1. Caliban says

    The Romney campaign caved to the Religious Right. Period.

    However, Grenell is remarkably immature. He seems to think “you’re ugly and your mother dresses you funny” is valid criticism, especially when it comes to women.

  2. Michaelandfred says

    That flip flop took less than two weeks. Yes we want gays in our administration with the strict understanding they will be given no rights…oops, sorry, no, we don’t want them in the administration either. My bad.

    Wow….I’m guessing he’ll do well standing up to North Korea or Iran since he can’t even stand up to Tony Perkins or the AFA. Empty suit? He’s like a blow up sex doll.

  3. Paul R says

    I find it curious that the Romney campaign has consistently said that being gay had nothing to do with this resignation (it was “personal issues”). Clearly that’s all it had to do with. But for a Mormon with questionable conservative credentials to knowingly hire a gay guy with a cruddy history, then be surprised by a backlash? It doesn’t make sense.

    But then, I don’t care for Grenell, and I certainly don’t care for Romney.

  4. M says

    ‘In the past’ but not in the present case. Way to try to claim the moral high ground while being a hypocritical coward Mitt.

  5. Chadd says

    Despite the fact that Romney quickly caved to the extreme right on this, has promised a federal amendment to ban gay marriage and would likely appoint ultraconservative, anti-gay justices to the Supreme Court (which would delay marriage equality by at least 30 years), I’m pretty sure that Grenell and the LCR and GOProud people will still vote for Romney. If Romney is elected, then “gay republicans” who voted for him will be implicitly responsible for the shitstorm of anti-gay rulings that will come out of the Supreme Court for decades to follow.

  6. Danny says

    don’t you love it being up for debate whether or not you’re “tolerated”?

  7. says

    They didn’t want to confront the religious right because the religious right owns Mitt Romney. So, whether or not Romney personally cared whether Grenell was gay, it was clearly an issue to those who call the shots in the Romney campaign: the radical right. And Romney’s support of a constitution amendment that would not only prohibit marriage equality but invalidate 1000s of existing marriages fits nicely with the backwards views of the 2012 Republican party. Less like lip service re: tolerance, more like lies.

  8. Rowan says

    Paul R

    The GOP have a long history of having gay men make the win. In fact, it’s only being gay men who have consistently weaved the harshest campaigns for the GOP, so Romney went with this guy who looks just pure evil and seems to have no scruples to fight dirty. In fact he sounds insane.

    But what has changed now is the Internet. This means the lefty blogs were able to discuss this and it means that social conservatives were able to wield their war. Reluctantly, it meant the right wing media had to comment but the right wing media knows the score. They know when to keep quite about gays and when to make some noise. They understand when it suits their purpose.

    At the end of the day the GOP must be laughing hysterically at gay right wingers who fight to the death for them when they constantly vote against EVERY right they have but then these gays are sociopaths so…

  9. says

    I could not agree more about the turncoat queers. I heard this Grenell person speak blatant falsehoods about Obama’s foreign policy without a shred of supporting evidence. That’s typical Republican speak, make a ton of accusations and hope some stick. Whatever you may think of Obama’s spotty domestic record, his foreign policy has been pretty good.
    But it takes a special brand of hick to do the attack job so shamelessly, and Grenell was certainly one of them. I’m glad he’s gone. He made us all look bad.

  10. St. Theresa of Avila says

    The Romney campaign caved to the Religious Right. Period.

    Nope. APPEARED to cave. You have been fooled. This is all part of the plan. Google “lying for the Lord”. Romney will be the most virulently anti-LGBT president in modern history – make no mistake about this. Do not view the world through rose-colored glasses.
    Hire an un-hireable “evil queen”, who would have met a backlash even on a Democratic or Indy ticket because of his idiotic tweets, wait for the wing-nuts to go apeshit just like clockwork, then wrap it all up in a “teachable moment” (LOL) about “tolerance”. Lather, rinse, repeat.

  11. Bob says

    @St. Theresa of Avila — EXACTLY!!!

    ALL OF IT — A PLOT TO MAKE MITT MORMON LOOK MORE TOLERANT, when everyone knows that mormon policy is totally against a Gay employee who is having sex and wants to marry????????????


  12. jack says

    Grennel is a total neo con and I am glad he is out. Did he ever serve in the military that he wants to send around the world imposing American hegememony?

  13. ThomT says

    “the campaign didn’t care that Richard is gay” …

    well, actually the campaign did care which is one of the reasons they tried to keep Grenill out of sight until they could better “ease” him into the campaign without the religious right wingnuts catching wind of their hiring a gay man.

    Right now Mitt has all the power but is too stupid to know how to use it. Had he not kissed the boots of Bryan Fischer and Ralph Reed he could actually have helped build his base of support. So from here on out I guess he’ll call Fischer before making any more appointment or public declarations.

    Grenill was stupid to take the job in the first place if he didn’t know his party well enough to know this was going to happen. And Romney was even dumber if he hadn’t expected it and been prepared to defend his hiring decision.