Zealots Delivered Anti-Gay, Anti-Woman Message In Public School Assembly

ImgresBefore Dunkerton High School in Iowa agreed to allow the band Junkyard Prophet to run an assembly for its students — and certainly before the school's officials agreed to produce the band's fee, which is ordinarily $1,500 — school officials really ought to have run the band's name through Google.

If they had, they'd have realized that Junkyard Prophet is the proselytizing apparatus of You Can Run But You Can't Hide Ministries, a Christianist group with a message precisely as vengeful and violent as its name suggests.

The band's founder, officials would have learned, is drummer Bradlee Dean: the lugubrious beatmaker who called Barack Obama a heathen while delivering an opening prayer at the Minnesota State House, and who occasionally suggests that Christians should take their cues on gay rights from conservative, sharia-abiding Muslims

But the school officials did no such Googling, and Junkyard Prophet appeared at the school on Thursday. They performed a concert, and then divided the school into three break-out groups: One for boys, one for girls, and one for teachers. (That may well mean that these angry zealots were left alone with the students after virtually no official screening at all.) From the Lacrosse Tribune:

"They told my daughter, the girls, that they were going to have mud on their wedding dresses if they weren't virgins," said Jennifer Littlefield, a parent upset with the band's performance.

Her daughter, Alivia Littlefield, 16, is a junior, and called Littlefield after the event.

"I couldn't even understand her, she was crying so hard," Littlefield said.

Littlefield also did not appreciate what she described as gay bashing.

"They told these kids that anyone who was gay was going to die at the age of 42," she said. "It just blows me away that no one stopped this."

Alivia was only one of many students left in tears by the band's breakout sessions (which, in addition to encouraging young girls to safeguard their virginity, reminded them to remain subservient to their future husbands). After Junkyard Prophet left the campus, an apparently sheepish Superintendent Jim Stanton addressed the school, emphasizing the "positive aspects of the group's message." But, according to the Tribune:

… he also told students the presenters shared "an opinion about intolerance that's not in line with the beliefs of the Dunkerton Community Schools."

"We promote tolerance for one another," Stanton said. "We will continue to celebrate diversity in our student body."

Nevertheless, it seems that students who attempted to depart Junkyard Prophet's breakout sessions were "shouted down" or "ridiculed as disrespectful" — whether by school staff or by band members is unclear.

Dunkerton High has requested that Junkyard Prophet return their honorarium. 


  1. Sargon Bighorn says

    One can only conclude that many many school administrators are totally clueless about the internet, and what a wonderful source of information it can be. No wonder American schools are failing students, look at the administrators.

  2. timesmasher says

    The administrators owe that student body AND all the parents more than a sheepish apology and any attempt to excuse that hateful group’s influence on their school by trying to point out any “positive aspects” in it. There was actual psychological damage done to those kids that’s going to take more undoing than the principal’s weak statement. They need to invite some followup speakers that actually do represent valuing diversity and provide some self-esteem rebuilding! This is just shameful!

  3. Johnson says

    The Principal and any teachers involved with this should be FIRED. They were aiding and abetting hate criminals who brought a message of obscene hatred directly to the students.

  4. candide001 says

    For 30 years now the religious right has been working to infiltrate and take over local school boards and thereby restore Christianity to the public school system. They’ve been increasingly successful at getting Christian clubs, prayer clubs, and Bible-as-literature classes on many HS campuses in addition to rewriting textbooks that will be used nationwide. This has been a dangerous stealth operation that has gone largely unopposed and is now starting to reach crisis proportions.

  5. says

    It’s the Peter Principle at work once again–clearly the school administrators have all been promoted to the point of total incompetence. I cannot imagine in my wildest dreams that a school would not do some due diligence on a group that is coming in to perform *and* conduct some sort of “educational” workshops to the students and staff. (I am sure the breakouts were promoted as educational sessions. Why else would school time be allotted to them?) But it sounds as if this school just wrote a check and said “Bring it on!” Good luck getting their $1500 back. I’m sure that money is long gone.

    Absolutely unbelievable.

  6. Heh says

    This is an utterly lame and inadequate response to the situation.

    Let’s start by getting one thing very, very clear: these assemblies don’t “happen by accident.” There is one person (more likely, several people) on the inside of the school district who actively pulled strings to make this event happen.

    Firstly, the civil rights of these students were violated. They were subjected to hours of mandatory physical and verbal assault by the school, who then paid the assailants.

    Clearly, a real investigation is needed.

    The individual responsible for inviting this group needs to be identified and terminated immediately.

    The individual(s) responsible for approving the situation (including the principal) need to be identified and terminated immediately.

    Other schools need to be advised of the consequences of this sort of thing (which is becoming common across many public schools in the USA).

    And finally, students who were subjected to this mandatory assault should pursue civil charges against both the school and the individuals who brought this crazy crap into the educational sphere. Hopefully the latter will be utterly bankrupted.

  7. timesmasher says

    And while I think of it, if they were busy schooling the girls in subservience, imagine what they were telling the boys. Likely teaching them how to subjugate women and that men are god’s gift to the world and should rule over all. Just what we need is another generation of Rush Limbaughs and Rick Santorums.

  8. says

    @CANDIDE001 :

    Yes ! ……exactly what I have been posting several time……a concerted, coordinated and united push against gays having equality.
    And it’s in all aspects of society, not just schools…….hence my suspicions of who’s behind the push…….I suspect Opus Dei and the Legionnairs of Christ.

  9. jason says

    Pop singer Rihanna has been known to embrace and admire extremely homophobic musicians like Beenie Man. Why hasn’t towleroad criticized Rihanna?

  10. Ray Sager says

    I have to wonder myself what actually brought this group to this high school to begin with. I know when I went to high school, any event that came to our high school was thoroughly investigated first before it was allowed to step on stage. I’m guessing that a Christianist group or a small group of high school students were behind this or put up to it.

    It stands to reason that these Christianists care not about the Constitution or that it states “separation of church and state.” This just adds more proof that these Christianists…NO…not Christianists…DOMINIONISTS(let’s call it what it truly is)…are now firing their warning shots across the bows of our public schools in an attempt to create a Sharia-like atmosphere of Dominionist Theocracy.

  11. V-8 says

    but of course, the problem in schools r the teachers, not the administrators…..

    and this excuse for a band, they must be disciples of Rush Limbaugh…

  12. Steve says

    As an experienced teacher and Head teacher I would suggest that the school administration is not fit for purpose. And the buck stops with the head or principal who clearly needs to be moved.

  13. jason says

    I’m simply pointing to the fact that towleroad seems to go after the little minnows but not the big minnows. It’s fine to after Junkyard Prophet but where is towleroad’s criticism of the commercial music industry in general?

    I used Rihanna as an example of a commercially successful pop performer who hasn’t been put under the microscope by towleroad and other members of Gay Inc. Rihanna has a record of supporting and embracing extremely homophobic acts.

  14. says

    I am an alumnus of DHS (Class of ’87) and I am ashamed that this was allowed to happen. Yes, I can remember plenty of assemblies, but not one of those assemblies included a religious organization, let alone a hate group. My how times have changed.

  15. Michael Bedwell says

    This is the same group that was an issue in the boycott of Target after they gave money to a PAC which funded campaign ads for anti-gay gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer. Emmer had given money to the band whose leader suggested Americans should follow the example of Muslims who believe gays should be executed. The superintendant sounds sincere, but the thing I most don’t get is why none of the staff didn’t resist when the band—versus credentialed educators—wanted suspiciously to divide the boy students from the girl students.

  16. Marc C says


    The school admins and teachers are douchebags and the kids paid for it!

    And we wonder how it is that we’ve cultivated such stupidity in America.


  17. MKe says

    So you can have no talent, and hate and ignorance for a portion of the population, and get paid to indocturnate high school kids with animosity? This insults me on so many levels, but especially as a singer. This is not talent it’s hate, if you get paid to sing it should be entertainment.

  18. church clones? says

    Are kids in an Iowa high school really so lame that they would fall for this nonsense? I mean I can see how some of them would be that stupid but most of them should be smart enough to reject it.

    The kids have access to computers don’t they? How do you keep someone stupid if they can read?

  19. jpeckjr says

    These aspects also trouble me. Was the honorarium paid with public funds, taxpayer funds? How was this event and the expenditure of funds justified as part of the educational program of the school? It sounds as if attendance at the event was mandatory — that could be construed as a violation of the civil rights of the students, their right to associate freely, especially for any students who were older than the Iowa mandatory attendance age.

    In my suburban Atlanta high school, an event with an outside speaker or group, if scheduled during class hours, would not have been mandatory, regardless of the content. An outside group would not have been given a captive audience. That was in the early 70s.

  20. jpeckjr says

    The LaCrosse newspaper article says the event lasted THREE HOURS! The group had visited some years ago, it says, with an anti-violence, anti-drug message. Faculty who remembered them supported them coming back. But THREE HOURS of lost classroom time!?

  21. Rin says

    I mean, these guys have a point. You know how women are–all having sex by ourselves and stuff. We deserve all that mud on our wedding dresses, harlots that we are. If it weren’t for us and our slutty trickster ways the innocent men of this world would never have premarital sex.

    And I’m sure that Junkyard Prophet would have a great old time in Saudi Arabia as a Christian under Sharia. I feel so warmly towards the message I’d be more than happy to pay to send them there.

  22. Rin says

    It’s usually the student body who invite bands and other entertainers and it comes out of fundraising activities. My school SGA foolishly thought they could raise money to get the White Stripes to come.

  23. says

    We cannot stop other people in crticizing other people by expressing it in many manner it is due to because of we are currently living in a free world whereby we can express our self and feelings freely.

  24. Bob says

    A- SOMEONE AT THE SCHOOL knew these guys were far right, although maybe they did not know how far, and certainly heads should roll for not looking at Youtube first. It is LAUGHABLE to think teachers or administrators were too old for Youtube — maybe too “Christian”

    Pop singer Rihanna has been known to embrace and admire extremely homophobic musicians like Beenie Man. Why hasn’t towleroad criticized Rihanna?

  25. StraightGrandmother says

    The organization that heads this musical group, You Can Run But You Can’t Hide has made the new ***HATE GROUP*** List by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

    This school invited a ***HATE GROUP*** to “teach” it’s students. There has to be more repair than simply the Principal saying, “Ooops I’m sorry”

    I am not jumping to the conclusion that the Principal knew in advance since the band previouslyw as tehre and gave a different message. In other words I can cut the Principal some slack as long as he makes more efforts to repair the situation.


  26. Onnyjay says

    What a horrifying story, astonishing and appalling on every conceivable level. Those kids will be telling their psychiatrists, counselors and parole officers about this for decades. The destruction of Christianity appears to be nearing completion. “Sanctified” rape is still rape, and that is exactly what Junkyard Prophet committed, at the invitation of the school . They and the school officials responsible should be savagely lobotomized.

  27. jack says

    Do you think that any of the junkyard prophets are virgins? At least their name tells us where they belong. I wonder if some of them are closeted homosexuals? Often our loudest critics are closeted gays.

  28. Peter M. says

    If this group had claimed that black people died at age 42 due to their immoral lifestyle there would be a national outrage. But never mind, it’s just the dirty homos.
    How is it possible that this puppet of Superintendent Jim Stanton can get away with this like that???
    Where is the contact information (adress/telephone/e-mail/fax) of this High School to let the people there know how we feel about their promotion of hate speech to vulnerable teenagers???

  29. EdofTennessee says

    This is typical of organized religion;…..TODAY’S ORGANIZED RELIGION !!!

    Everyone I know, who is a religious NUT, thinks
    they are perfect in every way. They feel certain they have a stairway,
    paved with pure gold and a special invitation carved in stone for them
    (from GOD) to climb up and join GOD and JESUS in heaven; yet in
    reality they are as evil and corrupt as Satan himself. This is yet
    another reason that I am AGAINST TODAY’S ORGANIZED RELIGION !!!

    People of religious organizations have gone berserk these days and have
    lost their minds over the Gay Community, Gay Marriage and abortion.
    These idiot zealots can’t seem to preach about anything else !!! They
    step out of their own sad / ignorant world and go snooping in other
    people’s lives, business and bedrooms, where they DO NOT BELONG !!!

    What ever happened to teaching the world about the love of GOD and
    JESUS, love in general, love for yourself and your neighbor, respect
    for your fellow human, respect for our planet and all of it’s
    creatures, compassion, charity, helpfulness, caring, understanding and
    encouraging harmony with every person on this planet ???

    I have lived in Tennessee most of my 58 years and have attended church
    most of those years. As a result, I have become an expert on church
    agenda. I hear their ridiculous rhetoric every day of my life here in
    the bigoted, prejudice, judgmental and arrogant south !!!

    There is a church on EVERY CORNER here in Chattanooga, TN and 90% of
    them will drain you dry from contributions, never helping a single
    soul who is in need of help (especially denying help to the disabled
    and elderly) !!! Can you even imagine it ??? How can these seething
    vipers sleep at night???

    Most of these religious ignorant redneck weekend warriors will stand
    right up in your face and tell you that you are going to hell in a hand
    basket. (perhaps they should read Matthew 7:1-10, once more in the
    Bible); yet they live their lives for Satan, doing everything they
    want; from drugs to child molestation, Monday through Saturday.

    The republiCON party preys on these idiots by playing both sides of the
    fence; to gather the maximum number of votes for their side of the
    aisle. They do this by pretending to be for FAMILY VALUES and
    TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE on one hand (to get the religious vote), then on
    the other hand, secretly supporting abortion to get the women’s vote
    and supporting Gay Marriage (in-the-closet, to coin a phrase) for
    gathering the massive Gay Community vote . These groups of voters,
    Women and the Gay Community, usually determines the outcome of
    elections these days !!! Also, remember, there are MANY gay people
    who are still in the closet and vote for the candidates that encourage
    advancement of the Gay Community, in addition to the millions who are
    OUT OF THE CLOSET and vote !!!

    When these lying, corrupt and evasive republiCON politicians get
    elected, they will tell the religious community they cannot pass this
    law or that law, for one reason or another. They may pass a few
    unimportant bills, to save face, but for the most part they ignore
    their original agenda. Their real motivation for getting into politics,
    for these republiCON’s, is for the wealth and fame that it brings;;
    they could care less about the promises they made,before election day,
    after they take their fake oath of office !!!

    To prove this point, let’s look at the republiCON party, UNCOVERED !!!
    This brew of lying satanic angels have had the MAJORITY in government
    MANY times since the day ABORTION was made legal; yet ABORTIONS are
    still legal and still being performed EVERYDAY !!!

    In addition, The Gay Community, that most religious zealots hate and
    make religious war against, win 99.99% of every battle these self
    righteous republican religious righters wage against them. Even
    though the self righteous fight tooth and nail against the Gay
    Community, ,soon there will be ELEVEN (11) states that allow full legal
    GAY MARRIAGE, many hate laws have been passed (completely protecting
    the Gay Community), no more SODOMY LAWS, no DADT, soon no DOMA, gay
    military couples soon to have benefits and very soon a constitutional
    amendment will allow FULL LEGAL GAY MARRIAGE in ALL 50 STATES,
    federally overriding any bans on Gay Marriage that states has
    arrogantly passed to rob the Gay Community of their rights as Americans.

    Finally, A TRUE ( NOT FAKE) Christian does not CONSPIRE AGAINST THEIR
    DEMEAN anyone or any group of people. Instead, they do just the
    opposite; they are a bringer of light, happiness, love, understanding,
    peace and encourage harmony between all people of the world.

    I was always taught by my loving parents and the church I attended,
    that you can always tell a tree by the fruit it bears !!! These trees
    labeled, “Junkyard Prophet”, Rev. Marcel Guarnizo. the prejudice untalented actor gone
    preacher, Kirk Cameron, ALL anti-gay hate groups, the conservative
    republiCONS, the bigoted old fashioned pope and most associated with
    organized religion,, are producing negative, nasty, rotten and
    disgusting fruits, that sour in our stomachs as we read the rhetoric
    they spew !!!

    I TELL YOU NOW, there is no one worse and no one lower than a
    so-called-Sunday-only christian religious righter; they crawl like a
    snake through our world, spreading their hateful evilness upon us all


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