1. says

    well his supervisor clearly hasn’t ever opened the judeo-christian bible, let alone read it, studied it, or attempted to understand it.

    this is an all-too-familiar reality for a lot of people.

    as a good friend said to me a few days ago, “My mother is religious enough to tell me that being gay is a sin, but not religious enough to have ever actually gone to church”

  2. Dale says

    “He [meaning Jesus] prohibited sexual immorality including homosexuality….”

    Yet another hateful fundie who’s never read his “loving” book. Jesus never mentioned it.

  3. uffda says

    Mr. TerVeer there has never been a better time to kick that supervisors teeth in and I hope you do.

  4. Paul R says

    So he’s a religious guy, started as a temp in 2008, became G-11 so quickly, and was told his religious views are wrong? Extremely weird.

    Fox *might* have wanted to mention his rights under federal law.

  5. TANK says

    Far be it from me to correct the all-knowing Little Kiwi, but I have to ask you, what in the world is a Judeo-Christian Bible? I mean, I know that there’s a Jewish Bible, or Tanakh, and a Christian Bible, with “Old” and “New” Testaments, but I didn’t think there was anything in between. Are you trying to promote Jews for Jesus or some such group, I wonder? Anyway, Tank is just wondering about your post.

  6. says

    @Paul R, that’s one of the things I’m always so puzzled by. If one is going to demand “freedom of religion”, and included religious expression, then why does that suddenly not seem to apply to Affirming Congregations, or LGBT-Inclusive religious denominations?

  7. Francis says

    Because people seem to think that LGBT individuals/supporters can’t be or choose to be anti-religion.

  8. Francis says

    As for this horrible story of discrimination, it’s more of the same ole, same ole Christianist bigotry. The AUDACITY and the arrogance these individuals display, the hypocrisy, it should conceivably be unbelievable, but we’ve all seen enough to know that is isn’t. What I am wondering if if Mr. TerVeer got fired because the supervisor essentially colluded to make it happen or did he get fired after complaining about the discrimination? Did the supervisor have the authority to fire Mr. TerVeer? If he got fired after complaining about the crap he was forced to endure then this case takes an even nastier note with more people involved and to blame.

    It’s stories like these which make passing ENDA so critical. The fact we can’t even hold employment without being harassed at work as a community is sickening.

  9. says

    amen, Francis.

    it’s truly astonishing that in 2012 people can still be fired, denied employment and denied housing simply for being lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgendered.

  10. Bart says

    Mr. TerVeer is about to become part of the one percent. On behalf of the tax payers of this country, when Mr. TerVeer collects his multi-million dollar settlement for this, I want the supervisor in question to be named so we know who to thank for more of our tax money going to things like this because of someone’s ignorance.

    This supervisor should be forced to pay back the government any settlement Mr. TerVeer wins. And be terminated.

  11. WebHybrid says

    So happy that documentation (by email) exists in this case.

    However, one thing that ‘astonishes’ (to echo another commenter) me is that a Fox station is, apparently, sympathetic to TerVeer. One would hope that the news editors follow through.

  12. Michael says

    Jesus ran into a homosexual via the Roman centurion and said of him, Never have I seen faith greater than this.

  13. Ryan says

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  14. jack says

    I need solid proof to believe this guys story. Lets hear both sides of the story. Let the chips fall where they may.

  15. Matt says

    Webhybrid, One thing that I’ve found is that Fox News and most local Fox stations have virtually nothing in common. Fox News caters to a very specific audience, the local Fox stations play in a very mainstream realm, and what they say (particularly in bigger urban areas like DC, and NYC where I live) is often at odds with the Fox News message. In my mind, I’m not really sure if Murdoch really thinks that the crap that Fox News spouts is worthwhile, or if he’s just your standard money hungry millionaire who’s laughing all the way to the bank thanks to those ‘moral conservatives’

  16. Jim TO says

    @Alan The Library of Congress is part of the legislative branch (i.e. Congress) which has EXEMPTED itself from all equal opportunity and non-discrimination laws. There is probably nothing the EEOC or the Obama administration can do about this.

  17. says

    @Tank: there isn’t even “a” Christian Bible. “Catholic Bible” and “Protestant Bible” would be closer to the truth, though still a bit of a simplification. Problems of translation are probably more pertinent to Christian anti-gay bigotry than variety of bible is…

  18. jack says

    @Michael From the distance of over 2000 years, you know that the Roman Centurion was gay!

  19. MB says

    The most likely scenario is the gay was probably more creative and hard working – showing up his supervisor who shouldn’t have been in the position to begin with. Said supervisor, not having much to do, decided to build some sort of vindictive paper trail on the guy. Many government supervisors are placed in those positions because they aren’t efficient, do not work well with others – sort of socially promoted because they can’t be fired. Like 16 year olds still in the 7th grade that have to be sent to high school because they are mature of body but not of mind.

  20. Patrick says

    @Mercutio, no he has no federal rights. Not that that this is not a bad supervisor or that he might not have collective-bargaining rights, but why is this even on Fox local TV?

  21. Anita Valium says

    @Alan and others…do your homework. The Library of Congress does not fall under the Executive Branch e.g. Obama. If you care to read the word “Congress” in its name, you are given a clue that it falls under the Legislative Branch which has exercised its privilege of exempting itself from nearly every single employement law ever passed, therefore, he has no rights. Further, the maximum EEOC settlement amount is $300K, not millions.

  22. Anonymous for a reason says

    The Library of Congress is subject to federal anti-discrimination laws and has an abysmal record in that regard.

    Just go to www dot dcd dot uscourts dot gov and search on James Billington. He is the Librarian of Congress and is sued in his official capacity, including by ex-Green Beret Diane Schroer, with ACLU support, who is an MtF transgender American. The judge’s opinion upholding her claim for sex discrimination quoted Justice Scalia.

    There’s a story here re serious job discrimination at the Library.

  23. jack says

    Matt: you can add the local Fox news station in Phila to the list of local Fox news stations that are actually fair and balanced. It is a really good mainstream media outlet. Their morning show “Gooday Philadelphia” is hosted by some very bright and entertaining folks. In fact throughout the day their news shows are factual without ideological spin. This review comes from a liberal guy who would only watch Fox national news and opinion programs if someone had a gun to my head.

  24. RexT says

    Religious; fine – your choice, your life, your belief. Work place; sharing amongst like kind, friends – stories about the deity you’ve CHOSEN, great, enjoy your private sharing.

    Bring your deity to the work place as a tool – get the F**K out. If a Supervisor or Manager somehow managed to show their personal deity beliefs in a work related situation – the end of their show, immediately. Termination – and quickly.