Brangelina Engaged: No Hard Feelings

Brangelina01_102907In January, Andy reported that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may get married sooner than later, despite the couple's repeated insistence that they'd wait until all Americans enjoyed full marriage equality. Back then, Pitt was saying:

We’d actually like to, and it seems to mean more and more to our kids. We made this declaration some time ago that we weren’t going to do it till everyone can. But I don’t think we’ll be able to hold out. It means so much to my kids, and they ask a lot. And it means something to me, too, to make that kind of commitment.

Indeed, they couldn't hold out. The couple's engaged, and TMZ reports that Equality California's got no hard feelings:

Rebekah Orr, Communications Director for Equality California, says the group is totally behind the Brangelina marriage, even if the right to vote is still not enjoyed by everyone. [sic]

She tells us, "Marriage is something that says ‘we're a family’ in a way that nothing else can … No one has to deny that for themselves or their family to prove they are an ally and supporter of equality."


  1. Paul R says

    Equality California is useless, but who cares if a celebrity couple gets married?

    That said, they should have stuck to their word. Not that I care, but is the urge to marry so strong?

  2. Malaysian Ho says

    100% support for Brad and Angelina. Them and their 6 children deserve all the 1138 benefits, rights and protections provided on the basis of marital status as all families in the United States should. If anything should come out this, it shows the importance of marriage to couples and their children.

  3. Kim says

    Paul R Is the urge to marry so strong? I DK ask the thousands of Gays who have married in the last few years despite the fact that it is no legal in every state.

  4. daws says

    Good for them. Brad especially has been very outspoken and donated a lot of money to marriage equality so they have nothing to prove in my eyes. Get married and be happy!

  5. LLM says

    I support them as well. All these pledges seem either overly optimistic (a passionate view by a straight person who never stops to think that it may be a generation before full equality happens) or opportunistic (a trendy excuse for why a couple is living together…the modern “we don’t need a silly piece of paper to prove our love!”). Six kids get a lot of social, legal, and personal benefit from having married parents (everyone involved does) whichbis precisely why we are fighting for that right for ourselves. Good for them and may they’d continue defying the Hollywood odds!

  6. truthteller says

    Congratulations to the happy couple. They have always been in support of full equality and they deserve no less. I say bravo for speaking up and giving equality a platform and much bliss in your future marriage.

  7. Mike128 says

    Am I the only one who is disappointed that this couple backed down from their commitment. Guess what, yes, it’s hard to remain in married when your kids are asking you why… That’s just one of the many tough things same sex couples navigate ALL THE TIME. Part of standing in solidarity with an underprivileged group is the willingness to take on some of the discomfort and so on…. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all say oh this whole not getting married thing is just so hard on us and out families, I think I’ll just go ahead and get married? Yes, I want straight people to feel just a tiny bit of what our struggle actually is.

  8. Eric says

    Taking the whole marriage equality issue out of it, a better lesson for the children would be to keep your promises, not keep your promises unless it’s inconvenient.

  9. Abie says

    I always thought that straight people not marrying as some sort of protest against marriage inequality was well-meaning but somewhat misguided. After all, the more people who do marry, especially those who have children, the more it proves how marriage is important and should be made available to everyone. I wouldn’t begrudge them the privileges of marriage just because I am being denied them. Ultimately, their marriage is not about me. Best wishes to them.

  10. mike128 says

    @Jake: I have a feeling that this decision is less about “their kids” and more about what Angelina wants at any given moment. I do hope they continue to donate their money to gay rights – but I think the “its for our kids” stuff is just nonsense. If you really want something just for the kids, have a ceremony that’s without the legal bits like rights, etc. And then tell them “we don’t get legally married just like we don’t go to that club that doesn’t let in blacks, women, etc.” – and you’ll get what this is all so important when you get older.

  11. Hephaestion says

    Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie had promised years ago that they would not marry until all gay citizens could marry in the US.

    I guess they decided to scrap that promise & marry now that they’ve come to realize that gay Americans will NEVER have equal rights.

  12. happyday says

    I seriously doubt that their kids were clamboring for a marriage license. This is just a convenient excuse to exercise their inherent heterosexual entitlements.

  13. Jayson says

    I wish them the best…Seriously the people who are getting all upset because they are getting married are very sad.
    Brad has been very outspoken in support of marriage equality and has put his money where his mouth is. If we really are going to ask our straight allies to refrain from getting married, shouldn’t we be asking our gay brothers and sisters in states where it’s legal to wait until all states achieve marriage equality.

  14. BreckRoy says

    I am in full support for this couple. I believe society is strengthened when family units are solidified and its why I fight for full marriage equality. I know that they were well intentioned in their pledge, but agree with LLM that such pledges are overly optimistic and short sighted even when entered into by well meaning people. I am happy anytime good people find love and feel it strongly enough to commit permanently . Good on them and their children. I am not upset in the least.

  15. Azgaard says

    Anyone else think there is a Funny or Die sketch in the making here?

    Brad goes on bended knee to beg the Gay Mafia (Ellen Degeneres, Ricky Martin, Wanda Sykes and Neil Patrick Harris) for permission to marry. Then RuPaul comes out with a spare ball gown and a lyric sheet for ‘Stand By Your Man’ and tells him “The time has come… for you to Lip Sync, For. Your. Wife!”

    It could happen.

  16. says

    I’m all for it. They’ve always been pro-gay so I can’t have any ill feelings towards them.

    However, I wish straight people would stop declaring that they will not marry until we can. Because, in reality, not doing it doesn’t mean that they can really understand what it’s like to not BE ABLE to do it.

  17. Guardian says

    So typical of straight Hollywood friends of the gay community – their with you until its too inconvenient to be with you. This is worse than their not having made the no-marriage pledge in the first place. Now it looks like they caved in to the inevitable. It’s basically them saying – “You’re on your own, we couldn’t wait any longer.”

    As for Equality California, they’re just like every other gay organization. No guts when it comes to standing up to celebs!

  18. Lance says

    As I have mentioned before on this same topic: It is very easy for privileged people to stand alongside a minority that is denied rights. That is, until it becomes too “inconvenient”.

  19. Billy says

    It’s not like they are saying they will stop their support of the gay community. Give me a break who cares if they get married. I think their support does more for the fight than wether or not they get married.

  20. Guardian says

    The point is that their lack of fortitude shows that they will fight with the gay community just so far. That is something our enemies have always counted on.

    Personally, I think they were foolish for making the pledge in the first place. But once they did, they were committed. By pulling out now they are saying that their suppport is just so much lip service. It is my contention that by reversing course they have done far more damage to our cause then if they had merely offered their moral support.

  21. Rin says

    Kids do want you to get married. Those of you with kids know this. They want their dads to get married or their two moms.

    It makes no sense to not marry when you have children to prove that marriage has validity. If its important and truly means something then you get married. Anyone can get married in any state, place, or even lunar landscape.

    It’s the tax benefits that people are being political about.

    Brad and Angie can get married by a Native American Medicine man or even by Shiloh–if its important to their family they should do it.

    If gay marriage is important…abstain from the tax breaks.

  22. says

    I don’t understand what you folks are complaining about. You’re the type of people who, in one breath, will claim “not to care about celebrities”, and then in another you get sand in your vagina because of this.

    They continue to be more outspoken and visible advocates for LGBT people and Equality then pretty much ANY of the complainers on this board.

    Truly. This isn’t a slight to our community, at all, and anyone who thinks that it is needs to take a good hard look at the non-gay people in their own lives.

    how many of you have straight relatives who not only stand up and are vocal and visible advocates for LGBT Equalty, but are willing to NOT MARRY until YOU can? My guess? NONE>

    Getting angry at Brad & Angelina for “backing out of a promise” is nothing but a way for people to focus their anger on something irrelevant, rather than deal with their own hard realities.

    Stop being pissed that they ‘backed out of this promise’ – start being pissed that your friends and family never made such a promise to begin with.

  23. says

    hehehe….but to goad some of you Bitter Betty’s – curious:

    how will Brad & Angelina marrying “leave us on our own”, specifically?

    Are you hypothesizing that brad & angelina, specifically, remaining unmarried will be what causes Marriage Equality to come to the USA? That if we don’t have Angie & Brad staying unmarried, congress won’t be moved to grant us our equal rights?

    And how, exactly, are they leaving/abandoning “us” by getting engaged, or married?
    Are you hypothesizing that once engaged, and married, they will no longer be vocal advocates for Equality? That an ally is only an ally if unmarried?

    And again, why direct this toward them? To the people on here criticizing them….. what are the non-gay people in your own life doing? Are they visible, vocal, outspoken advocates for our community? are they Out in support of the LGBT Community? Have they made a similar pledge to not marry?

    How, pray tell, are the actions of Brad & Angelina, whom none of you know personally, affecting you so greatly?

    There’s something very telling about the complaining comments on this thread – and it speaks volumes about the lack of support some of you are receiving from your own communities. Focus on that, and not brad & angie.

  24. Dback says

    With six kids–several of them adopted–and their various homes, charities, etc., it does make sense for them to marry. And Pitt especially has been very vocal about his support for same-sex marriage over the years. (His work in “8: The Play” as Judge Vaughan Walker is some of the slyest, most accomplished acting he’s ever done, BTW.)

    I’m much more disappointed in the media–the “Today” show is blathering about this literally as I’m typing–that they’re completely ignoring the reason that they delayed the marriage for 7 years. Not one word about their support for marriage equality (but, of course, a reference to their “exes,” Billy Bob Thornton and Jennifer Aniston). Thanks a lot, NBC.

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