1. NullNaught says

    I am just glad Warren has such a great dad. He will get through this and be stronger for it. I’m sorry he lives in such a hostile environment, but he is making it easier for those who follow him. What a strong person!

  2. MarkUs says

    Warren Sweetie, you’re being used by the local news there as comedic relief , no matter how faux-serious they talk. Did they ask you to run for the cameras gurl?

  3. Alan says

    Gross. Why is Maryland so hateful? I went to my high school prom in Oklahoma dressed as Cher and they voted me prom queen. I rocked that Cher outfit. Maryland is gross.

  4. GRAY says

    Warren is lucky to have the support of his family. Stay strong and be who you want to be but don’t run in heels, it is bad for your joints and dangerous.

  5. Virilene. says

    Difficult to know for whom to feel sympathetic. On the one hand, s/he seems kind of pathetic (not to mention monstrously unattractive), and desperately in need of drama and attention. On the other hand, once again public school officials show absolutely no ability address this kind of situation with finesse or sensitivity. And what happens if a kid comes to school wearing a kilt?

    Also, what’s this non-sense about ‘openly bi-sexual’? Bi-sexuality is not what’s motivating the kid to wear skirts–gender identity issues or transvestitism, maybe.

  6. says

    This whole situation is sad. The student is obviously struggling with transsexual issues. She needs support and understanding, and the adults in her life just aren’t there for her. If there are any Transwomen in that community who can act as mentors, I hope they will reach out to a sister in need.

  7. Bubbles says

    Best wishes sweetie, and your dad is cool.
    Rock that prom dress!

    @MARKUS: you may think the news is being disrespectful, but I have to see this as progress — in my day the anchor would not have said “he said it’s unfair and some parents agree”, the anchor would have said “What is he/she/it thinking?” and openly snickered.

    @VIRLINE: I don’t think this is attention-whoring — a straight boy who shows up “in drag” looks like Puck or the fools on “Work It”. This kid put together a look — very Solange Knowles. 😉

  8. nikko says

    School is no place to cross-dress. Keep that for the clubs and home. It’s an annoying distraction and this issue is not a legitimate gay rights issue. Seriously.

  9. Francis says

    Same ole, same ole. Culver is a socially-conservative, old-money place similar to Orange County, except Southern and older (ie. more red). Average age is 41. So basically, we’re once again talking about a story of conservatives who place the blame on LGBT/gender queer individuals in situations such as this. In their eyes, it’s us with the problem. So instead of actually standing up for all children, they either do nothing or they punish the kid who dares not to conform.

    Social conservatives are all about conformity, schools across the country, you’re “supposed” to conform. If you don’t you’re automatically attacked as being an attention-whore, even when it doesn’t apply. It’s wrong. Time to sue these schools that blatantly discriminate. We’re not going to change the culture without taking action. We obviously cannot hope for decency anymore.

  10. AdamA says

    @Nikko, the only reason what you wore to high school *isn’t* considered cross-dressing is that everybody else was wearing the same drag.

  11. Peter says

    Maryland isn’t hateful; some people in Maryland are. Recent polls indicate that a majority of Marylanders support marriage equality. Don’t let the actions determine how you view the Free State.

  12. says

    His father is exactly what a father should be – understanding and supportive of his son.

    For all the talk the trolls like to make about how “effeminate gays” or “gender-nonconformists” won’t be accepted, well here’s more proof that you’re wrong. the only people who dont’ accept and make an effort to understand gender-nonconformity are, frankly, insecure pathetic little bigots. and it’ll be a cold day in hell before any self-respecting LGBT people bow down and cater to their baseless chosen prejudices. that behavior is exclusively the domain of the Resentful Homosexual, not those of us who respect ourselves.

  13. RoadWayYur says

    “Warren is openly bisexual…” Seems like “openly transsexual” would have been a better description. Unfortunately, this report focuses on a young person’s sexual orientation rather than their gender identity.

    This is exactly why people believe all LG&B persons are cross dressers. Warren has now reinforced an incorrect and limiting notion by behaving so stereotypically ridiculous. He really blew his 15-min of fame fueling a misconception about the rest of us.

  14. says

    roadwayyur, what on earth are you talking about?

    who, besides the braindead bigots of america, thinks “all lgbt people are cross-dressers”? I don’t know a single person who thinks all lgbt, or gay, persons are crossdressers. NOT ONE.

    dont’ be mad at warren be mad at yourself.

    why not create your own “15 minutes”, make aa youtube video, and show everyone how “normal” you think you are instead.

    truly, why are you so mad at warren? he’s being himself, openly. the only thing stopping you from doing the same is a combination of cowardice on your part, and your inability to realize that being “different” doesnt’ mean that prejudice against you is justified.

    you could learn a LOT from warren- he’s not afraid of bigots, so why are you? clearly, being “normal” hasn’t helped you in the confidence department one bit….

  15. Timothy says

    This is NOT a gay story. Stop telling gay boys that they are really transvestites and wannabe girls. Gay boys are boys. Most crossdressers are heterosexual.

    If this kid wants to crossdress, he should go for it. I have nothing against him. But that doesn’t mean that he is necessarily gay or that this story has anything to do with the millions of gay boys who would never put on women’s clothing.

    Blogs like Towleroad are promoting stereotypes.

  16. says

    oh, i get it now. a young black gender-nonconformist whose father accepts and understands him, and now on come the anonymous boys who aren’t accepted even though they’re *not* gender-nonconformists.
    i see. that’s gotta hurt. seeing some ‘fem’ being accepted when you yourself, despite your “not being fem”, are not.

    what else could be the reason for such unintelligent knee-jerk responses to this story?

    “promoting stereotypes”? meaning what, exactly?
    the problem is not “stereotypes”, the problem is the knee-jrk response and assumption that all or any things deemed “stereotypical” are in any way inherently negative.

    which they’re not.

    why are those who take such insecure issue with these “stereotypes” always the least willing to show themselves? don’t be mad that this boy has bigger balls than you. learn how to stand proud, whomever and however you are, like Warren is.

  17. RoadWayYur says

    Warren. Dig deep my friend. Despite all of the “You Go Girl!!” encouragement you are receiving from from littlekiwi et al, you have the gift of testosterone and brains to do better than serve as a laughing stock on the local news. Reach high my friend, otherwise all you have at the end of your rainbow is a job at a hair salon.

  18. Francis says

    Culver=Calvert in my post, of course, silly error, sorry.

    No-one is running out to buy a dress as a result of stories like this. No-one is implying gay=cross dresser, and I think all but the ignorant know this isn’t the case. The thing is that there ARE a lot of gay/bi men out there who are more effeminate, and who are gender queer identifying, and guess what, they deserve support. This desperation to disassociate with all guys out there who don’t conform to gender stereotypical behavior is pathetic and it’s hateful.

    It’s about conformity, and to socially conservative, uptight straights, we are all the same. We’re all different and none of us conform. So when a kid is discriminated like this, it affects our entire community. It’s a message that, if you’re “different”, you’re bad. And that’s something that we cannot run away from, whether one wants to admit it or not.

  19. says

    stories like this always bring out the anonymous cowards.

    of course this story angers them. a “fem” guy isn’t afraid of bigots and bullies, and has the support of his father.

    that’s gotta upset the legions of conservative gay men who aren’t accepted, no matter how “manly” they think they are.

  20. RoadWayYur says

    If one takes note, anytime a comment runs afoul of keeping our young men feminized within a repressive LGBT-activist culture that limits their success, the author will always be scandalized because we can be out to everyone and enjoy a life that doesn’t limit us to behaving within their pre-defined boundaries.

    Young men, please. Choose your role models carefully. Warren didn’t wake up on the day of the news story with the original idea of dressing like a drag queen, rather, his community role models gave him the idea.

    Note to Warren: You CAN be gay, have friends inside AND outside of the gay community, and enjoy gratifying successes in your work and home life…but probably not if your going to wear a skirt to the office. Just because a community tells you you should be able to do something doesn’t mean you should.

  21. says

    road, you’re a coward and a wimp.

    your message seems to be “do what the bigoted bullies say”

    your message is one of cowardice, that warren will likely never follow, and thank God for that.

    stop being angry that the guy in the dress has bigger balls than you ever will.

  22. RoadWayYur says

    C’mon LittleKiwi. Let’s be friends. Because you know, I can have gay friends OR straight friends. I could nurture you as a person, show you how true cowardice is being too afraid to leave your “community,” and that life is so rich and rewarding beyond identifying simply as a gay man.

    For the record, I took at look at your gay-focused blog. You’re hot, even if you are so angry.

  23. says

    Roadwayyur, IKR!!

    Anyway, I can’t cosign on this stuff. I don’t think that a learning institution is a stage. I don’t care if LK calls me stupid or pathetic or self hating, which I’m not. I used to srsly take the time to read your comments because you’re usually so spot on, but since you totally disrespected me the other day for talking about MY experience as a gay kid, I’m over it. Not everyone who has a divergent opinion or experience than you is “the enemy.” And all conservative values aren’t evil.

    BTW, I’m not posting anon so you can’t accuse me of that either. Check out my site, there’s a pic of my boyfriend and I. I’m the black guy.

  24. Chuck Mielke says

    @ Nikko: Maybe it’s not, specifically, a “gay rights” issue. It’s still a bullying issue because bullying targets anyone who is different for any reason. Warren has thrown down the gauntlet in his school. Good for him!

    Anecdote: When I was in college and earning my own money (but still living with my parents) I bought a really gorgeous monks robe for myself. My mom insisted that I take it back to the store because it was “a woman’s garment.” How did she know? It’s single button, at the throat, was on the left. (A relic from when “proper” women were dressed by a maid, not by themselves.)

    Now, to me, this is a telling evidence of just how deeply gender-polarized we are as a culture: clothes have to fastened differently, even though they perform the same function for both genders, and women are no longer dressed by others. The outrage of civil leaders, when some declare the irrelevance of clothing as a meaningful symbol, is further proof of the deep division of status between “male” and “female.”

  25. andrew says

    Are you kidding me? This young man should be suspended.Schools have to have rules of decorum. His appearence must be a distraction from the learning process. If he is a boy he should dress like a boy, study hard, get a good education. If he wants to dress like a girl after graduation let him do it then. Equal rights doesn’t mean there are never any rules. He should be told there are rules that students must obey. Cut the nonsense. If he was my son, he would not leave the house dressed like that. Period. If I was his classroom teacher, I would not allow him in my class to disrupt the educational process.

  26. vanndean says

    Roadwayyur, Reach high my friend, otherwise all you have at the end of your rainbow is a job at a hair salon.

    Suppose that he does go to beauty school and has a job at a hair salon. If he is any good at his job, he can do 8 head jobs a day at 50 dollars each. That is 400 dollars a day. If he only works 3 days a week (TFS) that is 1200 dollars a week without counting tips. Working only 50 weeks out of the years that means that his income, without figuring any tips, is 60,000 dollars a year. Beats having a teaching certificate in most states, all to hell and gone. Looks a lot better than a minimum wage six day a week, eight hours a day, 18,000 dollar schtick.

  27. RoadWayYur says

    VANNDEAN, your point is fair and I should have articulated mine better. If hairdressing, or any other gay-dominated field of work is Warren’s passion, I hope he rises to the top in it.

    What I should have expressed is that when a young man chooses a role model and hears encouragement for behavior that makes him a laughing stalk on the evening news, he is more likely to be misdirected away from that those mentors outside of an activist culture who could help a young gay man mainstream into a larger society and to further change the majority’s hearts and mind. Becoming a clown for the local news will have the opposite affect on Warren’s future prospects. More than that, he will be limited to only gay-dominated lines of work because his encouragement from sites like this will result in those being the only fields he would be accepted to.

    Warren, please don’t wear skirts to school. If your are transgender on the other hand, say so and I wish you a safe and happy transition as you embrace your true gender. Otherwise, if you are bisexual as the reporter tells us, don’t wear the skirt to school (or job interviews), and focus on grades and your future. More importantly, find yourself a mentor who will encourage you to navigate your world as an out gay man, makes good grades, and don’t let anyone ever again turn your life into a side show for the evening news.

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