1. Matthew says

    Just like the Reformation, abolitionists, and churches that ended up on the right side of the civil rights movement… Surely they will be weakened.

    These are the kinds of people Christians look to for wisdom?

  2. Jim says

    The church has changed its views on many things… divorce, and women in leadership to name just a few… he is being narrow minded in not even observing some of the other things the church has evolved upon…but should that really be surprising… him being narrow minded? He just can’t admit that he has been wrong.

  3. says

    I’d have to quibble over the Church in Europe. I lived in Europe for many years and my very strong impression was that the Church was weak, and getting weaker, because of its colossal political ineptitude and its assumption that people would were ignorant of high concepts and would so follow blindly along . This in addition to the corruption and scandals in its wake going back to 400 CE. Actions have consequences and you can’t continue pretending everything is ok ad nauseum. God and the nature of God’s relationship to man has been evolving since the Old Testament. To try and freeze it in time as an excuse to hate is both ignorant and disingenuous.

  4. Redboy says

    I’m also not aware if or when God changed his mind – when did he approve of divorce, disavowed slavery, or accepted heretic Protestants. And I believe his beliefs on thoses 3 subjects were discussed in detail, certainly more than a mere half dozen statements in a 900 page book.

  5. james says

    Echoing Mr. Tondreault, the Christian church is weak in Europe for two primary historical reasons, which are related. First, most European countries have or had churches officially established by the government. Second, the failure of the vast majority of European Christian churches to oppose the vile political movements of Fascism and Nazism — indeed, their tendency to remain “neutral” or be supportive — resulted in the decline of Christian churches, Protestant and Catholic. That was the ultimate accommodation to culture, not support of marriage equality.

    I have no objection to Mr. Warren’s church refusing to allow same gender weddings to take place there. I object to Mr. Warren insisting his views must apply to everyone, including those few Christian churches that support marriage equality.

  6. TJ says

    “Well, if the Bible is the word of God…” So well-put. IF the word is directly from God, or just inspired, or far-removed through misinterpretation and/or translation of translation of translation of fables and parables and myths.

    Believe in your “if,” Pastor, but keep your if out of my life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

  7. says

    His church can believe whatever it wants, but the Bible–while it may be the word of God (usually selectively interpreted) for the believing, and for the bigots–isn’t the word of law, unless you live in a theocracy, which we don’t unless the religious extremists get their way. Some churches have or will embrace gay families, while others never will. But those that don’t will find themselves increasingly isolated from the secular laws that are clearly moving in favor of gay rights in the US. And people like Rick (one of the many bigoted Ricks!) will look more and more like the out-of-touch dinosaurs they are.

  8. Truth to Powser says

    What a presumptuous jackass! As if he knew what God wanted or thought! Did it ever occur to this religious idiot that the God of his Bible is the creator of everything and everyone, including homosexuals? Does he think for a moment that God would condemn his creation? Little Ricky’s 15 minutes of fame is long over.

  9. dearcomrade says

    Throw another shrimp on the barbecue and send your wife to the menses hut Rickie.I don’t care what you and your imaginary friend think.

    “The best cure for Christianity is reading the bible”. – Mark Twain

  10. jw says

    i wonder if bo will have him up there giving his sky god blessing jan 20, 2013 –
    this is bo’s inaugural Rev afterall
    makes sense that he’d choose him again
    they’re in agreement on queer marriage rights

  11. cbhermey says

    Why are we even paying attention to this bozo? It doesn’t really matter what his god thinks, or how he interprets it (does he REALLY talk to god? Hmmm!)

    It seems to me that our task is to make sure that our citizenry understands what they should have been taught in Civics 1. Marriage is a CIVIL institution, that certain clergy may perform AT THE PLEASURE of our secular government. They aren’t the ones making the rules. If they wish to exclude gays from marriage in THEIR church, fine. Just don’t give me that BS about that’s the way it is. Because it isn’t.

    So, our task is to make our secular officials understand that marriage is simply a domestic contract. Period. Religion is simply another layer on the cake.

  12. cbhermey says

    “Pastor” Rick’s church, by the way, is in an old gravel pit.

    I wonder where Rick got his ecclesiastical training? The beauty (and curse) of having the Bible printed in the vernacular is that anyone can read it and draw their own conclusions, and conversely, those that choose not to read it can be duped by someone who has read a little more.

    A problem we have in this country is that ‘freedom of religion” has been warped to mean that anyone can espouse any ‘religious’ view he wants on those who don’t want to hear it, but woe be unto the person who challenges that, for they are interfering with ‘freedom of religion’.

  13. Tom in long beach says

    Who cares about Saddleback. It is all about Mr. Ricks interpretation.
    But all Americans should be for separation of church and state. And all Americans should be for equal rights.
    Perhaps the real issue to ponder is this, what is the best way for a gay person to express his or her sexuality ? Perhaps the best way would be in a loving committed relationship. However many people of faith would rather plug their ears, blindfold themselves and pretend we do not exist. Or are capable of loving long term relationships. Easier to hate us if it is really all just about sex. Rick is only being consistent if he really believes the world is only 5,000ish years old.

  14. JONES says

    This Bozo giving the invocation at Obama’s inauguration made me want to throw up in my mouth. I had a sinking feeling when that was announced that the LGBT community would take a back seat yet again.

  15. Wilberforce says

    Another pharisee ignoring the demands of the prophets and gospels for justice and mercy for the oppressed. They’ve been at it for two thosand years. No reason to expect them to come around anytime soon.

  16. says

    well, certain passages are “very clear” about the “fact” that God thinks women should be utterly subservient to men, and that when it comes to “marriage” there are certain duties a woman MUST abide by – including marrying her rapist, having the baby of her brother-in-law if her husband dies before they have a child together, and more.

    why aren’t these things part of his priority? oh, right. they apply to straight people. let’s ignore those and pretend the bible says things about gay people instead. lame.

  17. Michael says

    i honestly have never seen him until now and he is a HUGE queen. he is beyond prissy. i noticed his limp wrist right off the bat and then when he spoke he just came off as a huge nelly.

  18. Dan Cobbb says

    James, I think Tondreault has it exactly right. I don’t think that fascism or state sponsorship of churches is what has caused the decline of churches in Europe. I think a rigorous system of public education did. The higher the average level of education attained by a population, the less likely they are to be convinced by the often insipid justifications the church puts forth for their decidedly medi-eval dogmas. I lived in Europe and my sister (and her school aged children haved lived there for years)…. the people are just too “onto” the churches and the self-serving dogma they demand that their followers believe.

  19. acorlando says

    “I distrust those who claim to know so well what God wants them to do, because I find it often coincides their own desires.”

    – Susan B. Anthony

  20. jack says

    The bible is a bunch of myths, made up history,contradictions and wicked actions by the Israelite tribal god yahweh. Not even the most extreme fundamentalists believe all of it. Otherwise they would be calling for the stoning to death of those who work on the sabbath, curse their parents,worship gods other than yahweh or commit adultery (duck Newt). Every believer uses the bible as a cafeteria and the conservatives just love those choice anti-homosexual entrees.

  21. wimsy says

    Hey, Rick – Just got off the phone with God. The deity you’ve been talking with is a faker — God tossed him out millennia ago for spreading lies. Don’t fall for his crap.

    Anyhow, the real God told me he likes gays and thinks equal marriage is a dandy idea. Just so you know.

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