T.I. Does Not Care About Gay Marriage

TIGayMarriageRapper T.I. was asked about gay marriage on Hot 97 yesterday, just two days after fellow hip-hop artist Jay-Z said he agrees with President Obama on granting full marriage rights to same-sex couples.

The response is far more tepid:

I don't care. I don't see what the big deal is, why some people are so against it. Why would you be so against it if it doesn't affect you or your lifestyle? I'm not in that world and it doesn't affect me if they did or they didn't… I don't care enough one way or another.

If something doesn't affect you, you should not take a strong position against it.

Unless perhaps if the impact hurts others.

T.I. has previously said he thinks celebrities should be able to speak out against gay rights without being "shut down."


  1. Danny in the East Village says


  2. Derrick from Philly says

    “Who care’s what blacks have to say…”

    Obviously, millions of middle-class White kids who’ve made HipHop & Rap music a multi- billion dollar business.

    Silly…silly…silly….don’t even TRY to think before you speak.

  3. David in NYC says

    OMG! give him a break. A year ago Jay-Z wasn’t standing up for gay rights either.

    His opinion evolved to “Hey, it’s no big deal or skin off my back! Let them get married”

    Isn’t that all we’re asking straights to do anyway. Let us be.

    JEEEEEEZ. Sometimes people on this blog are the WORST.

  4. Paul R says

    This is like the boxer story. Why would I possibly care what T.I. thinks about my life?

  5. NY2.0 says

    Since Jay Z’s statement on gay marriage all of a sudden it’s looking very uncool to be a homophobe in the hip hop community.

  6. M. Scott Hernandez says

    Read his book, Decoded, it makes zero sense. Luckily, I bought mine at a garage sale for $1.00. Wasted money.

  7. Marcus says

    This seems weird to criticize. He’s not against it and wouldn’t vote against it. I doubt his “if it doesn’t affect me” stance would carry over to something like genocide, so I think it’s a valid opinion to have, especially in hip-hop.

  8. Belthazar says

    This is what he said on MTV yesterday:

    “Just to speak honestly and being frank, I don’t care,” the “Live Your Life” MC said…when he appeared on Wednesday’s “RapFix Live.” “I think that if a matter doesn’t affect your daily life, you shouldn’t take a hard stand on it. If it’s not something that directly affects you, if it doesn’t affect you, what difference does it make to you what other people are doing with their lives?”

    And while some couldn’t care less what T.I. says, as Derrick stated, their are millions of kids (teens) that listen to rappers (T.I.). If his statement can make any one of them pause and think because “TI, Jay-Z, or Will Smith” said it, then in my opinion, it’s moving the ball forward.

  9. Trib says

    “If something doesn’t affect you, you should not take a strong position against it.” — So, in the 60s, white people should have just turned a blind eye to the civl rights movement, right? Racism didn’t really affect them much.

  10. Caliban says

    I don’t have strong feeling about his statement one way or the other, but his comments are indicative of why gay rights and marriage equality fail so often at the ballot box.

    Many people are like him, their attitude about is, “Who cares? Why not?” Unfortunately the opponents of gay rights are not quite so passive and sanguine in their attitudes. Thanks to the fear-mongers in the Religious Right and GOP (which are often the same thing), they have people terrified that gays will destroy the world or some such hooey.

    And fear is a much better motivator to get people into the voting booth than “Meh. Doesn’t matter much to me.”

  11. Belthazar says

    Trib, while spoken in the ‘negative’ and maybe not then most eloquent and fluent statement, you know very well what he meant. “If something [gay marriage] doesn’t affect you, you should not take a strong position against it [gay marriage].” But, I get the feeling you knew the contextual meaning and it did not matter!

  12. Danny in the East Village says

    THOMSON, I definitely can’t agree with you there. He’s knock-out hot–and I’m perfectly glad for him to be–evolving.

  13. Francis says

    True, Caliban, and that goes for many gays as well. Because in these individuals’ eyes, gay isn’t an issue, not a concern in their every day lives, so why make an issue of a non-issue? The problem is that anti-gays are doing just that and that’s why there is an issue and why it is important to be active. Because active discrimination against legal citizens does harm us all in one way or another.

    Overall, I’m not totally pleased nor totally upset with TI’s comments. But it’s better than a negative comment and it’s positive enough to the point it could, hopefully, change a few hearts and minds.

  14. says

    Andrew, in your posts, you seem to have an amazing ability to miss the point of what someone is saying. Here, T.I. is saying that “people should not care whether or not gays should be able to get married.” He’s essentially saying “live and let live,” and admonishing people who fight against the rights of others.

    This is a statement of support, yet you seem to put a negative spin on it. What’s up with that?

  15. Rafi says

    “If something doesn’t affect you, you should not take a strong position against it.”

    Am I misreading this? To me it sounds like he’s saying people shouldn’t be against gay marriage, because it doesn’t affect them, right?

  16. JD says

    I see his comments as positive. The Hiphop and rap community is hardly known for being gay friendly, so his “who cares” comment is a step in the right direction. If people who see him as a role model are standing at the ballot box facing a gay-marriage question, and they have the same “who cares what people do” attitude, perhaps they will vote in our favor.

  17. NullNaught says

    I am very pleased with the change of climate in the hip-hop world. This guy doesn’t attempt to intimidate me like an active homophobe would. “Those who are not against us are for us?”
    Soon there will be almost no one in the hip-hop world willing to incite violence against us. We are definitely winning.

  18. Chuck Mielke says

    Caliban has a good point: Fear is a much better motivator than, ‘Meh. It don’t matter to me.’ That said, there is a difference between an evolving attitude and stagnant but inconsistent attitudes. We do need more people to realize that equality and freedom are EVERYBODY’S issue, that Pastor Niemueller’s situation is, eventually, the situation we could each face.

  19. shane says

    there’s a terrific Manhattan Mini Storage poster that reads:
    “If you don’t like gay marriage, then don’t get gay married.”

  20. Lily says

    you are misunderstanding. When he says “you should not take a strong position against it” the “it” he refers to is “gay marriage”, not “people who are against gay marriage”. The meaning of “it” is clear throughout his entire statement and I am surprised at everyone is misunderstanding.

    It is a tepid endorsement but it’s a helluva lot better than speaking out against it. (“it” again here, refers to gay marriage)

  21. webdemom says

    “I don’t care enough one way or another.”

    T.I. is expressing antipathy towards gay rights for those struggling with reading comprehension.

  22. webdemom says

    “I don’t care enough one way or another.”

    T.I. is expressing antipathy towards gay rights for those struggling with reading comprehension.

  23. J.D. says

    Sounds perfectly reasonable to me, AND a slap in the face to the idiots who claim hetero marriage somehow needs defending by barring gay marriage.

  24. Eileen says

    To those of you who missed sunnyd’s sarcasm, take a deep breath, get off your high horse, and get yourself a sense of humor.