1. norseman says

    So glad I live in Massachusetts where we’ve put this outrageous bible thumping bigotry behind us. There is no place for this foolishness in a civilized society.

  2. Joseph says

    If it is against your religious beliefs to marry someone of the same sex, don’t marry someone of the same sex. But saying I can’t marry my partner is indeed cramming your religion down my throat.

  3. says

    Again… Separation of CHURCH and STATE… Let the church decide if they want to let the marriage take place, but the state and federal government need to recognize a marriage… no matter religion or sex…arghhh… drives me crazy…

  4. Michael says

    Wow, there are so many things wrong with that video.

    I am just wondering how churches are being allowed to thumb their noses at their tax exempt status.

  5. Oliver says

    Overheard at dinner last night in Barcelona; people discussing how the USA in very deep trouble when you have religious whack jobs like Romney and Santorum (to name but two) able to get so close to potentially becoming POTUS.

  6. atomic says

    I always hate it when the last article of the day features a photo of some ugly bigot.

    Oh, and while we’re at it, can we do something about these stupid spammers? I wish there were some way of dealing with comment spam.

  7. kodiak says

    I love it when they say “activist judges”. Plus the black preacher saying it’s not discriminatory and blah blahing about the bible and it’s teachings, forgetting about how black people were enslaved using bible verse as justification. Jesus would be against gay marriage? Yeah, right…. Oh, wait, I think it was the 1970’s when black people were granted the right to become mormon if they wanted too, by “activist judges”. Before that ruling they were considered to have “the mark of Cain” upon them and not worthy.
    Religions using religion to discriminate and put down people goes back to the beginning. Separation of church and state was what this country was founded on, not protection of marriage. The Founding Fathers and Mothers came here to escape religious persecution, not spread it.

  8. Rob Zeleniak says

    In 2004, I was on the periphery of the marriage equality movement here in Massachusetts, and heard first hand these verbatim arguments against the gay community. These groups all claim bigotry isn’t the motivation behind their opposition yet, the zeal with which they offer their tired rationalizations and recriminations against “activist judges” is telling. The assertions of biblical evidence and religious doctrine to legitimize the systematic bludgeoning of LGBT civil rights is aggressive and purposeful. This extreme prejudice springs from a variety of motives, but mostly, to maintain political power. The billions of dollars spent by so called nonprofit religious organizations is a tremendous waste of resources. In 2004 they actually bused children in from places like N.C. and Texas who screamed “Faggots!” at a rally on the Boston Common. Enough is enough. We must stand together against this blatant discrimination.

  9. says

    @ Kodiac : the discrimination continues in all religions , that’s what they are about, power and not sharing it. Look at the position of women in religion, it’s one of being exploited.
    @OLIVER : I live in Europe and the USA; we have no idea in Europe of the division and polarisation which religion and the evangelicals have created in the USA. Europeans have no idea of the bigotry of the extreme right wing republican party and their determination to hold on to their massive wealth. The two ideas seem to go hand in hand. The Christian idea of looking after the poor is anathama to the right wing Christians.

  10. Rob roberts says

    It seemed interesting to me how defensive this video seemed — it spent most of its time denying they are bigots and mini izing the hateful harm this bill will inflict. These bible thumping bigots know their days are numbered and I pray this bill goes down in flames.

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