1. Tyler says

    Another fun fact: Amell is Canada’s Andie Macdowell – two of his first major film appearances resulted in his entire role being entirely dubbed over by another actor. One who could make the lines sound as they were being delivered by a lucid and cognitive human being. Good thing he has that body.

  2. Sargon Bighorn says

    Oh Lordy here we go again. 70% of Americans are over weight and very unhealthy. Another young man that bothers to stay in shape (he’s paid to do that) is held in front of the viewer as a super hero. The GAP between the fantasy man and the reality man in America is growing ever wider. I like a well kept male body, abs are sexy. I wish more men would bother to stay in shape.

  3. Zlick says

    Heheh, as I age a bit – I don’t have to suffer from my lack of gaydar. Any man my age who is in good shape has a 98% chance of being gay.

    But it’s not just “bothering” to keep in shape, most people must work fairly hard at it with some level of commitment against their genetic destiny. At least that’s possible (there’s no way I can be tall, against my personal genetic destiny, no matter how hard I work at it, heheh).

    In any event, I don’t think the trailer portrays this guy as a super-hero because he’s got a hot bod, but rather because he can pierce five bouncing tennis balls with arrows in under five seconds. Yep, I was more impressed by that than by the abs. (But at least the abs were real.)

  4. alex says

    Wow, I don’t get the negativity about Mr. Amell. He’s a good actor who doesn’t take himself too seriously. (He routinely does video Q+A’s with his fans via Facebook.)

    He’s also a LGB ally. He was very good a small role as the gay son of one of the leads of the Candian procedural “ReGenesis”. I was genuinely happy for him when I heard the series got picked up.

  5. Continuum says


    I can’t believe that someone can do chin-ups by actually moving the bar up a notch each time.

    Plus, his abs aren’t bad.


  6. Tarc says

    Amell is a good to very good actor – he’s comea long way since his first jobs. He’s also nice, funny, and very fan (and gay) friendly. Of the new CW shows, it looks like the best of the lot.

  7. Hawkie says

    @JD : he’s not short, he’s about 6 feet tall.

    He’s a super nice guy and a friend of mine. He’s definitely an ally and a good person. I just wanted to clear that up

  8. Jumper says

    LOL he’s a hot guy all right. The chin- up routine is right out of the Ninja Warrior course in Japan.

    I hope he HAS come a long way on LGBT issues as hit was reported he quit Dante’s Cove due to his character taking a gay turn in season 2….

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