National Day of Prayer Rally Becomes ‘Amendment One’ Exorcism in Gaston County, NC

In case it wasn't clear that the fight over Amendment One in NC has become an un-holy war, the Gaston Gazette reports:

GastonAbout 50 people gathered outside the Gaston County Courthouse for the annual National Day of Prayer observance.

“No apologies today. We’re praying,” said Ancil Overbey, executive director of the Crisis Pregnancy Center of Gaston County. “Marriage is God’s institution, it’s not ours. It is a crime that we are having to vote for this….But we are going to vote and we are going to vote as Christians.”

An insert in the day of prayer program listed consequences of voting against the defense of marriage amendment, points against same-sex marriage and what the same-sex marriage debate is not about.

“God I pray today that we stand in unity. As we look to the state of North Carolina, we’re at a pivotal moment,” said Pastor Kevin Kellough of the Church of the New Testament of the Firstborn. “We are ready and equipped as the persons and the sons of God to stand in the gap and make up the hedge, for there is ungodliness trying to redefine marriage. God we reject the lifestyle, those that choose against nature, those who do not like to retain the knowledge of God in their hearts.”

(h/t Pam Spaulding)


  1. Joseph says

    While these people are standing around talking to their imaginary friends the real purpose of this bigoted, hateful and racist amendment is being broadcast from sea to sea. As the wife of the senator who authored the amendment said “amendment one was written to preserve the Caucasian race.” These people still haven’t gotten over abolition.

  2. Rich F. says

    Well, these idiots do have one thing right: it *is* a crime that they’re voting on a constitutional amendment designed specifically to deny rights to their fellow citizens.

    Bloody Christianists…

  3. gr8guyca says

    Why do any of these votes matter? The true fight is in the Supreme Court. If they decide in favor of marriage equality, then all of these laws will be declared unconstitutional.

    While the Justices of the Supreme Court – although “Justice” is rapidly becoming an ironic title – are divided, it’s our best hope to end all of this debate.

    With so many states, chiefly New York, having approved marriage equality by legislative vote, I find it hard to imagine that the Supreme Court would actually take away a right that has been given to so many.

    It would be the first time in American history that a right that has been given to a group has then been taken away. It would permanently stain the reputation of the Supreme Court and undermine its credibility to millions of Americans.

  4. Disgusted American says

    gr8guyca – I understand what your saying – and in my opinion – I think the SCOTUS KNOWS this will be on thier lap NO later then 2015…..and IF they think for one moment that they could strip away the RIGHTS of 10’s of 1000’s of Gay Americans…..well, I dont know about you – but at 51 (with more yrs behind then ahead)..Im willing to DIE for mY RIGHTS!

  5. says

    Against Nature? What species does not have homosexuality? Do they not claim their God created all species? Even so, what does their religious belief have to do with mine? Why should their religious views ignore the separation of the church and state? Why do they not move to Iran?

  6. Tom in long beach says

    How can they be so sure to know the mind of God ? How can they be so sure that this is following the Golden Rule ? Some people in islamic countries are sure women should not be in public without being covered head to toe. It is very unspiritual to not want everyone to have equal rights and protection. They need to pray for their own marriages.

  7. Tom in long beach says

    How can they be so sure to know the mind of God ? How can they be so sure that this is following the Golden Rule ? Some people in islamic countries are sure women should not be in public without being covered head to toe. It is very unspiritual to not want everyone to have equal rights and protection. They need to pray for their own marriages.

  8. stevenelliot says

    the question begs to be asked….. “if this were a battle over segregation, would african americans prevail in todays majority vote climate?” I think theyd be in the same boat the LGBT crowd is now…..Its a sad protrait of what this country has become

  9. Acronym Jim says

    I seem to remember a bible verse from way back in my closet days that is appropriate to these scared, ignorant “activists.” What was it? Oh, yeah….

    Matthew 6:5: “And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.”

  10. says

    If “Marriage is God’s institution” why are Christians in civil marriages? They should be getting their benefits and protections from God, not from the State, if that’s what they actually believe.

  11. John Freeman says

    I agree, religion is a mental illness. “Church of the New Testament of the Firstborn”? I guess I couldn’t be a member (even if I wanted to) as I am the second born in my family. What the hell? These people make no sense whatsoever.

  12. TommyB says

    Every time I see these folks with their heads thrown back, hands u in the air and rocking from side to side, the first thing that pops into my head is the term “Mass Hysteria”

  13. JONES says

    Organized zealotry wielding political force to subjugate another group of citizens.
    Too blinded with zealotry to see that they’re trying to force their religious views onto others. Unable or unwilling to see the similarity between themselves and theocratic Iran.

    What happens next? This kind of zealotry feeds upon power gained and will be seeking fresh victims to sacrifice. Are Mormons next to be declared not Christian enough ? Protestants ? Jews ? Maybe divorcees? Children born out of wedlock ? Maybe those from their own flock who just don’t seem zealous enough.

    Go home tonight self-proud defenders of your faith and know that when you cast your vote for this you will be inflicting the death knoll to your soul.

  14. Mic says

    Religion is the excuse stupid people have for flunking out of life. Its not only a crutch, its a frigging mega-bus packed to the ceiling with morons too stupid to understand anything in life.

    Ban Civil Marriage? Hell, Ban Religion!

  15. Francis says

    May the god these Christians pray to judge them with as much compassion as they now judge the relationships of other people they do not even know as unworthy! May the god of these people turn away from them as they go out of their way to make the lives and families of gay people miserable and may that god bless these followers with an abundance of the misery they so freely heap onto others!

  16. Cassandra says

    Atheism is a prejudice, as Joseph’s, and Mawm’s, and Steve’s and John Freeman’s (homophobes declare that homosexuality is a mental illness Steve and John), and Mic’s posts demonstrate.

    It’s only purpose is to give these people a socially acceptable excuse to denigrate and dehumanize other people. They are no better than homophobes or racists.

  17. JJ says

    @Cassandra: “Atheism is a prejudice”

    Ha! Prejudice is making up your mind without the facts. So all you have to do is prove that what your faith professes is true. Or do you want to talk about hypocrisy?

  18. Cocoa says

    You know, I’m happy and depressed at the same time. I’m depressed that this is happening in my very own town. I was scared when I read that Gaston County was in the headlines. I have lived here my entire life. I don’t want to leave home. I have friends, family, and a place built here… It is wrong, that the majority hold the rights of the minority to a vote.

    “Majorities do not decide
    what is right or wrong. Your conscience does. So why should a citizen surrender his or her conscience to a legislator? No, we must never, ever kneel down before the tyranny of a majority.”

    Does anyone recognize where that is from? Since I saw that scene in the Great Debaters, I have felt compelled to burn it into my memory. It makes me smile that no one has labeled all of Gaston County, or NC in the same group as those who make the headlines such as this. Though it is true we have our fair share of issues, there are still some small pockets of those with compasiion here. Thank you.

  19. Dearcomrade says

    To quote the late Christopher Hitchens. “It’s called faith because it is not knowledge.” This measure will pass because North Carolina is overpopulated with superstitious hillbillies. It took a civil war to get their ancestors to end slavery folks. They’ve proven how hard they will hold on to their bigotry.