Court Overrules Police, Orders Budapest Gay Pride to Proceed

As it did last year, the Budapest Municipal Court has overruled police and said that a Gay Pride parade planned for this summer should proceed, the WSJ reports:

BudapestThe Hungarian arm of Amnesty International, civil rights group Hungarian Civil Liberties Union, and organizations of homosexual activists welcomed the court’s decision. The organization expect some 1,500 people to show up at the march on July 7.

Like in recent years, the police refused to grant permission for the Budapest Pride, saying the march would restrict commuters’ right to free movement. The court said, however, that traffic can be diverted from a road that otherwise frequently hosts marathons and bicycle rides.


  1. JayPepper says

    Aha yeah that’s right I remember now. This is why I left my country and moved to the UK. Same old same old tired ass nation of hateful bigots (with very few exceptions) Sad.

  2. Justin says

    Thanks to the EU, Hungary’s laws have to reflect the European Charter of Human Rights and not discrimate. Some countries in the “developed” world would do well to emulate…(Hint: One starts with “R” and the other with a later letter)

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