1. Tim S says

    Sodomy is a right both gays and straights have.

    What we want is the liberty to marry, and the right to jobs, housing, and services.

  2. kit says

    *sigh* Lord, these people are obsessed with sex. It says so much about their own relationships — that their own marriages obviously must be just about sex. Strictly missionary position, apparently.

  3. KEVIN says

    Someone should point out to Marshall that bigotry is a “pattern of behavior” and he could change his.

  4. JONES says

    Holding on to ignorance and lying to back up bigotry is the real ‘patten of behavior’.

  5. Michaelandfred says

    In other Republican news, evolution is still a myth, bigger tax breaks to the 1% will create jobs and 99.9% of the worlds scientists are still trying to dupe us with the climate change lie…… Why would someone choose to remain so ignorant? Beggars the imagination…….

  6. Javier says

    The sad thing about Virginia is that they had legislators like this way before the Tea Party Revolution. They have a long history of strident anti-gay legislatures and legislators. They are just empowered more than ever in Virginia now.

  7. Jon says

    Republicans may not evolve or even believe in evolution, but they do die. In 10 years Marshall and many like him will be dead or drooling in a nursing home. Time is on our side.

  8. Steve says

    This guy is mentally ill. Only in the US could someone like him be elected.

    Btw, he was supposed to be appointed the lowest court in the state that deals only with minor personal matters. A civil rights case wouldn’t even have come into his court room

  9. says

    This is the difference between VT and VA.

    In VA they won’t put an “advocate” gay man on a District Court in Richmond.

    In VT we put Beth Robinson, the main advocate of marriage equality in the state, on the SUPREME COURT of VT. And the Governor praised her work for equality at the ceremony. And acknowledged her wife in the audience.

  10. ratbastard says


    When I first went down south after I joined the army, one of the most striking things was how wild and party animals the atmosphere was. And it was a swingers paradise both on and off base. This in the ‘bible belt’, not evil, heathen northeast where I come from. So stuff like this, coming from the usual suspects, always brings a smile to my face. You want to have a gay old time, you could do a lot worse than Robert Marshall’s home turf, trust me. You’ll probably have an easier time engaging in ‘sodomy’ there than in the heathen northeast.

    BTW, my comments shouldn’t be construed as anti-southern, who I like and respect as a whole. I just find the in your face religious extremism that’s especially common among public officials in places south of the Mason-Dixon [and the GROSS hypocrisy] at best amusing.

  11. says

    biblically speaking, Sodomy is the hoarding of wealth and a refusal to share your money and provisions with those less fortunate.

    ezekiel 16. that’s the funny thing – the GOP are the actual sodomites of america, demanding to keep their money to themselves and determined to turn all of the USA in a new Sodom where only the wealthy enjoy the benefits of life and everyone else grovels in the street.

    in other news, Congrats to Gay Republicans! This is one of YOUR people. Congrats.

  12. Sam says

    Of course, I’m sure he would want activists as judges if they were anti-abortion activists. And would he oppose the nomination of an anti-abortion activist because their stated political views are in opposition to settled law? I think not. He just thinks gays are gross and is hiding behind his lame legal arguments.

  13. Simon says

    1) Many people say ‘God hates gays’ and keep using the word ‘God’. The fact is Jesus Christ (being the foundation of Christianity) NEVER CONDEMNED HOMOSEXUALITY ! So either those people are taking GOP as GOD, which by the way GOP are indeed one of the biggest bigot, or those religious nuts are worshiping a different ‘God’ other than Jesus. Either way homophobes bigots are ANTICHRIST !

    2) To Christianity, they are followers of Christ and it’s clearly stated that they should follow his top commandments which are above all other laws. The top commandments are to love God and to love your neighbor as yourself. So again, religious nuts are ANTICHRIST when they bring others laws to be above those of Jesus top commandments!

  14. Jack M says

    Some straight people are obsessed with us having sex because they don’t get enough! Oh, and I think sodomy includes oral sex, so none of that, you Christians!

  15. Simon says

    Some people say God created Adam and Eve.
    Our answer : Adam and Eve were the GREATEST SINNERS OF THEIR TIME, CONDEMNED, BANISHED AND KICKED OUT BY GOD from the garden of Eden! Outch!!

  16. anon says

    Wackos are elected everywhere, not just in the US. In most countries, though, with parliamentary systems, the backbenchers are essentially cut off from the press and don’t get much discretion in what they can say to the public.

  17. Anon in VA says

    Apparently, he’s unaware that the United States Supreme Court, that bastion of radical liberalism, has determined that consensual sodomy IS a civil right.

    But the law of the land, like facts, have never inhibited him in the past and they continue to have no hold on him.

    Shame on him, and shame on the people who elected him.

  18. JP says

    SEE! This is what happens when you break up with someone via text. They get all bitter and then turn against all the gays.

    Bob Marshall just needed some closure from his college bf.

    No more text message break ups!

  19. frequentwind706 says

    Did he really say “Martin Luke King”? Does he know that Rosa Parks was not a government official (unless you count being a secretary to a US Congressman) and it is unlikely she took any oath of office?