1. Harrison says

    If no one is watching CNN, Donald, then why are you on it? Seems beneath you to slum it on such a low-watched network… Oh wait, you would attend the opening of an envelope if it gave you three minutes of air time.

  2. Paul B. says

    OMG…under that hat he wears, clearly there are huge holes and all his grey matter has oozed out.

  3. patronsaint says

    Clearly we are at or near the nadir of our political discourse in the USA.

  4. michaeld2013 says

    I, for one, am so tired of the “bloviating ignoramus” spinning his web of deceitful lies that I refuse to watch NBC next season if his ex_cre_able show is picked up by the network. I do not wish to associate with people of ill-repute such as the tRUMP_ster!

  5. says

    what’s pathetic is that Trump shows the racist core of his pathetic identity by pandering to America’s scumbag racists with this nonsense.

    Does Trump believe it? No. But he knows that a lot of racist pieces-of-s**t do, and he’s counting on keeping this lie alive, to keep himself relevant.

    In other news, I have heard from incredible sources and from research i’ve privately funded that Trumps wife Melania, and daughter Ivanka, are both c*m-sucking wh*res. And by c*m-sucking wh*res I mean that they both consume mass quantities of male ejaculate for money. Now, i can’t reveal what I’m finding out right now, but let’s just say that my people are finding some pretty mind-blowing stuff. Not that I’m ever going to reveal or explain or turn over that mind-blowing stuff. no no. I learned from Trump’s example. You don’t need to show what you’ve got, you just need to keep bluffing, even after the game is over.

    what a dunce.

  6. nick says

    Don’t ever underestimate the sheer narcissism of this POS. On the occasion of his wedding reception to little old Marla -years ago at the Plaza-he looked out at the crowd- and proclaimed -all of these people are here for ME. He is a pathological

  7. Ellen says

    Today, apparently, Mitt Romney had his campaign release his birth certificate, and guess what, it is a computer-generated short-form birth certificate.,0,5483593.story

    It does not have the name of the hospital or the delivery doctor or any signatures from the doctor or the mother. The image of the document provided does not show the color of the security paper or an embossed seal, and there is a clear “void” on the document. What is Romney hiding?

    Do you think that there will be “experts” who will claim that Romney’s birth certificate is forged, and public figures like Trump who claim that Romney was born outside the USA and who go on news shows and repeat and repeat their claims?

    How about a Secretary of State of a state calling up Michigan and asking them to confirm that they have Romney’s birth certificate and that the facts on it are accurate?

  8. Rocco says

    It is beyond me why anyone would give this fool more air time ( pun intended). I think the President best described him:” a carnival barker.”

  9. John Equality says

    This is *exactly* why Obama should never have dignified this issue with a response–because no response would ever be good enough. “The certificate looks fake.” But the State of Hawaii certified it. “Hawaii has a Democratic governor. And besides, it still looks fake to me.” Wolf should have asked him “what evidence *would* satisfy you?”

  10. says

    Wolf should have ended the interview with, “And there you have it – the idiotic opinion of a jackass.”

  11. DanO says

    Let’s not forget that when Obama was running, the Governor of Hawaii was Republican and she too stated that Obama was born in Hawaii. I guess the “conspiracy” isn’t specific to one party. I wish Wolf had brought that up.

  12. andrew says

    @Dano: Listen to the video again. Right near the end Wolf reminds CHUMP that it was a republican governor who stated that Obama’s Hawaii birth certificate was valid. As Judge Judy would say: “put your listening ears on”.

  13. jay_max says

    Obama’s mother is an American citizen. It matters not where in the world he was born…he’s still American.

  14. newz4i says

    Trump’s claim: a lot of people believe Obama’s birth certificate is false. More than likely the same number of people believe in the conspiracy that 911 was an inside job … or … the moon landing was filmed on a Hollywood back lot … or … Mr. Romney, is it sinking in? Or, Mr. Romney, do you possess the script used for the filming of the moon landing on a back lot?

  15. says

    the people who believe that Obama isn’t American are the very same people who wish that America was still racially segregated.

    therefore they should be ignored.

  16. Michaelandfred says

    Voter suppression, super PAC billioniares, redistricting, norquist, the filibuster, birthers, the religious right, Donald Trump!!…this country is a mess. And they dare say WE are bringing about the downfall of civilization?