1. says

    I immediately go deaf when a gay republican tells me, haughtily, that he isn’t a one-issue voter and other things matter to him more than gay rights, like the economy, national security, etc.

    What they don’t realize is that, aside from wanting to make you second class citizens, Republicans don’t respect you as a human being, without even knowing you. And not just you. That feeling largely applies to poor people, minorities, and anyone who isn’t Christian.

    My *only* hope when a new politician arrives on the scene is that he respects people. Most problems and issues would be fixed (or never would’ve happened in the first place) if every one believed in treating others the way they themselves would want to be treated regardless of their differences.

  2. Reggie777 says

    Like most repugs, they’ll employ the etch-a-sketch. Let’s rewrite history. We’ve seen the bushies try to do this with their record. Thank God for the recorded media.

  3. Michaelandfred says

    How’s that “working from within” thing going for you boys? A constitutional amendment, desire for repeal of DADT, in bed with NOM…not just IN bed, but FINANCING Prop 8 and signing their pledge, and a total repudiation of the “moderate” Romney once was/pretended to be. It’s you or the evangelicals, and we all know how that will turn out. Enjoy all that cash guys, because you won’t be getting any rights.

  4. paul says

    are there any lesbian log cabin republicans ? I havent ever seen any…or latino ? Or Black ? hmm….curiously they seem to only be rich rather sallow faced white guys with anger issues.

  5. NY2.0 says

    @Paul, spot on!

    They’re just a bunch of gay wealthy white guys that hate on everyone else and secretly wish they were straight like their masters in the GOP establishment.

  6. Chitown kev says


    there is a little-very little- pepper in that salt; a couple of Black Log Cabiners actually ran for some sort of elected office in DC (city council?)

  7. Keepin' It Straight says

    Some times you have to say and do things so that you get your trust fund income and inheritance.

    The only other option would be to go to work, ugh. And live in a cheap apartment. And drive a cheap car. And not go home for Thanksgiving. And….. well, you see what I mean? And not be invited to expensive family vacations at Aspen. And…. Mitt happens.

  8. BobN says

    If they do endorse him, maybe they’ll share with the world whatever they see as a pro-gay position of his.

    I, for one, am dying to hear about one, just ONE, example.

  9. mary says

    Log Cabin isn’t a total waste. I’ve checked out their website. They seem much more liberal than GOProud, and they’ve been around a long time (since 1977.) They provide a voice, however small, for pro-LGBT Republicans – and a small voice has to be better than nothing, right? Were’t they instrumental in getting DADT overturned? And they’ve got chapters all over the country, as opposed to GOProud which is just a small Washington DC-based group. Some of their members were featured in the documentary “Gay Republicans.”

    Just sayin…..

  10. jack says

    @Mary: I don’t believe they played any significant role in getting DADT overturned. They were in the process of going through the courts to get them to declare it unconstitutional. The democrats under Obama’s direction got the congress, with very little republican support (about 8 republican senators) to change the law. It is always better, if you can, to get the peoples representatives to enact or change laws rather than an “activist” court to declare laws unconstitutional.

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