Socarides, Mixner and Newsom All Celebrate Obama’s Gay Marriage Support


It is pretty safe to say that almost all Americans have by now heard about — and discussed — President Obama's support for gay marriage. And you can be sure that longtime allies have something to say about the news.

Richard Socarides, a former aid to President Clinton and currently one of the most outspoken proponents of equality, took to the New Yorker to offer his thoughts, writing that Obama has adjusted himself to a new American reality.

While [Obama's decision] was a useful electoral strategy, changes in public opinion and in the culture have created a new reality. Obama’s political advisers badly underestimated the extent to which the marriage issue would remain at the forefront of the national discussion—and the determination of those of us who work to keep it there.

So while this is an important moment in civil-rights history, it is also an important moment in political history—in which the lesson, for the gay community and, perhaps, for anyone advocating for change, is that words are important, but we have to insist on action from our friends.

Meanwhile, legendary activist David Mixner told BuzzFeed that Mr. Obama's support will have "enormous impact" on state-based marriage decisions. "His words and his actions will have enormous impact across the nation in many states," he said. "It could influence referendums in Washington, Maryland, and Maine."

Mixner also said he's surprised by Obama's decision to announce before the election, but that timing is not the most important element here. "The whole purpose of working all these years to reach this moment for me is to change minds, not to punish people on their timing, but to celebrate when you reach a mutual point of enlightenment."

Gavin Newsom, the former San Francisco mayor who is now California's Lieutenant Governor and also a long-time equality advocate, said that Obama's announcement proves the president's salt.

"He’s become, once again, the president we elected," Newsom said on Current's The Young Turks. Do you agree?


  1. andrew says

    Socarides and Mixner. They sure carry a lot of weight with working and middle class voters. NOT!!!

  2. andrew says

    @David: I am a lifelong liberal democrat who never even votes for a republican. So shove it!!!

  3. VDUFFORD says

    Obama is evolving not only into a great and brave president but a thoughtful and passionate human being.Get with it you doubters that I also once was. But now to do so would be on the wrong side of history.Regardless of the elections out come he has shown bravery.

  4. MrJ says

    I agree. It was much braver of him to come out in favor of it now instead of after the election. ANY LGBT who doesnt support him must surely be the worst kind of self hater. I cannot imagine putting your fiscal issues ahead of your social beliefs. I have a very conservative hetero friend who is very christian and votes against every economic policy that might help her and her union employed husband just so they can live in Gods Light. So even though I think she’s insane, I still have more admiration for her for standing up for her beliefs over her money than any jerk at GOProud or LCR who is more convcerned with his trust fund than his possibilty of marriage.