Log Cabin Republicans In ‘Ongoing’ Conversation With Mitt Romney


Pundits and press have been wondering whether or not the gay group Log Cabin Republicans will come out to endorse Mitt Romney ahead of the GOP's nominating convention this summer.

An endorsement would tacitly signal that the group approves of Romney's claims that he'll constitutionally ban marriage equality. Sitting on the sidelines, meanwhile, may diminish their role in the 2012 election and the Republican party as a whole.

The LCR is clearly well aware that they have to make a decision and have been participating in "ongoing" discussions with Romney's camp to see if they can — and should — work with him.

From the Christian Post:

Log Cabin Republicans, a gay political action group, is in "ongoing" discussions with Mitt Romney's campaign and the Republican National Committee on a variety of issues, said the group's director, which most likely includes same-sex marriage and employment discrimination policies. The group will be meeting over the summer to determine whether to endorse Romney prior to the GOP convention. 

"I can't confirm the details of our conversations because they are of a 'private nature,'" the group's Deputy Executive Director Christian Berle told The Christian Post. "We're in ongoing conversations with the Romney campaign and the RNC on the issues that are important to gay Republicans."

Earlier this week, the Los Angeles Times reported that Log Cabin Republicans founder Rich Tafel said that "I think he (Romney) does oppose gay marriage, but the speed with which he jumped on and rode that issue struck me as political."

Please, everything that man does is political.


  1. Nick says

    “in an ongoing conversation”?-whatever for?

    Magic underwear wearing Mittens isn’t going to betray his Mormon beliefs- not now-not ever.

  2. jpeckjr says

    Of course everything he does is political. He’s a politician. Of course, he’s a poliician with no priniciples. But, still, no one should ever be surprised a politician does something political.

  3. K in VA says

    Will the Uncle Tom Republicans endorse Mittens? Is the Pope a homophobe?

  4. Beef and Fur says

    Maybe they should get him to rebuke that anti gay pledge he signed?

    Of course the LCR are going after Mitt. They need his approval and acceptance to fulfill their ongoing need of mock validation of themselves.

    It’s the Sally Field Oscar moment, over and over and over again.

  5. K in DC says

    Instead of attacking the LCR for their affiliation, perhaps you should all look at the bigger picture. They are a voice for equality in an otherwise intolerant party; they reach out to moderate Republicans who waver on gay issues; they counter the chorus of anti-gay, right-wing nutjobs within the Republican Party. They face tremendous opposition from both the right and the left, yet they persevere. When this blog repeatedly posts articles saying that intolerant attitudes are consistently changed when people actually deal with gay people one on one, I find it reprehensible that readers attack the only group willing to directly work within the Republican Party to do so. I don’t agree with their politics, but I do staunchly admire their courage to work to “fix” their party.

  6. says

    Romney opposed the hate crimes bill, he wanted to keep DADT and that he believes we are second class people not entitled to Constitutional equality.

    Romney and the Mormons are funding, rather successfully, a supremacy campaign that is having us reclassified as legally inferior and themselves as superior subject to special rights and privileges.

    Mitt Romney is perfect for the Log Cabins because he is a pathological liar and these folks identify because they lie to themselves.

    Laws are being passed against us and the log cabin people are helping fund the campaign.

    One word sums them up. ENEMY.

  7. Rick says

    I really wish this Belonsky character would stop subbing here. There’s a reason people come to Towleroad, instead of Queerty, for their news. Save us the snark.

  8. Mic says

    Yeah…they’ll endorse romney about one day before the election. That won’t give FRC, NOM, or the rest of the ignorant moron breeders on the right time to complain.

    “Maybe they should get him to rebuke that anti gay pledge he signed?”


    Don’t you mean ‘Refudiate’?

  9. jomicur says

    It can hardly be called a “conversation” when everyone involved will be saying the same exact thing. More like a group monolog, spouting Republican bullcrap.

  10. MarcusW says

    Conversation? I presume you are all okay with this:

    “I agree with 3,000 years of recorded history. I disagree with the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts. Marriage is an institution between a man and a woman. I will support an amendment to the Massachusetts constitution to make that expressly clear. Of course, basic civil rights, and certain appropriate benefits should be available to people in non-traditional relationships. But marriage is a special institution between a man and a woman, and our Constitution and laws should reflect that.”

    — Mitt Romney

  11. jack says

    Log Cabin Republicans. What a sorry lot they are. They are begging to be allowed into a club that doesn’t want them. They are like Dignity Catholics. Grow up guys, there are many organizations that will accept you. Or do you think they are “gods” answer to truth? If you do, you had better shape up or “perish” LOL

  12. jack says

    @Marcusw: You do know that when Romney ran for the senate seat in Mass, he told gay people that he would be a better friend to them than Sen Kennedy, who was the champion of equal rights for LGBT folks in the Senate. Romney has no core beliefs. His only belief is that he wants to be POTUS. I have far more respect for a man like Santorum, who I disagree with on 90% of the issues. However, Santorum has a core set of beliefs and tells us what they are. Romney’s only core belief is that he wants to be president and will do whatever to achieve that goal. A very dangerous man.

  13. TrueAmerican56 says

    The LCR are akin to the Jewish prison guards in the concentration camps, pretending that working with their enemy, somehow saves them, it doesn’t. The LCR have been rebuked at every Republican function, they are tolerated because they bring in some votes, but they are unwanted and their beliefs, if they have any, is unappreciated.

    The leadership of the LCR only cares about the money that comes into the organization from gays who think they fight for gay causes with the Republican party. If it was so, name ONE major gay agenda that the LCR have been able to push through, the end of DADT does not count because that wasn’t a Republican initiative and had very little Republican support, very little.

  14. Bob says

    @TrueAmerican56 — OK, but the main point is that these sick fairies are so tied up in a cause that will NEVER “whiten” them that they cannot see that they slit their own throats. At least the ass-kissers in the concentration camps were not raising money for Hitler.
    They also remind me of the “House Nxxxxxs” who lorde it over the “Field Hands” on the Plantations– they were ALL slaves, anyhow.

  15. jack says

    Any LGBT person who works for the republican party has to be filled with some self loathing. How could anyone work for an organization that doesn’t recognize them as full and complete human being? It is as clear to me that a black member of the Klan or a Jewish member of the Nazi party is no more obsurd than a gay member of the Republican prty.

  16. NVTodd says

    If you’re gay and you don’t have any friends that are Republicans, you live a pathetic, sheltered life.

    The concepts of diversity and tolerance are not fostered by equating everyone that votes for a Republican candidate to self loathing, black Klan members, Jewish Nazis, etcetera.

    All you’re doing is showing how remarkably hypocritical and stupid you are.

    I’m glad the LRC is there. They’re doing the hard work the rest of you dipshits are too ineffectual to even imagine possible.

  17. mary says

    NVTODD, While Log Cabin is not viewed too favorably by most Towleroad readers, I think there must be some “closeted” Log Cabin supporters here. Log Cabin Republicans have to be given credit for persisting in what is still basically a very anti-gay rights party. While I don’t agree with all the goals of LCR, I’ve come to have more respect for the group as I learn more about it’s history and achievements. The work they did in the 1970’s defeating the Briggs Initiative was amazing. They even brought on board Ronald Reagan! While I can see why most gays would consider them sell-outs, I can also see why LCR is needed to provide some counterbalance to the hard right on social issues.