Colorado GOP Stalls to Kill Civil Union Bill That Had Votes to Pass


Absolutely shameful filibustering from Republicans kept thousands of Coloradans from gaining rights similar to marriage last night.

McnultyColorado GOP House Speaker Frank McNulty (pictured) created an 'impasse' so that civil unions and several other bills would not be considered by Tuesday night's midnight deadline, therefore killing the civil union measure which was virtually assured passage, the AP reports:

McNulty told reporters that lawmakers had reached an impasse and civil unions would die along with several other bills, including an overhaul of school discipline policies and setting a blood-level marijuana limit for drivers.

“We have reached an impasse,” McNulty said. “It is unfortunate that there will be items that will not receive consideration by the House tonight because of this impasse.”

…Colorado’s bill had cleared a key hurdle Tuesday when Republican Rep. Cheri Gerou joined Democrats to advance the measure out of its final committee for consideration by the full chamber.

That's when the stalling began:

Democrats used a procedural move to try to stop debate on other bills when it became clear Republicans were talking at length about other measures, delaying any action on civil unions.

Republicans responded by abruptly stopping floor work. The bill needed to have an initial vote of the full House before midnight Tuesday or else the proposal would die. That’s because the Legislature adjourns Wednesday, so there wouldn’t be time for a final vote.

Earlier, Democratic Rep. Ferrandino, his party’s leader in the House, told the House’s third-ranking Republican, Rep. Mark Waller, “We’re willing to work with you to make sure every bill gets an up or down vote tonight.”

The Senate had already approved the bill, and Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper supported it.


  1. Francis says

    It’s a war, boys and girls, and this and North Carolina proves exactly that. We’re at war with social conservatism and they are pulling out all the stops against our community. They are trying to destroy us. These are some of the most tenuous times for our community in the United States. As we’re seeing with the Don’t Say Gay bills in Tennessee and Missouri, hate crimes increasing in states like Tennessee, Texas and others, stories out of Iowa and Indiana recently of the horrific bullying and hate against LGBTQ students, there is still A TON of hatred against us and it’s getting worse. It’s such a shame. With the economy as bad as it is, with the country fighting wars overseas and our troops dying, with the housing market as awful as it is, so many serious issues with our country, why do these people continue to make denigrating gays one of the top concerns?

  2. kit says

    This is completely despicable. These people are nothing but maggots, eating away at the very ideas of justice, liberty, and equality. How do we respond? What do we do?
    President Obama — are you seeing this? Are you content to sit back and let this happen? Are you still “evolving”?

  3. David in Houston says

    I just sent this note to Mr. McNulty:

    So apparently when Mitt Romney said that gay citizens should be entitled to the same civil rights as straight citizens (excluding marriage)… that was a flat-out LIE. For a political party that supposedly touts a smaller, less intrusive government, you have a funny way of showing it. You have also failed to represent your constituents, since both Republicans and Democrats overwhelmingly support civil unions. Your job is to support ALL the people of Colorado, regardless of your personal feelings on an issue. The day that politicians such as yourself stop injecting their own religious beliefs into our secular society, the better off our country will be. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness doesn’t only apply to straight Christians.

  4. bobbyjoe says

    It is a war. And we should act like it.

    Instead of shouting “shame on you,” how ’bout we make it our mission to find out exactly what Frank McNulty doesn’t want people focusing on about him and his career and start talking about THAT frequently, loudly, with picket signs and acts to get the media’s constant attention.

    Don’t make it about gay this or that at all, make it about McNulty. Most politicians have something they most certainly do NOT want to be the center of attention. Often, politicans have something that could ruin their career or even send them to jail. Or maybe it’s just some kind of money-grabbing they don’t want the public looking at too closely. There’s almost always something. Find out what that is for McNulty. Practice a “scorched earth” campaign: you ever come at us again, we’ll turn this into EXACTLY what you most don’t want it to be about. You want to talk about US, well, then we want to talk about YOU.

    Do this a couple of times in prominent places around the nation, and I guarantee you we’ll stop being of such interest to rightwing politicians. Make them terrified of what happens if they come at us.

    I’ve said this many times before, but, instead, we’re too often still practicing campaigns that are all about sweet elderly lesbians sitting on a couch with their dog.

    But this is politics. If you want results, you have to make the other side sweat.

  5. Oz in OK says

    When people say ‘If you’d just settle for Civil Unions, people wouldn’t have a problem with it’ I point them to examples like this. Hawaii, Washington State, Rhode Island and now Colorado are glaring examples of how these ‘conservatives’ will scream and gnash their teeth just as loudly, and employ the same dirty tricks.

    BobbyJoe, you’re absolutely right.

  6. Old Skooler says

    Has it occoured to any militant gay activist that the more you try to make someone like you the less likely they will ever like you. This “attack” on the LGBT’s community is not an attack. NO ONE should endure physical attacks for any reason and anyone who says someone should get harmed is a horrible person! But, this is an issue that stirs passions and it’s unfair that the LGBT’s are trying to act like anyone who doesn’t agree with them is a bigot and a hater. Really? So, if I disagree with you on any other topic that’s going to be your childish reaction? The fact that SSM has NEVER passed when it has been voted on is a clear indication that society doen’t want to be forced to change the definition of marriage to appease a group of unpleaseable activists.

  7. GeorgeM says

    Old what brings you here? Trolling? And you are a bigot and I’m sure you know it. It’s not about you liking us, we don’t care. It is about forcing the issue because people like you should Never have a say in My life. I don’t give a rats a$$ about you or your life.

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