1. stevenelliot says

    wanna make a bet that next up is an anti abortion bill that they will all love and vote for……and it has nothing to do with jobs or the economy

  2. Caliban says

    There is nothing I can say about this that wouldn’t be blocked by Towleroad’s nanny-ware.

  3. WOW says

    Nice spin. Really, how much time would it have taken to pass this bill? This would have already been law if you weren’t spending so much time trying to tie the bill up and hoping time ran out on it. Btw this was a SPECIAL session, it wouldn’t have taken time away from the other precious issues you pretend to actually care about. But nice try trying to blame every one else. What a sad human being.

  4. TampaZeke says

    I’m sorry. I couldn’t pay attention to anything he said. I was too busy checking out the rockin biker porn stache in the background!

  5. Pointed says

    May he get the flesh-eating bacteria starting in his groin and them move to his mouth via his arse-hole.

  6. Stephen Pickard says

    Mr Speaker of the Colordao House…YOU ARE GAY! My Gaydar has gone off like crazy!

  7. says

    I’m confused…I keep looking for the specific job-creation work that the GOP keeps insisting is “more important” but they’re not actually doing anything, ANYTHING, to create more jobs for Americans.

    Now, I know there are Gay republicans, were all heard from them this week when they expressed their anger and resentment about President Obama supporting marriage for same-sex couples.
    So, where are they now? Where are their voices?

    The GOP continues to pander to the bigoted religious-right and Gay republicans are silent, as usual.

    this, boys, is the reason you’re not accepted or loved. you grovel, and nobody loves a beggar.

  8. Francis says

    Let me first say, my heart goes out to all affected by this decision in Colorado. This is political pandering at it’s worst. The public supports the civil unions bill, the votes were there in the House, and McNulty killed the bill and in the process killed 55 other bills, solely because he wanted to show off his anti-gay credentials.

    This is what we’re up against, boys and girls. Especially with Obama coming out for marriage equality, you better expect some serious backlash against us by social conservatives. We have to make McNulty, and all social conservatives and anti-gay politicians PAY for their bigotry. November will be the most important elections for our community and we better come out strongly and make sure the right people are making these decisions.

  9. PJ says

    The GOP ARE busy creating jobs…in China, India, Mexico, etc. They have been for years and know they pretend to care about the American worker? Yeah right!!!

  10. dearcomrade says

    Another Christo-fascist that is using tried & true Nazi tactics to push his religious agenda. People like this guy are actually worse then Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. They’ll bring on their version of a christian caliphate without firing a shot.

  11. Michele says

    Excuse me Mister Speaker but how can you focus on job creation and the economy when you single handily BLOCKED 50 some other bills from even being dealt with in an effort to avoid this one?

  12. michaeld1948 says

    I hope Hickenlooper has people digging into McNulty’s affairs. How many JOBS bills has the legislature passed THIS SESSION?

  13. KC says

    McNulty is an embarrassment to Colorado, plain and simple, and he does *NOT* represent the views of most here. The tide will eventually turn, and his place in history is secured. Add him to the cast in this video:

  14. Barry Cohen says

    You and all of the extremists on the right are digusting individuals. You all talk about your crap about focusing on the importance of economics and not speaking to “divisive social issues”. The GOP does nothing but talk about social issues and has done so for as many years as I can remeber whenever we have a Democrat in the White House. Other than going aganst Mr Obamas presidency, you guys want America to fail so you can dump a great leader and put in Robme and follow the teabaggers and their idiotic ideas for my country.

  15. PJ says

    I just get so tired of politicians trying to blame everything and everyone else when they are the ones to blame. Stand up and have the courage of your convictions and just say, you shut it down because YOU don’t want it to go through. Man up dude!!!

  16. Graphicjack says

    Where was the GOP pushing for job creation during the eight years of The Shrub? They are the idiots who CREATED the crappy economy, and NOW they want to focus on fixing it? I smell bs.

  17. says

    Clearly he’s never looked int the amount of jobs passing such legislation would bring about. Wedding (and civil unions) are big business so surely making sure more of them happen = more jobs and more money bouncing around the economy?

  18. Peter M. says

    And just when I thought you couldn’t get any lower than Frank McNulty, I found out this: The Republican who ultimately killed this bill has a gay son…

    (From the Denver Post):
    Even committee member Rep. Don Coram, R-Montrose, who has a gay son, said he couldn’t vote for the bill. He cited the 2006 vote by Coloradans to ban gay marriage.

    “What you’re asking me to do here is invalidate the vote of six years ago,” Coram said. “I’m concerned that the gay community is being used as a political pawn. For four years we had a Democrat governor, a Democrat house and a Democrat Senate. The issue never came up. It only came up when we got a split house.
    “I think that’s wrong.”

    But he has no problem at all to cast a vote for keeping his son a second class citizen.
    Let’s tell him, in a polite and respectful way, what you think about his vote.

    Contact Rep. Don Coram
    200 E Colfax
    Denver, CO 80203

  19. Munro says

    How can he toy with peopleals lives in such a profound way? There’s a special place in hell for this f*cking toolbag.

  20. D.R.H. says

    This is so unsurprising coming from these scum. What disappoints me is the lack of verbal abuse the Democrats give them as a result. Why are the Dems screaming bloody murder and calling out these theocratic, soulless monsters for what they are? Instead, they fire back with a little slap on the wrist. So pathetic.

  21. says

    He is a 39 year old, single, catholic and knights of columbus member, my gaydar is beeping.

  22. Giselle says

    So McNulty has finally found a committee that would not let it go through. Case of forth time lucky, eh?
    What a poor excuse for a human being. Shame on him.