1. Jim says

    Wow, what a trip back in time this is. I remember this ad when I was a little kid. I would have been about 7 or 8. I remember the tune and the faces of the people. Of course, I didn’t know what it was referring to at the time, but I remember it seemed funny. A well done ad I think, even by today’s standards.

  2. Ricco says

    That’s amazing! I was putzing around the house . . . actually it’s an apartment . . . only yesterday . . . I swear to God! . . . you know cleaning, putting together a soup . . . homemade of course . . . being obnoxious, not purposely . . . but obnoxious is as obnoxious does, as my partner, Ryan likes to say . . . irritating my partner, when this song popped into my head.

    Popped! Like out of nowhere.

    Too true!

    And I kept singing the song, over and over, moving with the beat of the song in my head, as I remember it. There was a definite lilt of musicality to my chores.

    That’s what was irritating Ryan, what he found so obnoxious because just when he thought I had finished the song, like a powerful subliminal suggestion that would not let me go, reasserted itself, and I started all over again.

    I love that song! And of course, it’s true! Every word. I’ve had gonorrhea in both points of insertion, if I am being honest. And I have had chlamydia at least once . . . not that I am bragging about it or anything.

    The thing about VD, that the song does not mention, is how much easier it is to get gonorrhea, or chlamydia than it is to spell gonorrhea or chlamydia . . . syphilis too.

    Never had that one though.

    Of course, this was all back in the day when I used to . . . well back in the day. There is no way, whatever legitimacy the song gives to getting or having VD, that my partner would tolerate me having VD.

    But yeah, totally, the song like popped into my head, out of thin air, like Agnes Moorehead.

    My partner is sleeping right now. He won’t be happy when he finds I have e-mailed him the link to this posting . . . especially when I start singing it again as I launder his underwear and my underwear together, and clean the bathroom.

    He’s sure to ask me if am using bleach.

  3. says

    I, too, remember this from my youth. The purpose of the campaign was to address the misconception that only “dirty under-class” people (define that anyway you wish) get VD so you could avoid VD by avoiding the dirty under-class. Of course freshly-scrubbed one-percenters could have VD, too.

    We’re much more intelligent that that now, though, right? Right? Hmmm….

  4. james says

    I also remember this ad from the time. Mr. Thorp, you are simply too young to remember when a sexually transmitted disease was such a shameful thing, people ignored its symptoms and did not seek treatment. And, as another commenter noted, this ad was targeted at nice white boys like me, in nice suburban neighborhoods, who couldn’t imagine getting VD. The ad was very effective. It also communicates a person with a sexually transmitted disease can go on living their lives.

  5. says

    Back in 1976, I took a photo of an air plane towing a sign “CATCH A FRISBEE AND NOT VD”
    flying over Ft.Lauderdale Beach during Spring Break. Then, that was the only thing we had to fear from sex. However it was curable with a shot of Penicillin. Within a short time later came something called gay cancer (AIDS).

  6. Shaun says

    My grandma’s name is Velma Douglas and my mum and her sister used to follow her around the grocery store singing this song. She probably deserved it.

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