1. says

    incorrect, Alan.

    you can google as hard as your little fingers can type ,but you will find ZERO bigoted, prejudiced anti-gay comment from President Obama.

    None. None whatsoever. Therefore, your statement is empirically false

    I know this is a devastating thing to accept, but the truth is just this, Alan – President Barack Obama, the black Democrat you’ve been brought up to loathe, has more respect for you as a gay man than your own white republican family.

    i’m sorry to break this news to you.

    you have my sympathy.

  2. RyanInSacto says

    Kiwi: Here’s a brainteaser for you… Is there an endless supply of trolls on this site or just ONE troll with an endless supply of screen names?

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    Who says that Allen West is on Romney’s short list? Allen West would add nothing to the Republican ticket. Why, he couldn’t even bring Black votes to the Republi….

    …. on second thought, yes, Mittens, put Allen West on your ticket.

    (just don’t remind Mittens about other Black Republicans who rarely get more the 18% of Black votes)

  4. says

    RyaninSacto – just one, most likely. You can tell because the comments all come from the same place of willfully ignorant cowardice.

    every time a gay man says “Obama hates gay people! He hasn’t done anything for us” that gay man reveals a sad defense mechanism – the lies he must convince himself are true in order to get through the day to day reality that the white, “Christian”, conservative/republican world he’s been brought up to worship considers him a shameful embarrassment.

    President Obama has no anti-gay, prejudicial bigoted comments floating around. He’s on the right side of history. You see a lot of conservative homosexuals insisting that Obama has done nothing – they say this because the reality that a black democrat has done more for them than their own white conservative families is not only a kick in the b**ls, but a real knife in the heart, too.

    it must be awful to grow up to hate __________ only to realize, one day, that _________ has done more for you than you’d like to admit.

    oh well. not my mess! :-)

  5. Lonewolfen says

    Gotta say it, nothing he said was out of line. There ARE more important things than gay marriage going on right now.
    What sideswiped me is the Obama/gas price issue. It’s got nothing to do with the President, regardless of party. It’s called capitalism.

  6. RyanInSacto says

    Kiwi, there is definitely a template that gets used time and again that goes something like this:

    Step 1: Claim that Obama’s failure to do EVERYTHING on the LGBT wish list is the same as doing NOTHING.
    Step 2: Further claim that Obama therefore “hates gays.”
    Step 3: Any time a Republican is clearly being hateful of gays, claim that “this is just the same as Obama. they both hate gays.”

    You can see it play out time and again in the comments here. It strikes me as nothing more than a disingenuous ploy to both absolve Republicans of their opposition to LGBT rights and to lessen LGBT support of Obama. It’s ridiculous though because LGBT people, as a group, are ridiculously over-educated and know that the smear of Obama as anti-gay doesn’t match up with his record. So, at most, it’s just an annoying – yet apparently permanent – feature of the comment threads.

  7. says

    reducing it to “gay marriage isn’t that important of an issue” undermines the reality of what “the issue” is, too.

    it’s not just about marriage. it’s about a culture, and country, where anti-gay discrimination is still written into law and policy, and thus a culture of prejudice continues. Closet Culture continues.

    the fight for marriage equality is not just a fight for legal paperwork – it is indeed part of the fight to end anti-gay prejudice in culture. and that won’t come as long as bigotry remains codified into law.

  8. MarkUs says

    He’s 100 percent right. The numbers released today are horrendous with numbers of people unemployed. And gas at an all time high. It’s like wanting to discuss abortion on 9/11. It’s not really #1 on the hit parade you brain dead liberal CNN bimbo.

  9. says

    if unemployment is so bad then how come the GOP hasn’t done anything to increase jobs, and are instead wasting time, money and energy on attack LGBT Equality and Women’s Right to Choose?

    you wanna see who doesn’t care about The Economy? look at all the nonsense the GOP has done in the last 2 years.

  10. mike128 says

    Yes, I want to see Romney pick a black man as his running mate. We will then see, again, how cynical the Republican party is – as if an idiot like Alan West could compare to or draw votes from Barack Obama. (Another Hillary vs Palin moment)

  11. Oliver says

    It’s funny to me when people in the States bring up the gas issue “gas at an all time high” etc. I think Americans need to learn or come to the realization that gas prices are not only rising in the USA but around the world. Gas prices in the USA have nothing to do with your POTUS.
    Meanwhile this Allenn West is a real wanker.

  12. MarkUs says

    Did you hear what he said? There’s a boat building company that went from over 100 down to 30 employees. People are scared. Keep thinking like this woman and the WH talking points that you’re going to cover it up
    with race wars, which are coming.

  13. GraphicJack says

    I agree Mike128… that’s exactly what I thought… McCain picked Palin as a running mate to say “Hey, we’ve got women, too! Vote for us, not Hilary”, and look how well that turned out for them. This time, they’re thinking of trotting out an African-American to go black vs. black with Obama… it’s obvious, pathetic, cynical and doomed not to work. Have they learned nothing in four years?

  14. Jim says

    Classic trick of changing the direction of the question he wants to go into, just like Michele Bachmann did a million times. A homphobic thug and hypocrite like West makes the antigay statements to a receptive crowd, then refuses to own up to them when confronted. If this guy wasn’t in politics he’d be torturing suspects in a police station.

  15. moony says

    Clearly the reason that Mr. West doesn’t want to bring up gay marriage is not because of his enlightened sense of priority. That has never stopped them before; Bush successfully used gay marriage as a wedge issue in the 2004 election while we were in the middle of 2 wars in Afghanistan.

    The reason Mr. West is so terrified of discussing gay marriage is because gay marriage is simply no longer a topic that will help the Republican Party.

  16. says

    well, the thing is these bigots have no problem discussing “gay stuff” when they’re surrounded by fellow Conservatives at a good-ol’ town hall rally.

    “gays this! gays that!”

    then they get on TV

    “oh, i don’t want to talk about this, it’s not important”

    translation: I only talk about gays when i’m in the presence of the stupid people who make up the majority of my party’s base.

  17. doesn't matter anyway says

    The guy’s a loose cannon. The last thing Romney needs. I think Romney listens to his people more than McCain listened to his. He won’t make that big a mistake.

  18. Lyam says

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  19. P.J says

    Why CAN’T we discuss the unbelievable injustice and discrimination faced by gays and lesbians….AND discuss the economy…AND….thousands of other topcis.

    WHAT THE HELL?! What…our government and elected officials can only focus on ONE single topic at a time? That is the biggest bull spewed by the most anti gay individual. Believe that

  20. IonMovies says

    Whenever someone tells you “sorry, there’s more important issues” in relation to gay rights….what they really mean is “I don’t believe in gay rights”

    There will always be “more important issues” in relation to *any* topic you bring up. Any topic, I can think of a more tragic occurance in the world that trumps the “value” yet that doesn’t mean both issues don’t deserve the integrity of being resolved. And they can be too. But the anti gay ilk have manipulated a cliche called “more important issues” to deflect from us attaining our full equal rights. Don’t ever buy into it.

  21. ah, leadership says

    Another reason to say there’s more important issues is because you don’t know which way the wind is blowing and it is too dangerous to take a stand.

  22. says

    if they actually believed that there are/were “more important issues” then they’d have been working on those “issues” for the last two years.

    what has the GOP done? attacked art that “offended religious people”, waged war on a woman’s reproductive rights and health, attacked LGBT people whenever possible, and haven’t done a damned thing to help the american people or its economy.

    at some point it crosses from “differences of opinion” to willfully ignorant delusion.

  23. jack says

    Hey Lyam or Ryan or whatever, most people on this site are too smart to fall for your scam. Go over to Fox, they believe anything, even that Fox noise is fair and balanced. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

  24. steve harmon says

    Wow, how convenient for you, the word “Homophobic”. Fling out labels you racists. See, I can label you too. Doesn’t feel good, does it. So, he’s “Homophobic” and you are “Racist”, now, how does that advance any conversation?

    IMHO, Steve

  25. steve harmon says

    So Graphicjack, all Rep. West is to you is just another African-American, not an accomplished leader. How sad that you apparently don’t believe African-Americans (if Republican) could have any substance, just a “Token”. Sad.


  26. steve harmon says

    Moony, the vitreal is offputting. Rep. West is terrified? Do you have any idea of his Military background? I seriously doubt that Gay anything would be terrifing to a man of his background. If gay marriage is so important to you, go and get married, just find a church, and get married, people have been doing it for over a hundred years. I hope you find it more sucessful than I did (three times) (I’m beginning to think it was me). Why is it so important to you that all Americans recognize your choice to marry whom you wish? Go, be happy, just don’t expect me to accept it as the new norm.


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