1. bobbyjoe says

    If Mitt tells you his sexual “preference” is doggy style, be careful, ’cause he plans to strap you to the roof of his car.

  2. Rick says


    They muzzled him and never supported him in the face of withering attacks from the right. Mitt’s clear vote of no confidence spoke volumes about which constituency he believes he needs to kiss up to. Spoiler: it’s not GOProud or LCR.

  3. Forrest says

    Note how it’s a “preference” for us but always an orientation for heteros. Because being gay is like picking up a yoga or a second language. Pathetic.

  4. Dastius Krazitauc says

    If he was so capable, why did he not act as your foreign policy spokesman even once during the time he had the job?

  5. says

    Really? Ric just wanted to “move on”? That’s the best you could come up with, Mittens?

    Because people always want to move on from their jobs 5 seconds after they get them. At least Mitt’s use of that oh-so-modern term “sexual preference” makes it clear he’ll be stepping right up to the plate on gay rights.

  6. Terry says

    “We’re sorry to see him go, but Bryan Fischer and Tony Perkins gave us our orders. Priorities are priorities, after all”.

    Jesus, what a spineless, quivering plate of Jello he is.

  7. pdxblueyes says

    And what did YOU say to him when you called him to persuade him to say? OH… you DIDN’T call him. I See.

  8. Swiminbuff says

    “preference” !!!!!
    Preference is when you prefer to strap your dog to the roof of the car instead of preferring to have it inside the vehicle with the family.
    Yeah, you hired Grennell based on his qualifications but your “preference” was that he not be seen or heard from. Your “preference” was influenced by Fischer and Perkins not wanting gay people on your campaign at all, so you gave into the “preference” of the extreme right wing of your party.
    Personally my “preference” would be that you grow some balls and stand up to the extremists of your party and at least act as if you could be a Presidnet for all Americans.

  9. Randy says

    Understand this for what it is.

    Fox News and their designated chosen realized yesterday that this story has legs, and it is making Romney look weak and beholden to the right wingers. So they agreed to put Romney on tv to “explain” away the situation. His advisors crafted a carefully worded response that would allow the AFA and right wingers to still take credit for getting putting on the pressure, but Romney can claim he had nothing to do with it.

    This was merely a part of PR stunt to squelch this story. The good news is that the story was strong enough that Fox News realized they had to do something to stop it. Whether it will remains to be seen.

    I just hope during the upcoming election reporters will dog him about this.

  10. Geoff says

    Heavens! I couldn’t even hear over the din of flying, crashing cups and saucers. This is, indeed, the stupidest tea party…

  11. ggggb says

    Ya, I feel like sexual preference is kind of insulting—which is weird because I’m not even sure that straight people are capable of a full range of emotion. So it’s bizarre that they would try to pretend like we’re just in peverted “sexual” relationships when they’re not even coherent or capable of a human relationship themselves! The man’s a total machine!

  12. aj says

    Perhaps it might have made a difference if Mittens himself called this man instead of his staff, show the individual that you respect him and his expertise enough to say “Hey screw those who don’t like that you are gay, you are the best man for this job and I want you to stay!” Perhaps that would make a difference…. While i am in now way supportive of any GLBT individual to work for anyone who is obviously against full rights for all citizens including we GLBTTQ persons, in a fairness Mittens himself should have reached out…..

  13. anon says

    A true tempest in a teapot. Romney’s going to get attacked plenty during the campaign for all the far-right craziness he’s endorsed during the primary.

  14. says

    “We select people not based upon their ethnicity or their sexual preference or their gender.”

    But we fire them because they’re gay.

  15. says

    dear mitt, please share with us the magical family mormon secret of yours that has led to having a family comprising dozens of males, none of whom are apparently gay 😀

  16. gomez says

    while it’s obvious romney plays from the right-wingers’s book that our orientation is a “choice”, “preference” should also be absolutely fine to use.

    i didn’t choose to prefer chocolate over vanilla and men over women. time to reclaim the term

  17. jim says

    This doesn’t squelch anything. It would have been better for Mittens to not even let this have been put to him for comment, at this stage. He didn’t say a single word when Grenell was being trashed by the rightwingers–sure, he didn’t piss THEM off, but the rest of the country certainly noticed a deafening silence and huge lack of acknowledgement concerning a key staff member. Mittens should be embarrassed and speak honestly about why he didn’t support his employee, not blather some smokescreen about the campaign’s hiring practices.