After Breaking Promise to Support Marriage Equality, Maryland Lawmaker Sam Arora Flaunts His Wedding


Sam Arora, the Maryland delegate, who had no problem breaking a campaign promise to support marriage equality in February (and was Montgomery County's lone state legislator to oppose equal rights), has problem flaunting his own wedding in the pages of the Washington Post's Express magazine, which published it this weekend.

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  1. Mike says

    It’s a good thing that the prohibition on interracial marriage was found to be unconstitutional so that Mr. Arora could enjoy the same rights as his white colleagues. Too bad he is obviously blind to the irony.

  2. Jeffrey in St. Louis says

    Arora is a jerk and a coward, but the story of his marriage in the paper is no more an act of flaunting than the publication of one of our weddings would be.

  3. andrew says

    Did you know that at most straight weddings the only heterosexuals involved are the two partners. The wedding planner is gay, the florist is gay, the jewler is gay, the bride and groom’s hair stylist are gay, the chefs and servers are gay, the designer of the bride’s gown is gay, the organist is gay and you can be damn sure the priest is gay. If not for the hard work of homosexuals, straight people would all still be single.

  4. Guy from DC says

    He’s got a major target on his back with the people that he lied to during his last election and will have a tough time getting re-elected in very, very liberal Montgomery County, Maryland, without any gay support.

    I am waiting for him to become a Republican.

  5. Michael says

    A power bottom that is quickly losing power. Classic. Beard or no beard, wolf with sheep clothing or not, he’s a walking, talking duck seen from a mile away.

  6. jamal49 says

    @GUY FROM DC The rat probably will turn republicon. They make the best closet queens and give great scandal. I feel badly for the wife-to-be. She’s getting a real louse for a husband. But then, she knows he’s a liar and two-faced, so maybe this is one of those “marriage made in hell”. I wish them, um, nothing.

  7. Dupontres says

    @Rev. Verdon – Dupont Circle USED to be the gay neighborhood in town. There’s very little gay left in that neighborhood minus the few of us who live there. Most gays have migrated East, leaving pale, thin, boring straight girls and their unhappy boyfriends to replace them in the beautiful rowhomes that were divided up into condos and paid for by absent parents who just want to make sure their daughters live in the good part of town while their daughters spend their hard earned cash on Ralph Lauren polos (two sizes too large) for their boyfriends and Longchamp purses. It’s a post-apocolyptic society now.

  8. Cecilfirefox says

    I’m trying to find the time and location of his wedding. I am attempting to set up a protest- write back on here if you dig anything up. I’m getting ready to look up his denomination and start making some calls.

  9. B-rod says

    DUPONTRES – I live in the DC area. You’re totally correct. Dupont isn’t what it used to be without the gay businesses on Conn Ave. It’s all Logan/U Street now.

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