these things all the time and get in trouble for it. I have Asperger’s syndrome. It leaves me very logical but socially inept. I say provocative things without realizing it sometimes. That is getting better though. Now I usually know it and say it just the same because I think it is the truth. I am very poor at self-editing. Anyway, I really am as much a jerk in person as I am here.

  15. TJ says

    Oh my. To take the h8str8 bait or not. To believe that this is genuine. Asperger’s. Nothing if not original. Lord have mercy, again.

  16. H8Str8s says

    Do you really believe there is no racial component in this? Look at the poll returns on Prop. 8. Whites voted against.

  17. H8Str8s says

    You may think me wrong headed (I don’t have a good understanding of how the world actually works and am wrong a lot) but please don’t accuse me of insencerity.

  18. Sarm says

    The reason there even is a racial element is because the Christians, the decadent swine that they are, still hold heavy influence. I am saddened to say this, as I have felt, and still feel the rejection of a “community” that would otherwise pretend they embrace me (due to being young and having a non-dead-end job and therefore they assume I don’t know where I came from), simply because I’m gay. There must be a way to make them see that they are being used by the Christians.

  19. uffda says

    H8STR8 – never cave to KIWI or abase yourself. You made good points and for the most part beat him handily. You may “say provocative things without realizing it”, but KIWI doesn’t which is why its fine to wantonly kick him in the crotch any old time you feel like it, and then when he’s down as well, just as he does to others. It’s fun, mostly because he can’t feel anything and never learns.

    OK maybe that’s a little overstated, close enough though.

  20. TJ says

    H8str8 – my spelling is atrocious. It doesn’t mean I have Asperger’s. I am torn, because I am a generally genuine person, and because I have a nephew with Asperger’s, and have worked with kids with Asperger’s.

    It certainly would be fitting that someone with your condition would be on the Internet. Some of your postings, given this context, make more sense. But I am a skeptic. So as much as I would like to help, I must resist. If I could trust, I’d love to explain many things.

  21. H8Str8s says

    TJ – I sense this is a very kind posting. I don’t understand you would like to help. Help what? What do you need to trust? I’m sorry I can’t suss this out any better, but thank you if I understand your intent correctly.
    UFFDA – Thank you very much. I thought the problem was with me. I don’t mean to kick people. I want to understand them, and more than that I want them to understand me (which almost never happens – frustrating.)
    But thanks for the support.

  22. H8Str8s says

    It occurs to me why I find responding to you so alluring; you remind me of myself. When I was younger, I was as passionate and insulting about people who disagreed with me as you are.
    I had an anger-management problem.

  23. says

    it would be greatly beneficial to me, as a “younger person”, H8STR8S if you could provide the URL to your own webpage or youtube video where you show yourself, and talk about your specific experiences with activism and advocacy so I can best learn from your specific example.

    I *am* curious, however, about your last post.

    You claim I’m “passionate and insulting people who disagreed with me.”

    it is YOU, however, and not I, who is declaring that gays need to stop supporting the “black and latino communities”, and your own screen name is “H8STR8S”

    so, i’m puzzled. are you simply angry that i called you out on your b.s., because for you to claim that you’re “no longer insulting people” while you direct blame at latinos, blacks and Straight people is contradictory.

    that said, rather than explaining yourself you can simply provide the URL to your own webpage or youtube page so I can get a better understanding of your years of experience as a Gay Advocate and the specific lessons you’ve learned along the way.

    URL please?

  24. says

    do what UFFDA has done all his life – avoid “caving” to people like me, and “cave” instead to the man who resented fathering you.

    hey UFFDA, you miserable troll, still obsessively ranting about me from a place of cowardly anonymity? yeah. no wonder you never impressed your family.

  25. says

    i don’t understand this new troll “H8STR8S” stance. like, at all.

    he complains about commenters here “being immature and insulting people” and the in the same breath declares that all straights, blacks and latinos are the enemy.

    right. because that makes sense. if there’s anything i’ve learned in life it’s that the longer you live in the closet the more insane you become, and the more you start to believe the lies your tell yourself every day.

    UFFDA, Jason, Rick, Nikko, “H8STR8″, ratbastard, any name you go by. all a sad sad reflection of what happens when a man refuses to claim his own life, and projects his resentment onto those who HAVE.