Priest Who Tried To Hire Hit Man To Kill Sex Assault Victim Sentenced To 60 Years

Fiala2-230x300Four years ago in western Texas, Catholic priest John Fiala initiated a non-consensual sexual relationship with a 16-year-old boy. Fiala would drive the boy to his girlfriend's house and the pair would stop at a motel along the route, where the priest force himself upon his passenger. On other occasions, Fiala assaulted the boy in his car and in the rectory of his church. At one point, he made the boy perform sex acts at gunpoint.

From the Dallas News:

[The boy] never told his family about the attacks because he was so scared.

“I felt like I was saving their lives,” the accuser, now 20, testified this morning in a Dallas County courtroom.

After numerous rapes and assaults, Fiala attempted to hire a Dallas hit man to kill his victim. The attempt failed, and the boy lived to testify against the ex-priest, who's now 53.

On Thursday, Fiala was convicted in a Dallas County courtroom of trying to hire the hit man. (Fiala still faces sex assault charges in Edwards County.) On Friday, Fiala was sentenced to 60 years in prison. He'll be eligible for parole in 2027.

From the Dallas News:

In closing arguments, prosecutors asked for a life sentence for ex-priest John Fiala. Defense attorney Rex Gunter said anything more than 15 years would be a "travesty."


  1. kit says

    The Catholic Church long ago lost any claim it had to moral legitimacy. Yet the church leaders keep talking, keep condemning us, keep hating on women, keep protecting abusers, keep attacking nuns for caring too much for the poor, etc. etc. As a former Catholic, all I can say to the people who still belong to the church is, “Run!!!!”

  2. Ben in Oakland says

    He’s a child molester, and tried to hire a hit man.

    The lawyer thinks more than 15 years would be a “travesty”.

    Travesty mnight better be applied to his lawyer.

  3. NullNaught says

    @Ben in oakland
    I know how you feel – but you shouldn’t. Defense lawyers are the good guys. Every once in a while they have to take on a case we wish they wouldn’t; but we need them to do this so the justice system can work. If you one day need a defense lawyer, you are going to want them to advocate for you as rigourously as possible. This lawyer is doing the only ethical thing that he can. His client is the bad guy; the lawyer is a good guy with a distasteful job that has to be done sincerely and to the best of his ability or the system falls apart.
    Please attack the perpetrator of the crime all you want, but a defense lawyer is in a way an innocent by-stander. He has to do what he does and say what he says.
    If he starts advocating for his client outside the court by telling people he is not so bad or something, then I start to have a real problem with this. It is not a lawyers job to try cases in the court of public opinion and that is unethical. But I don’t think this lawyer has done that.

  4. Michaelandfred says

    Maybe if he worked for a college and not the church there would be national outrage over this and the media would be making noise. Tens of thousands of children raped and the public tsk’s tsk’s, shrugs and shakes their head and moves on. Would any other business or institution in this country survive a handful of child rape cover ups, let alone thousands(!!) and still be allowed to exist?

  5. Continuum says

    Now, isn’t time we started indicting and convicting some of those Roman Catholic bishops who enabled these pedophiles to be transferred from parish to parish.

  6. ratbastard says

    @David Ehrenstein,

    I actually agree with you.


    A ‘man of the cloth’ [or woman] of any denomination or religion who abuses the faith and respectability society and even the law places in them so egregiously must be harshly dealt with. Same goes for law enforcement officers, teachers [clearly there’s a serious issue with pervs getting into teaching], doctors, scout leaders, coaches, etc.


    I was recently reading about the problem of abuse within the Hasidim Jewish community in NY, where the Brooklyn DA [Byrne] has refused to prosecute Rabbis for flagrant abuse because of political pressure. It’s not just Catholics, but the R.C. Church is an enormous and wealthy/powerful institution.

  7. Bob says

    When Rome stops concentrating on Gays marrying, contraception and abortion, etc. you can think about it — for now, you are feeding the hand that slaps you.

  8. BrokebackBob says

    This sick f**k deserves nothing but
    life-imprisonment in solitary confinement
    with no contact with the outside world.
    The Catholic Church should be directed by
    the court to pay the victim at least
    50 million dollars (after tax) and then
    be forced to pay all the victim’s court
    costs, medical costs and any other costs
    even remotely connected with the case.
    he would periodically be made to watch
    CGI generated videos of he himself as a
    teen being sexually assaulted by himself
    as an adult over and over again. No parole
    of course. Waterboarding just for fun and if he actually drowns by accident, oops!

  9. says

    You MIGHT have a point if the secular institutions you mention were making outrageous claims about being the ONLY, TRUE and HOLY representatives of GOD on earth as the Roman Catholic church does. But they DON’T. And YOU don’t! And there’s no evidence that the WHOLE educational system regularly hides any or all of its rotten apples, as the Roman Catholic church does.

  10. UFFDA says

    No no no BROKEBACK, that’s all too nice…just chop him up slowly in one of those grocery store meat slicers leaving a hand free to instant-dial the hit man he really meant to contact so that the guy can come over and shoot him.

  11. andrew says

    There is no such thing as an ex-priest. The Catholic church teaches that once a man is ordained a priest, he is a priest forever. So let them deal with this priest’s evil deeds.

  12. and yet again says

    The real joke is that there are people who believe that this man can wave his hand in the air, spout some incantations and forgive sins!

    Everyone who sits in a Catholic church is an enabler of this nonsense that makes priests into magical figures who think they are above the law.

    Oh well, I suppose he can forgive himself.

  13. Bill Perdue says

    Religion is the enemy.

    Religion is humankind’s greatest tragedy.

    It’s time to tax the cults, secularize their schools, hospitals and universities and close their seminaries to prevent child abuse and rape.

    It’s time to create laws and regulations that forbid priests, imams, preachers, rabbis, mullahs or pastors near children without armed guards being present to protect the children.

    It’s time to arrest der Papenfuehrer, the college of cardinals, roman cult bishops and archbishops as accessories to rape and child molestation.

    It’s time to prosecute the roman cult as an international organization of child rapists and those who conspire to aid child rapists and to appoint a Special Prosecutor attached to the World Court to arrest and prosecute cult members and leaders who are accessories to rape.

    It’s time to confiscate all the wealth of the roman cult to compensate their victims.

    It’s time to get real and get mean.

  14. Simon says

    1) Many people say ‘God hates gays’ and keep using the word ‘God’ not ‘Jesus’. The fact is Jesus Christ NEVER CONDEMNED HOMOSEXUALITY and Christ is the God for Christians. Some may then say God is the Father, but there’s no such religion of ‘Godian’ , ‘Fatherian’ or whatever. So for people to still believe ‘God hates gays’, either those people are taking GOP as ‘GOD’, (GOP are indeed one of the biggest bigots and of course the false ‘God’), or those religious nuts are worshiping a different ‘God’ other than Jesus. Either way homophobes bigots are not followers of Christ but ANTICHRIST rather as they share a different view of belief from Christ!

    2)In the religion Christianity, the believers are followers of Christ and it’s clearly stated by Jesus that His top 2 commandments are above all other biblical laws and they should follow those. The top 2 commandments are to love God and to love your neighbor as yourself. So again, religious nuts just like pharisees, are ANTICHRIST who are obsessed with all others nonsense religious laws which they put as higher importance to those of Jesus top commandments! Jesus condemned such religious nuts just as those pharisees.


    MALE HOMOSEXUALS ON THIS SITE SHOULD BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THAT,”pedophile” WORD. THE YOUNG MALE IN THIS ARTICLE IS SIXTEEN. I CAN ALMOST GUARANTEE THE MAJORITY OF THE MALES IN THIS FORUM WERE SEXUALLY ACTIVE AT SIXTEEN. SOME OF YOU – LIKE, ME – WERE ACTIVE IN THE “SINGLE DIGITS.” [Let’s be “real” guys, every homosexual boy at the onset of puberty WILL have sex with a man if the opportunity presents itself. PLEASE DON’T BE HYPOCRITES on this issue. I was seven when I started having sex with mature men; I am not ashamed, nor, should you]

  16. John Bernadyn says

    When Clergy Are Asked To Leave Quietly, There Is No Justice

    (CHICAGO) – Br. John Woulfe, an ex-Marianist brother, has been accused by numerous ex-students at Chaminade College Preparatory School in St. Louis, MO of sexually molesting them. Of course, he wasn’t the only member of this religious community accused of such acts. There were many more. Many, many more.
    In 2002, Michael Powel filed a lawsuit against Chaminade College Preparatory School for a lifetime of suffering and damages (2002. Powel v Chaminade College Preparatory, Inc, Marianist Province of the United States, Archbishop Justin Rigali, William Christensen [aka Fr. William Christensen, S.M.] and John Woulfe [aka Br. John Woulfe, S.M.]). Powel would ultimately win the lawsuit for millions of dollars several years later.
    Br. John Woulfe, after being accused of inappropriate sexual behavior with students in the 1970s left the Society of Mary (aka “Marianists”). Instead of notifying the local police department for prosecution Fr. Robert Osbourne, the school principal, allowed Woulfe to leave ‘quietly’. Unfortunately, this did not stop Woulfe’s desire to prey on the weak and vulnerable.
    Eventually Woulfe would end up in the small town of Onarga, Illinois. In this area, Woulfe would once again continue his predatory sexual behavior on children until he was caught. “John Woulfe was a monster,” recalls Illinois-based author John Bernadyn in his newly released memoir Betrayed By The State: A Ward of the State Speaks Out in which he discusses the experiences he faced with this ex-clergyman. “He was demeaning, pushy, and manipulative.”
    After suspicion took hold of this town, Woulfe moved to the small town of Watseka, Illinois. He landed a position as a guidance counselor in the Kankakee School District – an occupation he knew all too well while serving at Chaminade. In 2002, Woulfe was arrested for predatory sexual behavior with a student. Defiantly, he refused to appear at court hearings.
    Woulfe would eventually find himself in a nursing home after suffering a stroke and ultimately dying in 2005 from the after-effects. “The real tragedy in this case is that all the people he victimized would never get to tell him directly how they felt or if they ever forgave him. I, too, felt robbed of this chance to say I forgave him but would never forget,” said Bernadyn.
    All allegations of sexual abuse are now required to be reported to local justice authorities. “This is a little too late,” whispers Bernadyn.

  17. Scotch says

    Damn, maybe all the pending buttsex he’s up for in the slammer will knock that inbred googly eye of his back into whack. I hope someone’ll be spending lots of time in his Graybar Rectory with he’s at the Church of Schlongschlurpen.

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