1. Markus says

    Simply unfunny mainly because he doesn’t even come close to approximating Andy Cohen.

  2. keating says

    This was shooting fish in a barrel. Andy Cohen is a Big Silly Girl who has foisted endless crap on the world via Bravo.

  3. Chris says

    I thought it was hilarious! Even Tabatha said on Facebook “I Thought the skit of me on SNL was funny!”. Good job, SNL!

  4. Sean says

    it was very funny. Andy Cohen is a unwatchable narcissistic airhead. I don’t think they went far enough mocking him.

    And I love Tabatha the real and fake , they really need to do a whole skit on her.

  5. rjp3 says

    Andy Cohen has good far too long without getting his bubble burst this way – self involved elitist and snobby is not a way to go through life when you are pushing crap on people the way he does …. granted I do think the gay guy on Shah’s of Sunset is an innovative way to get a gay man on TV but it really is he is an elitist self promoting jerk that SNL recongnized and made fun of

  6. says

    ever see Andy Cohen’s “it gets better” video? it’s literally the worst thing i’ve seen. his message is literally “hey, it gets better! one day you can look back and all your bullies will be FAT!”


    oh andy cohen. killam nailed you.

  7. Jon says

    I was so happy to see Kate McKinnon get two featured bits in her first episode. She’s insanely funny, and she does great impressions, so I’m optimistic that she’ll have a major impact on the show.

  8. LincolnLounger says

    Oh my God. That is the funniest thing I’ve seen on SNL for a long time. The sad part is that Andy Cohen will somehow find it flattering.

  9. Thunderboltfan says

    Wow, that’s a funny reminder that is was an excellent idea for me to get rid of cable TV a few years ago.

  10. Chip says

    The Tabitha coffey impression was great. She should make that a regular character.

    The Andy Cohen impression was not good. Plus, there was clearly a let’s-make-fun-of-the-gay-guy slant on it.

    Of course, the posters here slamming Andy are many of the same ones that slam madonna, all reeking of jealously, per usual.

  11. wtf says

    “let’s make fun of the gay guy slant”? what? you’re delusional chip. it was a “make fun of Andy Cohen who is a narcissistic dou$hebag”. not everything is out to get the gays. srsly.

  12. Chris says

    It was also nice, if ever so briefly, to hear Paul Lynde’s laugh again. I think if they REALLY wanted to go after the gay angle they would have – but didn’t. They’re equal-opportunity offenders over there, did you not see them making Romney into a total idiot in the opening? It’s comedy, people, if you can’t laugh out loud at something I recommend C-SPAN.

  13. Craig says

    Tabitha was great, but how many SNL fans even know of WWHL? I think it could be lost on most viewers.

  14. TJ says

    Well, while Andy Cohen’s do*chiness deserves skewering, and they got the vapidity right, Killian did not do an impersonation or even an impression. The only gesture that rang true was the pouty face. Kate McKinnon nailed Tabitha. Perhaps she can give Killian pointers?

  15. AndyWarholsWig says

    I think they missed too many of Andy’s “andy-isms”. They tried, but the only thing funny was the Tabatha section. I agree with others who’ve said – they should make that a sketch on its own.
    I seem to be the only person who doesn’t hate Andy Cohen. I don’t get the hate except that the guy gave himself a talk show. If I were in his position, I would too. I mean, he gets to be silly with virtually any B-list (and sometimes A-list) star he wants to.

  16. Marlee says

    For god’s sake, this man is 43 years old!! Having the guy hand flash 43 nailed it! He’s only a few years younger than the President. For a man to act like he does is pretty embarrasing and sad. Textbook case of arrested development.

  17. Martin C. says

    Andy serves our community well- most of te time. Why do the majority of comments always look to find the negative. Oh, I forgot, because we’re all hiding behind keyboards.

    My guess is that many of you would be only too excited to meet or attend a fun cocktail party with Andy. He’s about having a good time. Don’t hate him. Join the party!!!!!!

  18. Mark says

    Taran Killam’s characterization was over-the-top, but that’s the point, isn’t it? Andy Cohen sometimes can be too annoying to be believed, so that’s the characterization that Killam did. The Tabitha thing was good; I actually thought it was the real woman, not a new SNL cast member portraying her.

  19. Houndentenor says

    I like Andy Cohen but admit he ought to be easy to make fun of. But this wasn’t it. If this is what I’m missing by skipping SNL for the last few years, I’m clearly not missing out on anything. Someone will always post a link whenever they do the Stefan bit (which is hilarious!) so I can laugh without sitting through the other 88 minutes of painfully unfunny “skits”.

  20. TJ says

    “My guess is that many of you would be only too excited to meet or attend a fun cocktail party with Andy”

    Um, no. No. Although I may occasionally watch train wrecks when they present themselves, and I’m bored, I can’t imagine intentionally attending in the flesh like some star-struck groupie. For the most part, Bravo is guilty, not-so-reliably pleasurable viewing when it comes to the many housewives franchises and other dreck. I caught a few moments of his all-stars party last week. It reminded me to pay attention to my real life.