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Gay Game of Thrones: VIDEO


Loras and Renly best appreciated up close, from last night's Game of Thrones.


(via jmg)

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  1. Okay...I should definitely start watching this show.

    Posted by: Jay | Apr 16, 2012 1:04:06 PM

  2. Gotta love spoilers when it hasn't even been 24 hours since it aired. Awesome.

    Posted by: Nicholas | Apr 16, 2012 1:07:54 PM

  3. @Nicholas, any time after its aired on PST is fair game since there's nothing left to be "spoiled".

    Posted by: NaughtyLola | Apr 16, 2012 1:10:15 PM

  4. What spoilers? Loras and Renly were gay last season. It is known.

    Posted by: endo | Apr 16, 2012 1:10:17 PM

  5. @Jay, you should. Interesting series.

    Posted by: Matt26 | Apr 16, 2012 1:12:29 PM

  6. I love Game of Thrones (although it is really hard to keep up with all the characters) and appreaciate the fact that they are portraying sex between men as a natural expression of masculinity.

    Indeed, it is the (presumably) heterosexual boy-king, Joffrey, who is portrayed as being rather weak and insecure and a bit of a coward....and cruel as a result.

    It sure beats the hell out of watching the screaming queens on Modern Family and other sitcoms.

    Posted by: Rick | Apr 16, 2012 1:13:35 PM

  7. Nice. Straight men always pull back when they first kiss in gay scenes. Sigh..

    Posted by: M | Apr 16, 2012 1:15:50 PM

  8. it was also interesting between Loras' sister & Renly

    LOVE Game of Thrones

    "winter is coming"

    Posted by: say what | Apr 16, 2012 1:18:16 PM

  9. Typical HBO double standard: we always see more of the naked women than of the naked men.

    Posted by: keating | Apr 16, 2012 1:18:54 PM

  10. @Nicholas - I hate spoilers as much as the next person and I disagree with @Naughtylola about her "spoiler timeframe", but come on. It is a video. No one asked you to watch it. Its not like someone with a facebook status ruining it for everyone.

    Posted by: Patrick | Apr 16, 2012 1:20:26 PM

  11. "Straight men always pull back when they first kiss in gay scenes"

    "Gay"/"Straight", Black/White, Apples/Oranges. Sigh.

    Oh, hurry the day when all men can just be their natural selves....which is where I hope depictions of characters like this is leading us.....

    Posted by: Rick | Apr 16, 2012 1:21:06 PM

  12. Ugh. The fact that Rick likes this show makes me hate myself a little bit.

    It's like when I found out Muse was Glenn Beck's favorite band. Fortunately, it appears in both situations neither scumbag actually gets it.

    Posted by: endo | Apr 16, 2012 1:23:24 PM

  13. @keating: There's no double standard. They've shown multiple penises (peni?) on this show.

    Posted by: endo | Apr 16, 2012 1:26:12 PM

  14. Renly could do better. He should be with Jon Snow.

    Posted by: Dastius Krazitauc | Apr 16, 2012 1:32:27 PM

  15. I love this show as well. I was really intrigued by Renly's character in the 1st season and I am glad to see his role expand in season 2. I was really disappointed by the homophobic reaction over twitter last night however.

    Posted by: Joshuapolis | Apr 16, 2012 1:48:50 PM

  16. @ Dastius: That would involve Renly taking the Black, and then we'll never again see him with his shirt off.

    Pity Loras shaved his chest last season, though.

    Posted by: Rich F. | Apr 16, 2012 2:23:35 PM

  17. "Rick" -- like all Bottoms-Who-Think-They're-Tops -- LOVES rejection. No wonder this scene gave him a stiffy.

    Posted by: David Ehrenstein | Apr 16, 2012 2:25:52 PM

  18. Renly and Jon Snow. Yes please.

    Posted by: Winston | Apr 16, 2012 2:37:27 PM

  19. Welcome among us Rick. David wants you.
    ENDO too.
    And KIWI's been face down for months.

    Posted by: uffda | Apr 16, 2012 2:46:18 PM

  20. Im so angry that they are going to kill Renly. Def my fave character. :( Oh and winter is coming, of course.

    Posted by: Alex | Apr 16, 2012 2:56:03 PM

  21. Alex, you are a prick.

    Posted by: endo | Apr 16, 2012 3:08:11 PM

  22. Dude its Song of Fire and Ice. All but two or three characters die a horrible death, in case thats a surprise... :(

    Posted by: Alex | Apr 16, 2012 3:22:33 PM

  23. First of all, it's called A Song of Ice and Fire.

    And no, not all but 2 or 3 characters die. Not even close.

    If spoiling the story gives your empty existence some glimmer of purpose, you are a pathetic excuse for a human being. Go fall on a sword.

    Posted by: endo | Apr 16, 2012 3:29:28 PM

  24. There is no need to be rude.

    Posted by: Alex | Apr 16, 2012 3:33:17 PM

  25. Great Books. Love the Show.

    Posted by: Mickey | Apr 16, 2012 3:38:55 PM

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